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  1. Hi BJ Bike I hope you are happy with your Far East. You might consider putting it on the market while it still has some resale value. To my knowledge I am the only person who has put more than 50 to 60 thousand on the base boat price of a GP 26. Prices may have gone up a bit but I am not even sure of that. Your references to the speed you have achived relitive to the J 80 and J105 you have pictured above are terriffic for a 6 knot shit box. The GP 26 regularly will sail at 3 to 1 knots below true wind in most conditions if not better off wind. Up wind I have found the boat to sail well between 6 to 7 knots at pretty tight angles. Please PM if you would like to discuss. Best regards, Kevin Farrar
  2. Hi Port Tack, Pithy will be sailing as a ORC class legal Donovan GP26 with a pin head mainsail. The boats get powered up pretty fast so other than the cool factor or sailing in a very light air venue I personally don't see the point in the oversize mains. If the class were to ask the ORC to modify the rule I would be fine with it but having to sail PHRF most of the time I'm not convinced the additional penalty would be worth it. Kevin
  3. It looks like the 26's will have enough boats for their own start. Four signed up with a few more coming. Kevin
  4. T-Bone OGM Just check ECSA PHRF recent decisions and I cannot believe it. 90 and I am very happy. Wow, can't believe it. Kevin PS: The boat is sailed with one design sail dimensions.
  5. Yard Dog You made a great choice. Kevin
  6. T Bone We asked for a number and the committee gave us a number 7 seconds harsher than what we asked for. Based on that number we were put in a class of boats with waterlines half again our length. Asked the Wednesday night committee to at least put us in the sport class with boats of similar size and they did. Thank God. Went back to PHRF and based on "results" they increased our number by 12 seconds which at least typically got us into the class with similar sized boats. This is where we are today finishing mid-pack. Our number is OK relative to the older vipers but not the band new one which in some conditions will be ahead of us and the Melges 24's. In the light air we are about the same speed or slightly slower than the M24's likely due to wetted surface area differences. In a breeze we are faster especially off wind. Generally speaking, in the conditions we usually sail in , we sail boat for boat with the m24's to which we owe 9 seconds. I was told by the head handicapper this past spring that over last winter that the committee had adjusted the rating an additional 6 seconds but that was BS as it never happened. I would be delighted if magically this 6 second change happen this season but I am not holding my breath. The committee see's the results and knows the boat is sail well. I am sure someone knows what should be done.
  7. This past summer was or third season sailing Pithy GP26 USA 2. Our PHRF class consists of melges 24's, vipers, J70's and a sole J80. We sail the boat well and typically finish in the middle of the fleet due to our bullshit PHRF number. Sailing the GP26 is a blast and most of our competition are very good sailors so we gage our performance based on how we did boat for boat against them not what the clock said. I have enough results to go back and beg the PHRF committee for a more reasonable number but fuck them why bother. Kevin PS I also have boxes packed with pickle dishes.
  8. Hi Rant and Dog, Our performance against the vipers depends on several things. Who's sailing the Viper. Age and hull weight of the Viper. Breeze and sea state. Bottom line is that in flat water and light to medium air a well sailed minimum weight Viper has been spotted ahead of us from time to time. I breeze not so much. The older Vipers are not much of a problem, however, the brand new ones are as it seems they sail amongst themselves as two different fleets. Dog, We typically sail with five. Lance - thanks. Kevin
  9. These are some photo's I found today taken during a regatta this past summer. Kevin
  10. Dawg, If you can find your way to eastern Connecticut you can go sailing on mine. Kevin Farrar
  11. Hi Tele, Technically you are correct. However, Scott's boat has not been physically changed. There has been discussion among the owners here in the States about having the Donovan designed boat a subset of the ORC GP26 class. We have built a square top that fits beneath the 400mm crane for Pithy which is the proto type Donovan and I am seriously considering going to split back stays and a wider square top sometime this season. Once we figure out the best set up for the mainsail we will adjust the rig and sail rules for those boats in the US. Of course we will submit these changes to the ORC for their consideration. Personally I would not like to see any structural changes that would keep the boats from being raced under the current rule internationally. Kevin
  12. Bronze piston hanks will work beyond the life of the sail. A drop of light sewing machine oil every few years will keep the piston working fine. I have seen hanks especially ones near the sails' head wear away at the bearing point on the body of the hank. But this is only encountered on sails that should have already been replaced. The biggest problem with these hanks is if you fly an asymmetric spinnaker as the sheets many times hang up on the hanks during a jibe. The chute also can hang up on a weather take down and occasionally on a hoist . Kevin
  13. Yes, I will be there if you will be there please pm me as it would be great to meet up. Kevin
  14. Will Wraceboats be at METS in a couple of weeks? Kevin
  15. Interesting that code zero spinnakers were important pieces of the inventories in both the Lime Cup and Red Lobdell regatta. The boats seem to excell with these sails and the conditions that warant them. We did have upwind and downwind tacking and jibing portions of the R L race but two legs were perfect for the zero.