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  1. Many interested followers of this project. Great that its happening here on the gold coast. Looks good so far.
  2. Ian Farrier

    Gentleman, Visionary, Perfectionist, Trimaran ambassador extraordinaire. I dips me lid. Thanks Ian. Fair winds, sail on. Trimariner.
  3. bwaaahaaahaaa!!

    Girls and the story ridiculously irrelevant! Any one concerned that the US Navy is apparently so desperate for a good news story that they fell for and promoted this tripe!
  4. D Randy West sails over the Horizon

    Any news on Ppalu? Did she survive the storms?
  5. Bucket List

    Read it several times, Cant argue at all, very interesting concept, shared, watching & waiting. Clever thinking Rob. Good luck. Cheers.
  6. D Randy West sails over the Horizon

    Any news on Ppallu anyone? It would be a great Legacy for the man if the cat was still with us. Similarly if it also has joined him? Sail on both.
  7. Irma, Soma, and making a difference

    Great to hear any boats surviving but particularly Soma & Virgin Fire. Any news on D Randys cat Ppallu? It would be fitting if she had survived as a legacy.
  8. Libertist 850 - new tri by Erik Lerouge

    Looking nice, hope to see more as build progresses.
  9. Somehow I have become "Albatross" instead of "Trimariner" ??? I have no idea how this happened? But I would prefer to be "Trimariner" as I have been from the beginning. If anyone or Sailing Anarchy can explain this or point me in the right direction to recover my original handle it would be very much appreciated. Cheers all. O:)



    Woohoo! Good news of your recovery and the Frogs launch. Love to see some pics asap. Congratulations and good luck.
  11. Maserati on Foils

    Bring on the TransPac. the final decider. What an epic this one will be. Cheers. O:)
  12. RORC Caribbean 600

    The 2 Mods are still only 1 to 2 nm apart and both have led at times. Phaedo about 1,5 nm in front with round 130 nm to go. Such a shame Morticia had to retire as the conditions would have been close to ideal for her. Hope they can sort the issue in Sint Maarten and give a good show in the Heineken. Looks like Phaedo will prevail but they are still very close and could yet pull an upset. What a match race they have had. Cheers all. O:)
  13. caption contest

    Now that just "CANT" work Stealthily. LOL.
  14. Capsized 57' Catamaran rescued

    Piver designed flip sheet cams 40 or more years ago almost the same as the ones pictured but his cams were mounted on a hinge plate where the angle was below the line of pull. Under capsize loads this would flip and the cam would release the sheet. Identical to the up side up theory but not released electronically. Not much new under the sun! Cheers all.

    Soma, I wasn't calling you out although looking back it seems that way. I am happy for you in your new position. I am well aware of how strong the bonds are in the Gunboat family particularly with you. I think that it was a good move for HH to grab them up when they were available, and and it was a good move for them as well. Once again the commissioning captain is in the position of being the only person on the planet with hands on knowledge of a new design that has just been launched. I am not sure how he does that. I look forward to seeing you in Cannes as well, and to hear more about the future of Gunboat, they still remain close to my heart, and I wish you all the best. I feel fortunate to be able to occasionally hitch a ride on the deliveries of any of the luxury carbon fiber cats, GB or HH, beggars can't be choosers, I just like to drive them. Soma, congratulations, best wishes, following with interest. Cheers.