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  1. Best Rock Song Intros

    Now that I have tried to play it myself, I have to agree with Slash: that intro is just silly on its own. It is only famous because it is instantly recognisable, and because the rest of the song is so good. Listen to the interludes, and the solo, which are great pieces of guitar music. For scary intros, can't beat Black Sabbath: Maiden has lots of great intros too : Phantom of the Opera, Where Eagles Dare, the Trooper... This one is more recent:
  2. Potential AC36 teams get talking

    Since there was a pesky little war in that period, I suppose lots of people had other things on their mind than deciding whether or not to challenge for the AC...
  3. Win, Defend, Lose

    I think that this cycle is determined by two things: 1) In the AC, it is ultimately the fastest boat who wins. 2) Technology has been evolving quickly and constantly. Thus, at a given moment, one team is the most innovative thinking and therefore able to build the fastest boat. Thanks to the challenger selection series, it is this team which ends up as challenger for the AC, which they win due to their superior boatspeed. Then they remain the best, until someone else picks up the next innovation and becomes able to beat them. If this cycle of technological breakthroughs repeats every 6 - 8 years, then you automatically get teams which win, defend 3 - 4 years later, and then lose.
  4. Nationality Rules

    It's the heart of the matter. Today, nationality simply does not carry the same importance that it did 150 years ago, since people do not hesitate to move around the globe to work with a community, or a business, or a team, in which they believe. Should we criticise, for example, Artemis who manage to create a close-knit family out of multiple nationalities? I admire them precisely for that reason!
  5. Live Racing Thread

    At low velocities (less than ~ Mach 0.3), air and water basically behave the same. Ship hulls have been tested in wind tunnels and the results are just fine. The major difference between ships and aircraft is not the behaviour of the fluid but the presence of the water surface. This interface changes the flow physics, introducing for example waves and (for foils) reduced lift when approaching the surface. For an aerospace engineer, this may take some getting used to (it did for me). Furthermore, free-surface flow allows ventilation and water cavitates while air does not.
  6. Team NZ

    Sure : And there are less exotic ones too...
  7. Team NZ

    Just take the third, second, and fifth digit of that distance, and you'll cover the whole in less than a day...
  8. What new AC 36 Class boat would you like ?

    This. I'd be happy to see an AC50 with movable flaps on the horizontal rudders, controlled by the helmsman via an aircraft-style yoke or stick instead of a wheel. I like the foilers, I like the AC pushing foiling technology forward, and it seems to me that the biggest gain yet to be made is in the control of these boats. More reactive ride height control allows more unstable (i.e. faster) foils, more effective manoeuvres, possibilities for two boats to get closer... and it frees the crew from just pumping fluid to control the main board rake continuously.
  9. Live Racing Thread

    RC isn't Teaky...
  10. Bermuda?

    New episode...
  11. Nationalities of sailors

    We all have to eat... When you have a mortgage to pay, and children to feed, any noble stance on nationality is quickly forgotten.
  12. Semi-final strategy - who to choose

    Obvious to pick the competitor which you think will improve most. If a team is on a steep learning curve, it's best to try and beat them early while they're still near the bottom of the curve, instead of taking them on later when they have improved even more.
  13. Hot for teacher

    The one time I ended up in the clink, I smiled. Why not? Uh....because it's unnatural? Appearances help... Myself, if I don't smile for a photograph I look like a mass murderer. At least, with a grin like that, someone who opens her file does not immediately suspect her of killing kittens.
  14. How does the Navy AntiFoul Submarines?

    Big deal. Points right back to this page. We have come full circle...
  15. Your Favorite Cover

    Sorry, repost... This one is probably my current favourite: