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  1. Having been in Cap'n Ron's job for a short while when I was that age, I can attest that pretty much every outrageous part of that movie really happens. I've lived every scene of that movie with the exception of the scenes involving the guerrillas. But I did have a pretty uncomfortable encounter with mercenaries. That's kind of close...
  2. Bad idea! That technique will be slower than what you're doing now, plus, in any amount of wind, this is how people lose teeth. The only way to do this right is to put on a longer track (and convert to a block & line system for setting the car height.) When you do convert, make a careful study of how to get the line out of and [especially] back into the cleats. I've seen several poorly mounted cleats where the mast-man struggled to get things secure. The cleat needs to be on a bit of a riser or have a post-lead to guide it into the cleat. Since there is minimal load when the butt is raised high for the jibe, you can get away with simply adding a short length of track above the exiting track. Make super certain they are aligned and chamfer the butts so there is no chance of the car hanging up at the butt joint. Put LanoCote on any stainless threads going into aluminum.
  3. Ah, deck layout! The correct layout will have every control placed where it can be operated from the position where the person who is most vested in their operation can do so easily and comfortably without shifting around. I'm a big fan of Farr layouts starting around 1995 or so. Rig it like a Star. The Elliott 6 meter gets it right: http://www.harken.com/DeckLayout.aspx?id=14799. There is nothing more distracting or inefficient than the main trimmer trying to tell some sack-of-hammers rail-meat exactly how much the cunningham should be eased. (Pro tip: give the rail meat an exact measurement ("Ease the cunningham 2 inches.") That will get you in the ballpark and you can fine-tune from there with a simple, "OK, not so much; about half that. Thanks.") but, really, if you have to have that conversation, re-rig your deck. Worry about the instruments after everything else is sorted. For example: If you're in the middle of a maneuver, you will not have your nose buried in the instruments so: no problemo. Any other time, train your crew to position tails so they don't obstruct the instruments. Hammer this into their brains so eventually you don't have to mention it. If you do this right, regular crew will whisper to newbies: "Don't EVER let a halyard tail cover the instruments. The skipper is pathological about that."
  4. That is Rimas-speak for begging for a tow. Have you noticed, he doesn't actually perform the act of begging. That would be work. "hopping" indeed.
  5. Oh good lord! As a species, we have collectively jumped the shark.
  6. or 4) simply not hoisted at the moment. Rimas doesn't use language the same as the rest of the planet.
  7. Our little cucaracha sure is making a lot of oblique pleas for free new eyeglasses!
  8. He obviously has "Esteem needs:" Jeeze, just ask him! For a Starbucks card, he'll natter on until your ears fall off about all his heroic accomplishments.
  9. The RC isn't nannying anybody. I've seen it too many times to count; racers will use anything on the course to gain an advantage over the competition. I've seen commercial freighters both anchored and under way used as "picks" to scrape off a close competitor. I've seen boats stretch logical concepts of safety to pass in front of military vessels while their competition passes astern. The list is endless. If you're asking for racers to use common sense and the rules of the road: ain't gonna happen. This is why specific actions and penalties have to be written into the SIs.
  10. I agree. I've been here since the beginning (and thru Reid and Hotrod.) The sun comes up and Rimas wakes up from his peaceful or fitful sleep, we don't know which. How many minutes or hours pass before he decides to set some sail? What is he doing in the mean time between waking and raising sail? Once some semblance of sail is up by whatever means he can dream up on the spot, what does he do now? In my imagination, he just sits in the cockpit with that thousand-yard-stare, gazing off into the void, mind as blank as a cucumber. But that's just my imagination. Nobody knows "exactly what is happening on that boat." At best, it's casual forensics based on the few snippets of evidence we get. This is why this thread tends to latch onto a concept (masturbation, dead fish torture, rotten oatmeal, etc.) and replay it in ever-changing variations. Like RKoch says, we know only a handful of facts about Rimas: he won't ever sail upwind, and he won't lift a finger to do work. I'll add to that: He enjoys bragging about himself and he begs everyone who will listen for money, boat stuff, and/or manual labor.
  11. This is Rimas we're talking about. His interpretation of English is, to be generous, "creative." When Rimas communicates he is "running out of food" it could mean anything from "I've almost finished my dinner tonight," to "food coming out of mouth" (chunder) or "I'm down to the last case of my favorite Danish butter cookies." Plus, you know, there's that whole lying and exaggeration thing he's got goin' on.
  12. I've never been on a race boat where anyone thought of making radio contact with commercial or military traffic. There's always a lot of conjecture and arguing and maybe--MAYBE--someone will start taking [rough] bearings on the traffic. It is always me who slips below and grabs my fully-charged hand-held VHS and starts listening, then later, if needed, talking to the traffic. I'm puzzled by the lack of care or knowledge--I'm not sure which--exhibited by racers when confronting commercial or military traffic. YRA of San Francisco Bay has a standing item in the SIs about commercial traffic. I believe it's if your yacht cause commercial traffic to so much as sound a signal, you're out. DSQ with not hearing or any remedy. SF sailors: did I get this right? It's been a while. ____________ I've already told this story so I'll give the short version: Santa Barbara to King Harbor a few years ago. This is a popular and highly-attended race that takes Anacapa Island to port. It's either a brisk afternoon's sail or it can be a 24-hour hate mission. Usually somewhere in between. The sun setting behind a hundred or so spinnakers is a pretty cool sight. A US Navy tug with a tow is crossing ahead as the fleet is headed toward Anacapa. I grab my radio and start monitoring the skipper of the tug using very formal language to describe where they are and that civilian traffic better GTFOOT. Of course none of the racers so much as flinch. Finally the real captain, who sounds like he was just awakened from his after-lunch nap and was non too pleased about it, gets on and bellows: "This is the BIG GRAY BOAT towing the other BIG GRAY BOAT. If we have to alter course we will rain Homeland Security down on your ass so get the fuck out of the way!"
  13. I would rock that shirt today! Plus I love the "W" Okole!
  14. Here's an anecdote from personal experience: I was delivering a small slow boat across a 2,300 nm stretch of open ocean. The boat had a Ham SSB rig on board and, even though my license was not approved for SSB at the time (I was a "Technician" class, needed a "General" license for SSB) I decided to use it. Throwing reverence to the wind, I contacted a couple of nets just to (a) prove to myself that I could get a signal out if needed and (b) to patch in with the owner and let him know the progress. Hams being the busy-bodies that they are, one looked up my license level and that I shouldn't be on that band and told me so. I was slightly put off by their ignoring the fact that I was only on there for safety, not to gab away my idle hours, but I didn't lose any sleep over it. I shut down the rig and continued on my way. After they told me to "go away" they started having 2nd thoughts. Looking at weather patterns, they decided that it would be OK for me to keep in touch through the multiple gales that I was experiencing. But I didn't have the radio on, SSBs being notorious electricity hogs, so I never heard them calling me, telling me it was OK to check in. This led to the owner worrying about me and contacting the Coast Guard. Meanwhile I was reefing and unreefing as conditions merited, stay well fed and hydrated and moderately well-rested. As I approached Waikiki, I hailed the Harbor Master on 16 and he asked me who I was. When I told him, he blurted out, "You're alive!" I was pretty surprised by this reception. The way people's minds work when they're out of communication, I guess. So you see, it happens. Very common, actually. Friends and family not familiar with the ocean and small boats let their imaginations get the better of them. Let's hope your friend's father is not "lost" as your friend imagines, but merely not in communication.