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  1. Barn Find Cal 40

    That's a Cal Cruising 46. Its successor, the Cal 2-46 and a few years later the Cal 46 III are improvements. Not the prettiest boat but very practical and capable cruisers with a decent turn of speed. Bill Lapworth, the designer, and Jack Jensen, the builder, did circumnavigations. A much better sailing boat than appearance would suggest. Bonus feature: a built-in work bench in the engine room! There's a well-maintained one for sale in Anacortes! edit: Rod and hobot beat me to the answer!
  2. Dropping my Cal 20 keel

    No. I'm talking about "Yahoo Groups". Terrible software designed pre-internet and not much updated since. Then there's the deal where Yahoo coughed up all their unprotected user data to hackers a few years ago and the consequences are hitting now. The data is enough for identity theft.
  3. Dropping my Cal 20 keel

    Yahoo is the crappiest forum/group experience I have every had. Pre-Internet, even. Plus, you know about the data breach, right?
  4. Barn Find Cal 40

    It's not on craigslist.
  5. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Whenever I read about the [Taiwan?] fishermen death-tow 24-hours-to-die scene, I keep thinking that there was a rape/murder situation unfolding. Poor old fishermen at sea for prolonged periods, two ostensible females alone on a boat, no witnesses, etc. They probably changed their minds once Man-Hands started talking...
  6. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    You should probably have her wear glove too. Man-hands are a huge turn-off for me.
  7. Port Townsend Dash

    I'm too old to be A Team, but I'm up for it!
  8. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    He needs a platoon of weed-smokers to zone out while on the fairing process like 40 years ago. "Hey maaaaan... smoooooooothe!"
  9. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    And today I'm going through the weekly fliers for the market bargains and happened across this coupon: For the record, I've tried them and they are probably some of the better instant mashed potatoes.
  10. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I was at Costco today and spied Danish Butter cookies in festive holiday livery! I was struck with nostalgia for our lonely record-breaking sailor so I bought the normal bloated Costco quantity so I could have one more thing in common with Rimas. I have already tried the Idahoan Buttery Mashed Potatoes and they are pretty good, as far as instant goes! Anyway, pics! It did happen!
  11. Barn Find Cal 40

    Lapworth hit a home run with the Cal 40 and the immediate follow-up designs were attempts to scale up and scale down that successful design, but not entirely with the hoped-for results. The Cal 36 was supposed to be a more-or-less rule-beater Cal 40 and a lot of the 4 feet was eliminated by simply leaving off the lazarette and ending the boat at the traveler. That is not to say that the lines weren't scaled as well. In the other direction, the Cal 48 was supposed to be a longer, faster Cal 40 that never took off. As far as I know, the only one that ever did anything on the race course was Salicia sailed by Tom Corkett. Then some guys took a chainsaw to a Cal 40 and came up with the Cal 37 named Conquest (complete with USC Tommy Trojan spinnaker) and that was successful. They added a bowsprit to get a bigger J and thus bigger chutes. I think they actually shortened the mast a bit, all for the rating. Conquest was as fast as a stock Cal 40 in most conditions but rated less. But all that happened as the IOR was catching on and those boats optimized for CCA could never cut it under IOR. Anyone that had a new Cal 40 built to race in 1970 was sorely disappointed. The Cal 40 is one of those magic boats where the proportions and balance simply made a winner. It was the J/35 of the day. Race a Cal 40 and you WOULD get a trophy. The Cal 36 and 48 were not that way. When they did trophy, it was because of good sailors; the designs just weren't all that fast or user-friendly.
  12. Barn Find Cal 40

    The truth is... all the restorations which have been worth a shit were done by guys with enough money that they could have bought a new J/121. And they spent close to the same amount of money. As cool as the boats are, they have some issues which are expensive to remedy. At least they can be patched up well enough to last another 40 years. And by today's standards, they just ain't very fast. Nor are they comfortable in a seaway.
  13. Barn Find Cal 40

    You can't really change the keel on a Cal 40; it's part of the hull mold, not bolted on. Changing the keel would entail ripping out the entire midsection interior structure and engineering floors and more. The replacement rudders were redesigned a few decades ago by Carl Schumaker, really help the boat, and are class-approved. http://www.fincofab.com/rudders.php
  14. Barn Find Cal 40

    I think you're thinking of the quarter berths--under the cockpit seats--which people called the torpedo tubes. The pilot berths are outboard of the salon settees, higher, closer to the side decks, with generous mahogany bolsters so that you often didn't need lee cloths.
  15. Barn Find Cal 40

    I saw that one. They turned the pilot berths into non-secure shelves? Then there's that whole "The engine's covered in rust; let's just paint the whole thing blue including the fuel lines and everything else." Probably another of those "If you get it for free, you might get half of what you put into it." projects. Pretty much any Cal 40 is going to be in that condition. You want to buy one that someone else has restored (like Fred Cook's) and pay thirty cents on the dollar. Rule of thumb: buy the finished, restored project; don't do the restoration yourself unless you've got lots of cash and lots of time. So sad.