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    F-Boat F-24 MkII Help Needed

    Hi, The f242 owners has moved, New URL is also cover f24 Mk 1, lots of good info, helpful folks there.
  2. Celebrate the summer solstice at the Harmonic Convergence at Lake Tahoe on June 22nd. Overnight with your fellow misfit multi hullers at Emerald Bay. Let your creativity guide you as you explore the crystal clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Reaffirm your cosmic connection with the Milky Way. 3 is the magic number in this interglactic nebula . Feel the power of the raging waters at Eagle Falls. Cleanse your psyche among the snow capped peaks of the Desolation Wilderness area. Find your place in the universe. Renew your fidelity with your beloved baby as she tests clean with a Quagga mussel inspection. Win the Trans-Tahoe race, get your name on the perpetual Corsair trophy at the the Tahoe yacht club in memoriam. Everyones a winner at the Harmonic Convergence. It only happens one night a year, it’s the Harmonic Convergence at Lake Tahoe. Kevin Gammell Reno, NV