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  1. PHRF SD gonna ban 40 year old boats lol
  2. Was Scooter onboard? you really haven't figured that out by now? Think there was a standby skipper replacement /switch-a-roo again. well, considering i wasn't there i guess i don't have any pics, now do i? and the boys were a bit busy at the time. oh how sorry i am that we didn't meet your standards. you are a whiney cunt. cut and paste? that is fucking hilarious. don't you have some cock to suck over at those other great sites?. Figures! you must have been on the Titanic as well - no photos
  3. Imagine the World's self-proclaimed "Best Sailing website" with on-the-spot reporting and not one fucking action video or photo of the ED's amazing sea rescue??? At least when he uses Cut & Paste articles from those other not so great sailing sites, we at least get photos. Post rescue action photos here...
  4. bury him at sea, might be become useful at last as fish food...
  5. Abandoned Melges 32 "Anarchy" - another needed donation to Disabled Sailing - way to Go! p.s. I can't look backwards email me.
  6. who the F%$#ck is Scot Tempesta - a ghost of sailing past???
  7. Some TRUTH in APRIL FOLLY. Oh! well ED "When the going get's tough the tough get going"... After being screwed by PHRF San Diego, abused by people in my own forum, and realizing that I am way over my head owning a Melges 32, the good ship Anarchy is for sale. We cherry picked as many wins as we are likely to get, and with at least two more 32′s coming to town, I’m getting out now. Fuck San Diego, Fuck PHRF, Fuck all y’all. $70k. not again... there's this new ED boat donation campaign a.k.a. (legal defense fund): The parent company that recently bought the hideous POS Scuttledbutt for a reported $250,000 (and thankfully put that a-hole Leweck out to pasture), Epic Media Ventures, has decided to file suit against us for a “continued pattern of abuse, defamation, libel and slander against Scuttlebutt, it’s owners and directors.” Without saying too much (as we have been advised not to by our attorneys), it goes without saying that this suit is even more retarded than the last one, and once again, we ask you to support our legal defense fund. FOOLS CLICK HERE TO "DONATE FOR NEW RACE BOAT" “There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.” - George Bush
  8. hey! is this is the only way we can win a Gold medal at sailing other than using our "Rockstars" who suck at winning anything with Olympic in it? Send ED he's a retard of note...
  9. Me thinks Brad should go one design - yeah right! he will have his hands full protesting in his attempts to wipe out the whole fleet for beating him time and again. The self-proclaimed sailor of the year 2015 won PHRF without having any competition in PHRF 3 and his crew think they are F$#@! hot. Watch for CRA for rule changes in 2017.
  10. As an ex-El Sueno crew member with a free! t-shirt (Refused to pay) I can verify its true, the continuous and ever changing of Polo shirt colors just gets you in the end.
  11. what a sailing Dick changing our forum posts weblinks for porn site links, definitely has lost his marbles for sure... so much for Anarchy that is censored by its own Ed, suppose he's gonna say he was hacked.
  12. I already have some leftover trophies ...and I'm in SD to boot! You must be that college millionaires "mini-me", you definitely imitate him - heard you kissed butt then too.
  13. I'm seriously thinking of starting a GoFundMe page to buy two genuine identical plastic 1st Place trophies for these two dicks. Thanks f%$#k they only race PHRF.
  14. "wanted a pro" to skipper my boat for all upcoming summer races as I will be in the Caribbean vacationing - NORs /Bylaws /Dicks will allow this, so let's go get that silver...
  15. too many dicks, time to go sailing...