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  1. Lima November

    Pink Panther, Roger and Jessica Rabbit DTS

    LAPIN ! Now we're all gonna die.
  2. Lima November

    Snorkeling and headaches

    First swim of the season today. I tried a smaller snorkel and liberal applications of vaseline. Looked like a bloody walrus but it worked great, no water in my mask, no trouble diving, no headaches. Thanks to you all!
  3. Lima November

    Snorkeling and headaches

    Thanks for all the info! I have not yet been able to do a lot of tests, I only checked my mask and there seems to be some air coming in when I inhale, so leaking of water may be a problem. I'll keep you informed when I discover more.
  4. Lima November

    Snorkeling and headaches

    All good information. Thanks a lot! I'll look into your suggestions. There may be a fitness issue. Unlike before, I now have two young children so I am basically in a permanent state of exhaustion. That doesn't help... Also, I am pretty sure that I get water into my nose, so I'll look into the mask and snorkel fit. Finally, I always get blocked ears in airplanes during descent so there may be some issue there as well. Thanks again!
  5. Lima November

    Snorkeling and headaches

    Thought of asking this question here, since there are a lot of divers around... In summer I often went snorkeling, with lots of shallow dives (1-2 m) looking for crab. But these last years, I am running into problems: (1) Water seeps into my mask. I wonder if it is coming in via the space between the hairs of my beard (and no, shaving it off is not an option !) And (2), after each swim I tend to get a blinding headache and stuffed nose, sneezing out watery stuff, which lasts well into the night. It kinda takes the fun out of swimming, so I go less and less. But I miss these trips. Anyone got some advice, or experienced the same thing? Thanks for your help!
  6. Lima November

    Is this normal?

    Maybe ATC asked the pilots to reduce their speed? Pilots plan their descent ahead to get a correct flight path and speed without going to idle or (worse) using speedbrakes which waste energy. But ATC has to juggle multiple planes and will sometimes give instructions which go against these plans. Anyway, anything which indicates the start of the descent is a good sign. It means that - one way or the other - the flight will soon be over ;-).
  7. Lima November

    Ships--how big is "too big"?

    Make that at least 100m. The ship is 500m long! Regarding the stack placement, all the gas is coming on board via the risers, which are connected at the bow mooring point. If any gas is separated right away and burned (I do not know if this is the case), then it has the shortest way to go if it is burned at the bow. Although, as Zonker says, it is probably more about keeping any leak source downwind from the flame.
  8. Lima November

    One Hit Wonders

    The trouble is that many "one-hit wonders" are made by bands or singers with a long, successful career and a dedicated fan base. But they just happen to have one hit that is so much bigger than all the others, that it is the only one to register on most peoples' radar screen, giving the general public an idea of a group that didn't last. But don't say that to the fanboys... The Golden Earring is a typical case. They are a cornerstone of Dutch rock n' roll, with a career that spans more than 50 years. Hardly a one-hit wonder - except that the world only knows one of their songs. Chris Isaac made several successful albums. But you'll probably only know this song: And it appears that she is still going strong as well...
  9. Lima November


    I for one, would hope that the book will not be limited to TSTL, because your more profound stories about fireman life are among your best, I think. Your comments about Storm King mountain changed the way I look at (sailing) security... Anyway, why not start the book by just collecting your best posts on SA, and then editing? As others have said, it is so much easier to modify and polish an existing text (even if it is roughly thrown together) than to start from a blank sheet of paper. And it is a good feeling to "start" the writing with 150 pages already filled...
  10. Lima November

    My sister wants a chainsaw

    Production of source material?
  11. Lima November


    As you should. I guess we are not far from the moment where they will start to appreciate it...
  12. Lima November

    sending emails with someone elses email address

    The 'From' address is just a tag in an e-mail, you can put anything you want in this field. Most mail editing programs (especially webmail) will probably not let you change the From address, but the SMTP server which will actually send your mail will accept anything. Bottom line, anyone who knows you e-mail address can send you a mail 'from you'. I certainly could, and I am no expert...
  13. Lima November


    Also, the two parts of the ladder are not locked together, the hinges can rotate freely. I hope the thing isn't going to fold back to its normal position while he is up there...
  14. Lima November

    Is Clean gone ?

    Well played, sir...
  15. Lima November