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  1. For close to 2 years I have a Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 in a wet box amidships just forward of the mast in Girlfriend, a 2.5t, 42' long & 32' wide trimaran. This makes for good weight placement and it guarantees the engine stays in the water once the main is up and we start sailing slowly which it wouldn't be off the transom. It moves the boat at 6-7 knots at full throttle and has good torque to get it on and off the dock. It does not satisfy the local ORCA requirements for 15 or 30 miles of range at the square root of the waterline. We tried to make the case for 20 miles range at 5 knots rather than 5-6 miles range at 7 but to no avail. Many multihull owners in Southern California have had to either carry a duplicate gasoline outboard or swap the Torqeedo for combustion for this reason. We mostly cruise and even in the lightest air would sail faster than we motor so we have stayed with the Torqeedo and only race in PHRF events. We are on our third remote throttle, the first two have failed inexplicably, all resulting in tows. I carry a 4th now as a spare. The engine is advertised and we were assured it was submersible. Not that it is ever submerged but in a swell in the wet box it sometimes gets splashed. The connection to the engine is by exposed terminals and if they get wet they arc and fry the controller. This happened once resulting in another tow. It was explained later that the engine is submersible... but only if disconnected from power. Their advertising has since changed. We have a whole series of work around methods for this and have not had a problem since but it is a source of concern when crossing large wakes or burying the bow in a swell or wave when motoring. I was told by the US rep that this issue has been remedied in the latest Cruise 4.0 engines. Finally we have had failures of 2 chargers (one for each battery) . One was under warranty the other failed after 13 months. Two of us are on a first name basis with the local Torqeedo warranty repair shop in Long Beach. Between that and the fact that ORCA applies extra rules beyond the normal coast guard and ISAF regulations I am not sure I would do it again. Might have been better to accept the extra drag and extra weight of a saildrive or shaft drive and a diesel somewhere in the middle of the boat.
  2. They are +12' long so the windward foil always needs to be raised.
  3. The crossover where it starts to benefit is +/-6 kts of boat speed and we hardly ever go below 8 even in the lightest air when other boats are motoring as we have a lot of rig. Up to high teens of boat speed the foils keep most of the boat in the water, in the mid 20s there isn't much left in the water but there is enough that it is very stable and predictable. We have averaged above 28kts over several miles and then the boat skims and has a very different dynamic where it feels like it is on the edge. To some maybe that is when the boat gets lively but for me then it is squirrelly. Below 22kts of boat speed at any point of sail and we give the tiller to anybody on the boat as it's very stable in foil assist mode. What is impressive is how the foils slide the boat to windward on a beat. In 12kts tws the boat points a little lower than a monohull but over the ground crabs sideways so we point like monohull upwind only at 15-17kts of boat speed. The real benefits of foil assist for us is upwind for both speed and height. The only time the foils don't make sense it while we motor out of the marina, once we start sailing there is never a time they don't add speed and stability. Downside is raising and dropping the foils on a 40' 2.5 ton trimaran is exhausting if you try and race around the cans; I wouldn't recommend it. We have to slow the boat down to below 4kts if we want to drop the foils with 2 strong people. The foils make the boat impossible to sail single-handed, at least for me. Otherwise it would be easy to sail solo.
  4. FWIW from the numbers above, stats are: L: 11.89m, SA : 110 m2, Displ: 2500 kg, Bruce Number 1.94, Base Speed: 14.5 knots. And max speed would be double Base Speed. And with a 104m2 LW Genoa, to make it consistent with the other boats on the data base: SA: 179m2, Bruce Number 2.49, Base Speed: 17.2 knots. So if they can do it for the weight, it is comparable to the (all) Carbon3 in terms of performance, but with much more accommodation. In addition to learning how much foil down we need (we find that they are between 75% and 100% down on almost all points of sail and in all conditions) we are moving the foils on Girlfriend forward in their case and pitching them slightly by shimming the top and bottom openings in the case with UHMWP blocking. From the renderings it looks like the boards will be difficult to adjust as mast rake and lift from the foils gets dialed in. It's good to have a few inches of play available for moving the foils around, not under sail but as the boat gets optimized. Our curved foils with horizontal tabs started in the same spot as this boat relative to the mast and we are moving them forward a few inches in front of the mast's center of rotation. Other than a 3' offset of the main hull and floats fore and aft, curved foils and 250% float volume these specs are identical to Girlfriend's. We may have more lift from the curved foils to keep the bow up (2 tons at moderate boat speed) and as first time multihull sailor foil position and float volume has kept us safe.
