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  1. sailordave

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    I bought lots of widgets, gadgets, stuff, and thingys over the years from APS. And I always hit the sale bin for Amsteel to make my soft shackles. My purchases of this stuff wasn't going to keep them in business BUT, more than a few times I went in for some piece and happened to wander over to the clothing section and ended up buying some shorts/jacket/shirt. And before they changed their model, bought a pair of MPX foulies because I needed some that were actually going to keep me dry no matter what. Oh, and while we're in there I told my wife, hey see if you can find some better foulies for yourself! Yeah, they made money off our clothing purchases but I sure wouldn't have even been in the store without all the hardware/gear/line. Few years back I got picked up as last minute replacement crew for a boat in some regatta. The next day they broke something; think IIRC it was a gudgeon. Missed one race and were back on the water because APS had what they needed. Sorry to see any business go under, but this wasn't hard to foresee.
  2. sailordave

    what is it?

    One of my good sailing buddies died of an A.D. 6 years ago. 50 years old, had 3 grade school kids. He had come to go on a WNR with us. Felt bad while I was talking to my sailmaker and went to sit in his car. Threw up, felt worse, my wife called 911 and went to the hospital with him. Called his wife and said, you might want to come here (1+45 minutes away) Meanwhile she's texting me that they can't get his heart started. Was a really crappy time. The day of his funereal we got to the church early and put RESERVED FOR SAILORS signs on the left front 2 rows, went to the bar and met all the other sailors. 5 min before the service we walked to the church which now had 500 people SRO. We all walked in and took our seats! Even got a smile sorta out of the family.
  3. sailordave

    Cutter Rig Going Wing N Wing

    Pole out the genny, unfurl the staysail and trim it taut on or close to centerline. You can easily sail at 130, even 120 degrees and not backwind the genny. The staysail redirects some air into the genny and keeps it pulling. Main, just trim normally for that wind angle reefing as necessary. BTDT crossing the Indian Ocean.
  4. sailordave

    Swan 42

    SOLD! The other day while looking at Boatporn I noticed that this Swan 42 was no longer listed on YW. Today I went for a bike ride (70 degrees out) and ended up going down the road... and thought, hey, let's go look at that Swan again and see what's up. Talked to a guy in the yard and he confirmed it just sold. No idea how much or what the story is. I had looked at it a while back out of curiosity; NOT a project for the faint of heart. Don't even look at the bills...
  5. sailordave

    Crew memberships required for racing at yacht club?

    The Sailing Assoc. that I used to race with has no clubhouse. We charged Members $100/year (owner/skipper) We encouraged everyone else to be an Associate member at $10/Year just as a way to keep informed and to help offset some of the costs of running the Association. Never heard complaints either way regardless of whether someone joined or not.
  6. sailordave

    Personal Pics Thread?

    Yeah, they're still 1930's technology but fun. A few years ago I got picked up as last minute crew for a guy. Here's a watercolor my wife did from a picture she took this summer while on the RC boat.
  7. sailordave

    Personal Pics Thread?

    1984. Me in the first boat I owned. Old (1947ish) wooden Hampton One Design.
  8. I sail a CS MERLIN (CS 36M) One of the reasons that I picked my particular boat was it has end of boom sheeting and yes, the cockpit traveler is very short and doesn't really give you a lot of up/down movement but it's right in front of the pedestal and I can trim it easily. I have a 6:1 with a 4:1 fine tune on the mainsheet. And I have a below deck RM autopilot that (crosses fingers) has worked well. I wouldn't put the traveler at the bridge deck even though you gain more length, put it as far aft and where you can reach the sheet. Where in VA are you? I'm in the NNK.
  9. sailordave

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    Vesper XB 8000 Wifi's to my tablet Best $$ I put on the boat.
  10. sailordave

    Single Handed roll call?

    Yep, single hand a bunch, double hand with Mrs. Sailordave a lot. BDA 1-2 and races on the Bay. Were sailing OPB out of the country in 2018, boat projects this year so next year we'll be back single/doubling.
  11. sailordave

    Fucking parasites

    Real easy, race doublehanded class. And if there isn't one where you are, get one started. Wife and I like dblhanding. Don't have to find crew, don't have to trrain crew, don't have to coordinate all the logistics and when we lived 85 miles away it was a lot easier to just go to the boat and head out.
  12. sailordave

    2019 Bermuda 1-2

    Well done Michael! Wish I had been able to do this year, but other things in life intruded. Maybe 2021
  13. sailordave

    Annapolis Q's-survey etc.

    She did the survey I had on a boat I didn't purchase (for a variety of reasons, including the owner playing me against another buyer after telling me we had a deal). Was impressed with her skills.
  14. sailordave

    Oyster Yachts gone bust

    Just getting to read this thread. For your Info... the problem with the DC-10 was because of the American Airlines crash in Chicago which was NOT the fault of MD. AA maintenance damaged the pylon the engine was attached to and that caused the crash. The United DC-10 crash was caused by a crack in the fan blade after 41,000 hours of operation and should have been detected by proper inspection on the part of United's maintenance. Unfortunately MD's DC-10 suffered the consequences. BTW, wife and I spent 10 months on Oysters last year, hence just reading this thread.
  15. sailordave

    Closing Hole in Deck Previously for Washdown Pump

    A 1" hole? grind out a bit of the core, stuff in some Vinylester putty and stuff that back in the recently removed core and then drop in a disc of G10, cover it all up with the rest of the Vinylester. After it kicks, grind the hole of the deck on a bit of a chamfer and put a couple of layers of glass mat and cloth on. This isn't a huge structural repair.