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  1. Somebody Else

    It's hoot'n in So Cal

    That story is worth a drink, for sure!
  2. Somebody Else

    It's hoot'n in So Cal

    Oh yeah! The day after, I was motoring just between two marinas and was dodging deadheads the whole way.
  3. Somebody Else

    the state of racing 2021

    We're planning on socially distanced within-your-bubble racing this year with the flexibility of making changes to the aspects that are governed by virus precautions as the situation changes. We are planning for what used to be Whidbey Island Race Week (this year just: Race Week) but with less of the post-race fun, unfortunately. Participation is planned to be much reduced. Besides the Beer Cans scheduled from spring through fall, we've got 18 events scheduled ranging from sub-30-mile point-to-point races, to longer overnight point-to-point races, to larger invitational regattas.
  4. Somebody Else

    It's hoot'n in So Cal

    Harvest Platform? Who remembers when they changed to SoCal marine weather from multiple buoys to a model extrapolated from Harvest Platform. Someone just sat down with a century's worth of data and reduced it down to a single point. Anyway, sounds like here last week. Lots of large trees down, power outages, etc.
  5. Somebody Else

    Ummmmm. I don’t know, but wish him well

    Laurent seems to have some sort of religious-like agenda here...
  6. Somebody Else

    Ummmmm. I don’t know, but wish him well

    There are multiple documents and drawings showing the rigging of Flying Cloud specifically and Clippers in general. In general, there was not anything that stood out as being definitively different in Flying Cloud's rigging.
  7. Somebody Else

    Ummmmm. I don’t know, but wish him well

    OK. I guess I didn't read far enough to understand that "solo" was an issue. The article was just blabbing about record so I took that at face value.
  8. Somebody Else

    Ummmmm. I don’t know, but wish him well

    Here's what I don't get... Finn is shooting for under 81 days as some sort of record? Hardly! Maybe 100 years ago. Without wasting too much time searching, I believe the current record was set 8 years ago by the maxi canter Maserati. Finn will need to beat 47 days, two hours and 33 minutes if he wants anything other than the Wanker Medal. The Flying Cloud -- one of McKay's finest and possibly the best clipper ever -- set the record of 89 days, 8 hours, in 1954 and that record stood for over 130 years. That was a ship that couldn't point to weather worth a shit.
  9. Somebody Else

    Ummmmm. I don’t know, but wish him well

    2/3 of a trimaran with less versatility and safety...
  10. Somebody Else

    Container suggestions?

    40' and 20' shipping containers are available near every port on the planet. There are probably over a dozen sources within 50 miles of St. Francis Yacht Club.
  11. Somebody Else

    Weapon or... Craigslist Junker

    Let's clear this up a bit...
  12. Somebody Else

    Fisheries Supply

    Yup. The prime directive in web design now is "Mobile First". It is much easier to adapt an initial design that works well on small screens to respond to large screens. Who remembers the nightmare of hacking together websites which worked with web standards and IE4?
  13. Somebody Else

    Fisheries Supply

    Happy Hanukkah! a week late...
  14. Somebody Else

    Re: “the wind started to build” sub-article on 12/20 FP

    There is no way in hell that Trump would use the environment as a reason to support even one single policy he wanted to shove down the citizens' throat. The only reason he is against wind-generated electricity is because his "contributors" in the oil industry are paying him to be against wind energy. I would bet they told him what arguments to use against wind energy.
  15. Somebody Else

    Docking. When it all goes wrong.

    The models were just sitting there like models do. The directors were doing what they always do... ask for impossible points of sail and boat locations. Before I could get the boat put away, the models had been whisked away. Not to worry... that year was so full of Close Encounters of the Female Kind that missing one or two just wasn't an issue. Are you aware of how easily young yacht skippers score? It seriously makes one complacent.