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  1. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Olson 25 is your boat. Still the best boat I've ever owned. There's one in NC well under your price target.
  2. 30 Ft. Solid Cruiser

    Unless you've already ruled them out, there are some great deals on J30s right now. Prices seem to have collapsed. Look on the class website, there is a very nice looking boat listed at $15k that could probably be had in your price range.
  3. Pearson 10 Meter

    FWIW, this boat was at HYC for sale a few years ago. I think the asking price was $17k. Looked pretty rough at the time.
  4. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Ajax, I may be up in your neck of the woods early next week and would be happy to meet up with you. If that doesn't work, I'm hoping to get back for the boat show. Thanks for the offer. Crash, the angles do look weird in plan view. I need to get on one to see how it works in the flesh. There's one up in Deltaville I'm going to go checkout Slick, how's the exterior of the Piper different? I thought there were only exterior changes
  5. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Ajax, thanks for the response. I did not know about the stbd settee double, I need to get aboard a T33 for a thorough look. You look pretty thin in your avatar, btw.... Crash, I am still on the southern bay. Just joined HYC this spring. I agree that the 33R could be the best combo but they seem very rare. I'm also trying to keep the draft under 6' so I can get down the ICW without too much stress. Another alternative is the T31, which looks pretty nice but a bit pricey for its size/age.
  6. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Question for you Tartan 33 guys - are the V-berth or quarter berth comfortable doubles for a couple? Planning to move into something a bit more cruisey and able to single-hand, and these look like they might be the ticket.
  7. GRP Classic around 28-33'?

    Any thoughts on the Albin Nova? Also a Norlin boat that looks great on paper. I'm looking at one next week. Any insights are appreciated, Dan
  8. Olson 30 doing a Bermuda race?

    O30s have done the Annapolis-Bermuda race. There is a fair amount of discussion about it in these forums if you search.
  9. Any wisdom for sailing Pamlico Sound?

    Anyone have any experience with the Endeavour 35? Nice layout and the numbers look good but wondering how they perform in the real world.
  10. 30 Ft. Solid Cruiser

    Lots of great suggestions here. I've always loved the Tartan 30. If you haven't seen it, here's a fantastic T30 restoration that has always made me want one. http://www.t30makeover.com/id52.html Another good boat is the Cal 30-2 or -3. I've raced against one a few times and they are very quick for an older 30 footer.
  11. Any wisdom for sailing Pamlico Sound?

    Doug - Understood, that's why I'm looking for a shoal draft boat. K/CB seems like the Only real choice, or maybe a fin keeler drawing around 5.5 ft like a Sabre 34-1.
  12. Any wisdom for sailing Pamlico Sound?

    Thanks for your feedback. I see you're in the OBX...how about getting into Manteo? That's actually what I'm thinking. We rent a house in the OBX for a week every summer and I think I could sail down to Manteo and keep a boat there for a month for half what it'd cost to rent a house for a week. I traded emails with the harbor master and he thought I could get in with 6.5 ft of draft if the tide/wind was right, but I hate watching the depth sounder in fear constantly. What do you think? Thanks again.
  13. Any wisdom for sailing Pamlico Sound?

    Thanks, I knew about the k/cb but not the wing. That may explain why the boat for sail in MD lists 5.5 ft draft. I thought it was a typo.
  14. Any wisdom for sailing Pamlico Sound?

    This is a timely topic for me. Currently have a Pearson Flyer but am looking for something a bit bigger and more cruisey in the 34-38 ft range that I can take down the ICW to NC at times. Still want to race PHRF but NS or cruising class is ok. 6-6.5 ft seems like a typical draft in this range but I'm learning that's too much, which rules out the boats I was looking at hard like an Express 34, Olson 34, and C&C35-3 (fin). Nightwind 35 seems ideal but they're rare as hens teeth. Maybe a Sabre 36 k/cb or an older Sabre 34 fin?
  15. J34c for sale-Add in Classified

    Please PM me info on the boat if you're still thinking of letting her go. Thanks, Dan