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  1. No debris, no flotsam, no washed-up Idahoan potato packets. I think it's pretty clear now that Rimas somehow pinballed his way through the archipelago and simply continued his aimless drifting. BJ, I'd batten down my hatches; he appears to be headed your way...
  2. Solid gold! I've been using that line for decades. Fully 50% of the people who hear it ask, "Why?"
  3. Can we rename this thread to "Rimas (R.I.P.) Memorial Page" ? We could start a memorial fund to pay back all the goods and services he's skipped out on.
  4. I'm pleased that BS got flicked with all due haste! I've never met a person that foul. I hope I never do.
  5. And a note to those of us selecting actors for the various roles in Rimas: The Movie: Make your selections based on physical appearance, not on some particular role an actor has played. They're all actors; they can act whatever part you ask of them.
  6. I'm gonna fight you on this one, Rasputin. I have to find my original post on this thread and make a screenshot of it which includes the time-stamp. You do the same. Loser buys the drinks at The Brown.
  7. It really fits, don't it?
  8. Ah the good old days! Passing out on the lawn of the Bahia! Photo ops on the burros! I used to be that guy on the right. Now I'm that guy in the middle!
  9. Weed Stowe remains the champion grifter! He wore the correct costume while pitching his grift. He used tits to stir up interest. He had that thousand yard stare, though, admittedly, not quite as refined as Rimas.
  10. So can we get one of them there argon bubble-boy chambers big enough to build a Waikiki dinner-cruise titanium beach cat? P.S. missed you today: I had plumbers and drywall guys over and was chasing around town, picking up hardware.
  11. Here's two pics of Bas Jan Ader's boat before and after. That's a lot of growth for 9 months! On 9 July 1975, Ader set off in a 13 ft (4.0 m) modified “Guppy 13” pocket cruiser named Ocean Wave, to make his single-handed west–east crossing of the North Atlantic. He estimated that the voyage should take him some two and a half months. His unmanned boat was found nine months after he had set sail, floating nearly vertically in the water, bow down, 200 nautical miles (360 km's) due west of Land's End, 100 nautical miles SW of Ireland. Ocean Wave was found by Spanish fishermen who took her to La Coruña from where she was stolen somewhere between 18 May and 7 June 1976. [11] It is unknown how Ader met his death. It is the source of much speculation. Sightings of him and his boat off the American East Coast and the Azores are unconfirmed. Ader was an accomplished sailor, having been one of a two-handed crew, sailing a yacht from Morocco to California in 1962-63. His brother Erik, an experienced ocean sailor, thinks that the fixed point on the boat to which his life line was attached was ripped out when he fell overboard in heavy weather. His conclusion is based on interviews with people in Spain who saw his retrieved boat before it was stolen. [12]
  12. Recognize! Campbell earned his chops as a studio guitarist well before his singer/songwriter career took off.
  13. Not that I can begin to carry on any sort of logical or faith-based argument on how the universe was created but... When the bible says the earth was created in 6 days--a day being defined by a single rotation of the earth on its axis--is it possible that the earth originally rotated veeeeerrrrry slowly, like one rotation taking 20,000,000,000 modern years or so? There are precedents in our own solar system for that possibility, right?
  14. Can we change the title of this thread? Old title: "Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24" New title: "Endless philosophizing about a feckless old man. Facts not necessary" Everybody is guilty of this, but the newbies are really ruining the signal-to-noise ratio. None of these new new posters are entertaining. I'm interested in what becomes of the old cockroach but wading though 100 posts per day which contain absolutely zero facts since the last ping... it's just too much. RKoch, could you PM me when the situation changes? I'd be satisfied with a single fact.