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  1. my SA experience

    Steve - is that you ?
  2. Stern 33 cruiser/racer

    www.ridasyacht.com Ridas yacht Estonia Ridas 33 same boat same yard new name
  3. Bestevaer 45/49/53 - True Offshore ?

    The Bestevaers are the real deal - no question. I was referring to the ones with an interior like a modern loft apartment. Not for going offshore.
  4. Bestevaer 45/49/53 - True Offshore ?

    Exactly. By the way - huge scandal on the way in German car industry. Apparently the major carmakers have worked together to fool the consumers and the subcontractors. Don't overestimate brand integrity.
  5. Bestevaer 45/49/53 - True Offshore ?

    Or maybe like Porsche or any other brand building a 4*4 knowing that it is never going to leave the city. But the look is cool.
  6. It's not about this boat, it's about the next. We can discuss forever which boat is the ideal boat for you. The truth is that we don't know you well enough and I suspect you don't know your own priorities well enough. Only experience will cure that. I would get something reasonably close to what you think you want but focus very much on the resale value. Based on what you have said so far ( and my own preferences which is what we all use as a reference) I would look for a shoal draft 40.7 if it is acceptable draughtwise. The interior would fulfill your needs and after a year or two you can sell it and spend some real money on a boat that has a much improved chance of being the one for you now that you have a reference. I would say that chances of hitting bulls eye the first time around are slim.
  7. My newest project

    Denmark: Jefa rudders and steering systems BSI rod rigging Frederiksen hardware (now Ronstan) Andersen Winches X-Yachts Until recently most of the European Norths Sails Top People (and some important software people too) Dragonfly trimarans Elvstrøm Sails John Mast Gori FlexoFold Plus all the stuff I have forgotten (sorry) Plus lots of good stuff only known locally (I can make a list if you want) And Elvstrøm was the first and greatest of these..... Sorry for feeling a bit patriotic today.....
  8. What product to fair the keel/hull

    +1 on the gflex. Solved my issues several years ago.
  9. Keel update - Possible WLYDO project?

    General question fin versus bulb: I can understand that a bulbed keel might be more efficient in completely steady sailing in flat water. But as soon as the boat begins to move up and down in a seaway I suspect that any advantage might be going out the window very fast. Also there is usually a quite big rating penalty to be paid for a bulb. I would think that it is a much safer choice performance wise to "home design" a simple fin rather than do the same with a bulb keel. I would also expect the size of the boat to matter - the simple fin being better the smaller the boat. The quarter tonners in the U.K. seem to more or less have standardized on a Mills non bulb keel. In Germany there is a First 35 and a First 40. Both have switched to straight fins with success. Thoughts ?
  10. what is it?

    Compact Differential "Magic wheel" for deflector adjustment on a race yacht. As seen in Seahorse recently. From Diverse Yachting Systems as far as I remember.
  11. Sportboat Cunningham Setup

    You could use fiddle blocks if you want only one block each side. They will line up...
  12. 3DL sail delam

    According to former North guy you can expect a max of 7-8 years - even if not using the sail. Highly sensitive to temperature when stored. Cool is best. Glues simply don't last longer than that. Start using it and the life gets shorter :-)
  13. New Garmin GNX-21 Instruments

    These guys bought a lot of the Nexus stuff so you can still get it: http://www.gotthardt-yacht.de/Nexus.html As for the moisture in the NX2 instruments - turn up the light to max. There is a Goretex membrane in the instruments which supposedly will let out steam and not let moisture in. The heat from the light should do the trick.
  14. Stanchion base wraps deck/hull joint

  15. Vulcan 7 - Experience ?

    I would believe this to be possible. Actually if you have a GND10, that is the way to interface NX2-wind transducers to a Garmin NMEA2000 network. I would think that you need a cable with the correct end-fittings for the GND10 (https://buy.garmin.c...0-12117-03.html), cut it in half and connect the cut end color by color to the NX2 wind transducer and the other end to the GND10. No guarantees, but take a look at this: http://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/GND_10_Install_ML.pdf which specifically shows an NX2 windtransducer connected to the NEXUS network of the GND10. In my case the GND10 is just daisy chained into the Nexus network, and the wind transducer is connected to the server.