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    Lock Crowther Multhull Regatta 2016

    Try fly - this is cool and is a function of the world we live in - everyone has a phone and we can do some amazing stuff. It is very valuable for later self scrutiny of those involved and (maybe at wangi?) as a talking point for post race bar fun. Could also be useful for protest / collision dramas this is a bit big brother though. Probably those outside the race would not find it as interesting - not ac72 after all! Good on you for planting the seed. You guys smashed it and Phil would have to feel pretty chuffed with the weapon he has built. Out of interest being on the boat do you know hatters best vmg with screecher in first race?
  2. arekisir

    Lock Crowther Multhull Regatta 2016

    Full results here
  3. arekisir

    Off-The-Shelf Rudder Parts

    "here is a pair of carbon rudder heads for sale in the A-Class website for $150 - http://www.usaca.inf...-gear&Itemid=21" intereseted in these rudder stocks but outside US does anyone have an email of the seller they can pm? Thanks Alex
  4. arekisir

    F-22 Update

    cue the chris bangle comments. anyone for shill soup?