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  1. Matt Baldwin

    Chicago Area III

    Answer: Less slow.
  2. Matt Baldwin

    Chicago Area III

    BB - I've got to admit. THis kid is f'ed up. If you read his response to being rejected by the AAOT, it becomes quite obvious that he is not a team motivated guy, and definately does not have a good spirit. One things for sure, he will have a glut of free time this summer.
  3. Matt Baldwin

    Chicago Area III

    You must have had one hell of a communion! I got a watch. I beleive it was a seiko.
  4. Matt Baldwin

    Chicago Area III

    No disrespect, love the boat, the owner is a really stand up guy on and off the water, and the crew seems pretty cool... However, I can't remember seeing these guys out going around the cans or doing much more than the Mac. Have they ever done the NOOD or Verve? I do recall them come out for a few, and I do mean few, races, and they seemed short on crew those days too. SOMEONE - Buy this boat and do some serious ass kicking in CHICAGO! I love the DK46. I saw the old Shogun (Melbourne) a few years ago. I briefly spoke with a few of the crew members of the Shogun program as they were gearing up for a Hobart on their new Cookson 50, and they had nice things to say about the DK46. The move up to the Cookson was no a slight on the DK46, I think they just wanted to keep up with their competition that were moving into Cookson 50's, RP & TP52s, and the like.... No offense taken. The boat has been under used. It was sailed in Florida more than in Chicago. We won the Sheldon Clarke overall a couple of summers ago, did the verve that season too. The owner is out of town so often that when we decided to put the effort together it was always last minute and usually involved short handed sailing with newbie crew. The Mac Race was the main event and the crew was set well in advance. The boat is awesome. It isn't a downwind screamer like the Cookson or a TP 52, but it is one of the sexiest boats on the water and despite not being raced much, has been continually upgraded with NO expese spared. The owner enjoys solo and short handed sailing. There are basically three exterior setups and two interior setups. He did the Solo Mac last year. The boat is going to ship to the East Coast in May. If you are or know anyone that might be interested, get in touch with us now before we pack her up. She is currently at Torresens undergoing some cosmetic work.
  5. Matt Baldwin

    Chicago Area III

    Well it looks like section 1 is going to lose another boat this season. First Light is on the market. YES! I bought an ad. You can check out the website at Who likes Heineken? A cooler big enough for Rod and a friend (to live in) is included in the price. We can fill it for you for the right price.
  6. Matt Baldwin

    West Michigan Thread

    wrong coast of Michigan Woody. But teh photos are nice anyway.
  7. Matt Baldwin

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Well I just went through the 100s of shots taken by H2OShots when the boat was in 20-25k of steady breeze. This is the most flex I can find in any photos and it sure doesn't show to much sign of flex. If you want to see flex, ride and Antrim 27 in a Bay blow..... the bowsprit looks like the end of a hockey stick! Radically different halyard tensions - is the blue chute fully hoisted? Does this matter at all ? With a normal gennaker (luff length so much longer than the straight line between mast top and bowsprit tip) I see halyard tension having little or no influence... The boats are on different angles to the wind.
  8. Matt Baldwin

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Funny. I was thinking the samething. This looks like a great boat but I have to admit I am little less than impressed with J-boats consideration foil shape. They have always just sort of slapped the lead on. As for Christians comment on the high aspect rudder. It is VERY high aspect for a J-boat. Pretty average for a modern design though. Just another J-Boat, but my favorite one to date.
  9. Matt Baldwin

    espo is a dick

    Is that your checkbook in your left hand? Pitman to espo "have you been a good boy Johny? Come here and sit on this knee. Tell me what you really want for christmas."
  10. Matt Baldwin

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Hmmm... good, but not quite as good as last year's deal where we got handles for something like $12 apiece! Stick bought a case that time. That supply is depleted now -- drank most ourselves and shared one with others at one of G's cookouts. Mom lives about 15 minutes from the circle, so perhaps we should go visit?! I was on my way to a regatta in CT during that sale and my host asked me to bring him a couple of cases... I had to decline. I'm not sure there, but there's GOT to be some law about transporting untaxed, below wholesale liquor over state lines. G Not illegal for "personal" consumption as long as you pay your Maine Use Tax (ie Pay Cash). Remember, rum running has been a tradition amongst N.E. sailors since days of old. Guy at the 95 North store told me (during our $12 rum run last year) that Maine had stopped posting unmarked state police in the parking lot after NH started arresting them for unlawful surveillance. Live Free or Die!!! G- Grow a set, and next time I ask you to bring me rum, BRING IT!