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  1. zenmasterfred

    Charter Recommendations

    I live in the San Juans and have to say there is something very liberating about crossing the "cheese curtain" into Canada, especially w/ all the craziness in America. I keep my boat ready to go incase we need to make a hasty retreat north.
  2. zenmasterfred

    Mainsail Luff Track Slide Systems

    Put a Tides system on my Express 37 as I did a lot of single handing, it was great, easy to install and worked flawlessly.
  3. zenmasterfred

    why 3 telltales behind each other?

    Paul Elvstrom didn't use no stinking tell tales, HTFU!
  4. zenmasterfred

    Do I need a VHF radio if I stay in the channel?

    And...you have to turn it on for it to be an effective tool.
  5. zenmasterfred

    Adminstration Halts Cruises to Cuba

    Ahhh, back to "the good old days", what could possibly go wrong???
  6. zenmasterfred

    lowell north

    I was lucky and honored to be a North Loft manager in the 70's-80's. Lowell was always willing to help and mentor those around him and his relentless drive to win at sailboat racing and business is legendary. Sail on Lowell and thank you for all you contributed to the sport we all love.
  7. zenmasterfred

    Jabsco toilet rant

    Roger What Sloop says. I always have a new replacement pump on board. Quick and easy swap and your are good to "go".
  8. zenmasterfred

    Coolboats to admire

    Don't need no stinking transom, love the double enders and canoe sterns!
  9. zenmasterfred

    Help us choose an inflatable

    My Avon RIB 310 is 28 years old, fiberglass bottom off rocks, oyster encrusted rocks, years of 12 months a year service in the PNW. Sorry they aren't available anymore, rep'd them for 10 years and it was my parting gift. Still using it. Roger on the epoxy and glass for simple repairs and reinforcements. Hypalon is worth the money!
  10. zenmasterfred

    Fake USCG Documentation Renewal Scam

    Yup, got scammed this year. I contacted the perpetrator and was sent a lot of legalize that I had agreed to. Several nasty exchanges by e mail but I was concerned about losing my money if I disputed the charges. Did just get the renewed documentation but definitely learned an expensive lesson!
  11. zenmasterfred

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    She'll buff right out, still time to enter S2H and relive all the glory.
  12. zenmasterfred

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    No, not at all. Just making a comment on Rimas's latest iteration. WTF, is this political correct anarchy now, have I offended your pc self?
  13. zenmasterfred

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Oh man, my gaydar is bumping into the red, danger, danger...
  14. zenmasterfred

    Mo Bettah Too

    So cool to see Mo Betta coming back to life. Did a lot of races against her in the day (what was that, 10-15 years ago?). Good on ya mate for the resto and hope to see you out. Ditto the balance thing, figure some day I will topple over to a watery grave, as Joe Walsh said, 'life's been good to me so far".