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  1. Bob Curry

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    WnW, Thanks for the detailed update! BC
  2. Bob Curry

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    Thanks for all the foiling setup stuff guys, I am more interested in the CLASSIC setups! Cheers.
  3. Bob Curry

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    For those of us who stayed home, has anyone compiled a detailed equipment list from the top 10 in each fleet? Platform/sail, rudders(winglets or Ts if Classic?), boom length with the tack point lowered? Would be interesting to check our stuff and move forward. Thanks
  4. Bob Curry

    Carbon Kevlar prepreg trampoline?

    It looks cool. But, my 10 year old mesh trampoline (AClass) is still going strong. When I replace, it will be mesh again with an added layer underneath to seal the DS mainsail.
  5. Bob Curry

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    That sail next to the A cat will last a whole 5 seconds!!! I'm up in the panhandle so I don't get to central Florida much anymore. There is an all-class race in St Pete in January. Bluster on the Bay. Try to make it!
  6. Bob Curry

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Lake Eustis, Florida.
  7. Bob Curry

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    You are very correct about higher winds and smaller heads! Here in the USA, the majority of the winds are on the lighter side.
  8. Bob Curry

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    All those wonky number fonts are getting fixed this week! And yes, mast breakage was the biggest factor going for boomless.
  9. Bob Curry

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Sam, You are right about the "custom" clew from boat to boat! I had him raise it a bit and take out the area from the bottom angle batten to the clew. Makes for easy passage when rear sheeting. Bailey, Randy has been doing boomless sails for a long time! When I reached out to Stevie about a boomless classic sail, he recommended Mr. Smyth. I performed my normal batten tuning and have it quite dialed in since that pic was taken.
  10. Bob Curry

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    The DS on a classic boomless boat is what I'm running at the moment. It really made the boat a lot simpler to sail and not have all the strings laying around. I run a 9:1 mainsheet (rearsheet for now) and have no issues sheeting the bugger. The sail is by Randy Smyth. The trick on the classic DS setup is the head width and fullness placement. IMO, anything less than 28" head width (711.2mm) will be very slow downwind against the big heads in winds less then 7kts. 7 kts and up they appear even at 28". It will be very interesting to see what Landy comes up with! In light winds, you must control the rotation with the downwind rotation lines. Above 7kts just let it go! 4 lines simple: mainsheet, traveler, cunningham, rotation on the front beam. Classic never looked better.