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  1. silversurfer


    +1 on the dehumidifier comment. I would probably do the demos in a really humid place. Need more info on the technology before accepting this as a breakthrough.
  2. silversurfer

    how to open the mainsail leech in small winds?

    Why not make a rope gnav ? One meter out the boom, one meter up from tack. If the main is not too full it should not disturb the shape on the leeward side. Especially as there will be larger separation the more you let out the main. It could even be made adjustable from cockpit with little effort. Testing is free - proper setup should be decent thick dyneema. Easy to watch for chafe.
  3. silversurfer

    Baltic 45 custom

    I would be concerned that this is one of the boats where R/P took the chines too low and caused balance problems and a huge stern wake. There was an article in Seahorse a few years ago where a Bella Mente underwent surgery to correct such an issue. Apart from that concern probably nothing better in way of build quality and detailing.
  4. silversurfer

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Light or heavy. Off-shore or inshore. Fully crewed or DH. Those 10.80s always seem to be up there. Amazing.
  5. silversurfer

    Suggestions for activities in Newport RI

    Working on a letter of introduction from the Royal Danish Yacht Club to NYYC...... IYRS seems like a good suggestion for two engineers working in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM...... Keep them coming - much appreciated. Any good ways to get on the water ?
  6. Two Danish guys in Newport June 8th and 9th before heading up to a conference in Boston on the 10th. Sailors since childhood.One is a member of the Royal Danish Yacht Club. How do we best spend two days ? Any input welcome.
  7. silversurfer

    Coolboats to admire

    Very often seen in Scandinavia - especially on older boats. Supports the boom and a boom tent and doubles as an oar for smaller boats without inboard. Almost standard equipment on the Folkboat.
  8. silversurfer

    Corby 33 Rebuild

    On the bulb issue: I believe that made the keels/bulbs for some of the Corby boats. Depending on where your 33 was built they might be able to make you a new bulb. I believe that there were several versions (at least 2) of the 33 built
  9. silversurfer

    Commander 31 Bianca

    I believe Kjaerulf did this one before he started his cooperation with Elvstrøm. Together they later did the half- ton winner from 71. I also believe that the Commander 31 was Kjerulfs first design but I might be wrong. Back then it had a reputation for good quality (Bianca) but also for being slow - even for those days. Still a good number around in Denmark.
  10. silversurfer

    how fast is it?

    To me the deck shape looks like a very natural/logical evolution. One of these "why didn't I think of that ?" situations to me. In itself it is quite beautiful just like the deck/cockpit floor transition of some of the bigger Mills designs. Agree with the stanchion thing though - I guess stanchions in general don't add much to the look of any yacht, but in this case it really becomes a sore thumb. Still some cleaning up to do - I am sure it will continue.....:-)
  11. silversurfer

    how fast is it?

    Nope. Not on the TP52's either. Just a string of Dyneema, possibly with a tube of carbon around it. Lighter.
  12. silversurfer

    Bestevaer 45/49/53 - True Offshore ?

    The Bestevaers are the real deal - no question. I was referring to the ones with an interior like a modern loft apartment. Not for going offshore.
  13. silversurfer

    Bestevaer 45/49/53 - True Offshore ?

    Exactly. By the way - huge scandal on the way in German car industry. Apparently the major carmakers have worked together to fool the consumers and the subcontractors. Don't overestimate brand integrity.
  14. silversurfer

    Bestevaer 45/49/53 - True Offshore ?

    Or maybe like Porsche or any other brand building a 4*4 knowing that it is never going to leave the city. But the look is cool.
  15. silversurfer

    My newest project

    Denmark: Jefa rudders and steering systems BSI rod rigging Frederiksen hardware (now Ronstan) Andersen Winches X-Yachts Until recently most of the European Norths Sails Top People (and some important software people too) Dragonfly trimarans Elvstrøm Sails John Mast Gori FlexoFold Plus all the stuff I have forgotten (sorry) Plus lots of good stuff only known locally (I can make a list if you want) And Elvstrøm was the first and greatest of these..... Sorry for feeling a bit patriotic today.....