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  1. tr1plet

    Over the horizon

    Soma, I tried to contact you via PM but no luck (perhaps you have to many messages).
  2. tr1plet

    Over the horizon

    Yes, that is right, Rasputin. The design seems much ahead of its time, not sure why VPLP does not even list it on its website anymore... It has a bit of a resemblance to "Magic Cat" for the hull lines, though the bridge deck has more of a lagoon look. Sportier though than the Lagoons, they were a close second to a 5X in the ARC (only double-handed, I think), and beat an Ocean Explorer, a 4X, lots of Lagoons and other cats.
  3. tr1plet

    Over the horizon

    I think you may want to consider the VPLP designed Aikane 56, if you can get a hand on one of the 3 ever build. One just finished the ARC (and the full circle), and may come up for sale (not sure though). The owners are great multihull sailors and took good care of their boat (met them in Mallorca this year).
  4. I agree, and I can see how not having stability in the formula could be seen as favouring trimarans :-) (as they are typically wider than cats).