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  1. And you're the crow again.
  2. Did you not read my initial post? Or are you just dumb as a fucking stump? I know fuck-all about her, except the brouhaha my football team cause by playing one of her songs at a home game. My kids listen to rock, not pop. You obviously didn't read the story, because it has nothing to do with Katy Pery. It's written by an evangelical minister, how likens his walking away from the evangelical movement to her history. Apparently she came from a fundamentalist family and split with them and the church. I'm going to go with "B", dumb as a stump. As MBL is to Muslims you are to Christians.
  3. Making Statistical comparisons between Australia and the US is ridiculous.
  4. A thumping? Really? You're a nasty cunt of a person.
  5. I guess you don't read every comment. Go back and look at Post # 3, above. Stop guessing then.
  7. Meli wants some gossip.
  8. Being "used to it" makes it ok?
  9. 95% of the milk NZ produces is exported Mel. you should pay more attention
  10. Dairy is 30% of NZ exports Mel.
  11. Solution to what?
  12. Do you have a cite for the bolded and italicised bit? TIA
  13. Sash weights.....
  14. There was a similar incident in Australia recently. No guns, there was a good guy with a stick though.