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  1. Yup! You don't have to look very hard to bump into really shaky recent videos of himself, talking, talking, talking, blabbering.
  2. From that movie War Games: W.P.O.R.: "A strange game.The only winning move is not to play."
  3. It's posts like Panoramix's here that make designers and builders so reluctant to have public launchings. Here's what the boat looked like today: I'd caption that "Level."
  4. You can't build a Huge Cat out of CDX and drywall screws and sail to Hawaii, either. The hot rod looks pretty good, though! He started with this: And ended up with this in front of his house in Hawaii: I'd call that a win!
  5. Not even close! Rich boys and their toys! You can skip ahead to 4:10 to where things go pear-shaped!
  6. It is a very adequate rig, but the angle of that photo makes it look taller in relation to the LOA. Remember: these boats carry a whole lot of ballast down low. They are stiff!
  7. When an ocean-going multi capsizes, it's game over. EPIRB time. When a mono capsizes, it shrugs it off and carries on. This, maybe more than any other reason, is a huge factor in holding back multis. When the weather turns to shit, you can secure all the gear on a mono and pretty much seal 'er up and go make yourself some hot cocoa (with a tot of rum in mine, please!) In a multi, you need to be a lot more diligent about controlling speed and keeping it oriented correctly. In storm conditions, it is fatigue that will do you in. If you can't get some rest and food, your endurance starts to diminish sooner. Multis for the younger set, monos for us older codgers.
  8. Prismatic coefficient: 1.0 !!!
  9. So they bought the pieces off Steve and carted it off somewhere else to finish it? Did they get any interior pieces like bulkheads or templates for positioning bulkheads and stuff like that? Interior liner? Were you part of our years-long discussions leading up to the creation of the Schock 35 out of the Santana 35? A concept conceived by college sailors! Hats off to Steve for going ahead with that!
  10. Those dudes look like they might be in the middle of building a self-designed catamaran after looking at 10,000 designs!
  11. One of the most useful training/practice days I've had involved the coach picking an arbitrary landmark (a buoy, usually) and asking everyone on the boat to estimate how many seconds it would take to get there. Within a very short time, we evolved from being all over the place to converging on consistent, close estimates. Hunters do the same thing (estimating distance and wind) to adjust their rifle sights. You know who's really good at that? Dennis Conner.
  12. They are great boats! No doubt! Just don't expect to find spare parts lying about. 30 boats is a respectable build number for a 40-footer but you don't find many Farr 40 rigs lying around and they built 5x more of those.
  13. You should have no problem finding plenty of used gear in pristine condition for your Soto 40. After all, didn't they build fully a dozen or more of those boats? Who wouldn't want to jump into that lucrative market? My first $million was made when I recognized the huge demand for used Farr 400 mainsheet blocks!
  14. Highly appropriate! But a link? Come on, TTT!