  5. The limit to our masthead sail is either we use runners or gear down. The tip of the mast has a high mod section to carry the light air gennaker up to 12kts TWS when it would be too much power. I'm getting a fractional code 0 and fractional downwind sail to fill in between the sails I have now the +/-1300sf gennaker or the +/-500sf genoa.
  6. Here is the foiling nacra 20:
  7. http://files.lbrw.org/2015/LBRW_Race1.html It was our first race and it was a reach to the mark and back. We didn't use our masthead gennaker as the wind speed was on the edge of safety for the rig so we sailed with main and genoa the whole race. In general, an upwind Code 0 is needed as under TWS 6 the boat is sluggish. In TWS 10-12 with the boards down 75-100% the boat points very high (higher than a monohull if we want to sail at 12-15kts) but VMG is faster if we bear off to TWA 50 and sail @ 15-17kts. Our fastest speed was a few tenths under 28kts but for miles on end on the delivery the day before in TWS 18 with the main and genoa. We are still learning about the amount and position of the boards. The angle in the case is adjusted at dock not under sail. We were far back in the fleet when the wind was lighter downwind (I was timid & under canvased) and this is when the cats had the advantage: the foiling 20' and the Reynolds 35 made big gains. Pete's boat in particular reeled many people in when the wind increased and moved forward. On the way back it was maybe TWA 80 TWS 15 and boat speed 22-23. I won't ever forget crossing the finish at 24kts through the fleet of Catalina 37's ready to start their second race.
  8. That was Pete Melvin in the his trimaran Mama Tried who crossed the line a minute after Randy Reynolds and 7 seconds before John Sangmeister in his foiling cat both of whom are also in the video. Was a great day and everybody in the multihull class had pizza and beer at John's place afterwards. (from http://files.lbrw.org/2015/LBRW_Race1.html): BOAT | PHRF | TYPE | ELAPSED | CORRECTED Mama Tried | -45 | 8.5m tri | 1:26:21 | 1:36:46.29 Mental Floss | -34 | F-31 | 1:31:20 | 1:40:27.07 Randy Reynolds | -87 | XS 35 | 1:25:15 | 1:42:59.83 Girlfriend | -110 | GF42 | 1:23:40 | 1:45:35.92 Pieology | -100 | 20 FCS | 1:26:28 | 1:47:03.24 Freestyle | 55 | Crowther 39 | 2:13:31 | 2:07:37.5 Jail Break | -105 | F-32 SRC | dnf on the same course were these boats in the video as well: Medicine Man | -87 | And 63 | 1:42:45 | 2:04:08.42 Velos | -24 | custom 72 | 1:57:14 | 2:06:47.49 Yippee Kai Yay | -9 | Class 40 | 2:12:02 | 2:19:19.25 Javelin | -33 | Farr 49 | 2:08:11 | 2:20:44.51
  9. Girlfriend in this month's W Magazine: http://www.wmagazine.com/culture/art-and-design/2015/10/architect-greg-lynn-sail-boat/photos/
  10. I'm liking the new DJI Osmo but haven't put it to the test on the boat yet. Slightly complicated, not waterproof and costs more than a gopro. But so far it makes for smooth videos: http://www.dji.com/product/osmo
  11. I use the Antal snatch blocks/hooks for all 4 tack lines on a 3 ton trimaran with a +60' rig. Loads in excess of a ton. Three of the lines are 2:1 and one of them is 3:1 and they hold up well, don't chafe the lines and lines slide through them easily under load. I recommend them.
  12. these thin dyneema (Samson amsteel) lashings hold 6 adults so far
  13. Sorry, my mistake. I meant to type .5%. But now that I check my math it is more like 1% as the headstay is 70' and it has crept close to 14" in 4 months. We don't have turnbuckles, the line terminates on Colligo fittings at both ends with the top on a loop around a dog bone in the mast and the bottom lashed.
  14. I use the Marlow Max99 for a headstay and shrouds and it has much more creep than we expected, close to 5% now after 6 months. So I will go to EC6 for the headstay. John Franta claims the DynaDux has less creep so I would talk to him. Where creep isn't an issue Max99 is the greatest. Very happy with it. All our halyards are Max99. Marlow's Grand Prix line is able to put in hoist marks, diameter increases and all kind of trick details that are much appreciated. The ability to size down diameter due to strength makes the Max99 competitive in pricing; sometimes cheaper. Using less of a stronger material is always good and often economical.
  15. Maybe a hull on each side to go with all those appendages?