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  1. Will they actually sail like the 3d animations? Nota a chance...

    Steve, IMHO all this rule is unsatisfactory, complete BS
  3. I guess the solution will be to make them race in different lanes

    No matter what they do, the rules are going to change the moment they put the first boat on the water, and realize the kind of shit they have done.
  5. Pardon me, but if I remember correctly, a woman´s leg was cut off by a foil from Spindrift. I guess that at 20 knots any foil can produce a severe cut, IMHO
  6. IMHO no way these AC 35 are going to be faster than a AC50, and no way they are going to foil easier than ac 50 or 72
  7. Are you sure It wasn't? then why didn´t they go for a more conventional, monohull?
  8. The more I look at the drawings, the more insane it looks to me...(guess no one cares). Raising and lowering those 1750 kgs. 3mts obove the water seems nuts
  9. Again, apples and oranges... You can't compare a kite foiler, with a 75 ft. 7 ton classic rigging monohull
  10. I can´t even see those boats foiling as in the clip... Waiting to prove me wrong-
  11. why am i here?

    Not sure it applies. Windsurfing in the nineties. Run over another board standing still on water. Didn't see it because of chop and sun. Strucked in my inner thigh. Lots of blood and flesh. Panicked. No time to think then. Managed to get to get up and reached shore (not so far away). Missed my groins by 3 inches and the femoral by 1- Very close. Kept on windsurfing . Still chills me.
  12. Best wishes for everyone. Although we have different opinions about each topic, we all have a common thing, we all love water, we all love sea... (that includes you Dougie)
  13. Gitana Maxi 17

    Not comparable, that's what I said.