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  1. After the races are finished, under the cover of darkness, take a massive dump in his cockpit. If you can befoul some of his lines, better!
  2. Somebody Else

    Hanuman for sale

    Hanuman is a nice enough boat and I'd consider it (if I had the money) if and only if they supplied all new spinnakers without the Doggie Boy Devil Worship graphic. Diaper-wearing, man-spreading, tail-wagging demon? Nope. Sorry. Bob.
  3. Somebody Else

    Replacing rudder

    There are several places in the USA that make replacement rudders. Surely there is at least one in Europe. They built a lot of Dehlers. Yes, you will need to import it to the Canaries. Yes, you will probably have to pay import duty. It will still probably be cheaper than having the yard build from scratch. Don't let the yard build a POS steel rudder. It will weight so much that it will cause the back of your boat to squat in the water. It is doubtful it will have a decent profile or section. Get a replacement cored glass rudder on a stainless shaft. The previous rudder lasted 25 years. I'd say that's pretty good.
  4. Somebody Else

    Best Race Committee Boats

    I consider it a "fail" if you can't see the signals from 360-degrees -- all directions. The course should also be clearly visible from all directions. If the course is only visible in a small sector, it leads to boats crowding the start area even though it's not yet their sequence.
  5. Somebody Else

    Dear ICOM....

    I have an ICOM IC M72 which I've used for at least 20 years. This handheld continues to outperform every other radio I've compared it to in: Battery life/charge Clarity of transmission (reported) Clarity of reception Quality of audio Ruggedness I'll do several weekends of Race Committee work on a single charge. In the 23(?) years I've been using it, I do believe I've charged it less than a dozen times. I feel like I'm jinxing it to say it. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop with some catastrophic failure. Or for it to suddenly develop ordinary charge capacity. You couldn't pay me to use a different radio.
  6. Somebody Else

    Dear ICOM....

    A. I can't wait that long for anything. A.D.D. dictates: MUST HAVE NOW! B. I like hacking away at stuff. If I am kept from making stuff and experimenting, I wither away...
  7. Somebody Else

    Best Race Committee Boats

    PVC pipe. It can be assembled in any number of configurations, limited only by your imagination. Cheap. Can be converted to a bong in a pinch.
  8. Somebody Else

    Dear ICOM....

    Those car cigarette adapters can frequently be found for US$0.99. I hate putting those on boats so I'd strip out the good stuff and figure out a cleaner solution. How handy are you with a soldering iron? (Not you, Caca Cabeza; you've already shown your hand to everyone at the table.) (this photo is from a different project; ignore the grinding and the concentric power connector.)
  9. Somebody Else

    R2AK 2018

    I missed where he said 6 hours. One can get a lot of rest in 1 hour-90 minutes of REM sleep. Adrenaline can be your enemy, though.
  10. Somebody Else

    R2AK 2018

    There MIGHT be a radar reflector incorporated into Russell's masthead, but its primary purpose is to prevent turtling in event of capsize. The G32 can be self righted. It also makes the boat easy to find in a crowded harbor.
  11. Somebody Else

    New sails

    You're just making that up.
  12. Somebody Else

    New sails

    Ever have your top battens refuse to tack through your backstay? Unwilling to give up the allowable roach? This would be a solution...
  13. Somebody Else


  14. Somebody Else

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    It's hard to beat Jeff...
  15. Somebody Else

    Snowflakes and sailing

    I agree. I lost respect for him at that moment.