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  1. Woodpecker,  I keep reading your posts and it makes me curious.  There used to be a Peterson 37 named Woodpecker, she was cold molded and beautiful.  She sailed the great lakes for 30 years.  Recently someone bought her and shipped out east for a refit.  Would that be you?



  2. Will

    Used J/22 Mast

    The class has a few masts available, decent price. http://www.j22.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/J22-Sparloft-Masts-for-sale.pdf
  3. Will

    Used J/22 Mast

    The class has a few masts available, decent price.
  4. USA 236,  I read your post regarding Hall Quickvang mounting brackets.  I find myself in need of both the boom side and mast side brackets.  Can you share who you purchased yours from or your drawings?



    1. USA 236

      USA 236

      I had Ted Johnson (local sailor)  make the lower bracket for me.  The upper bracket was borrowed off a derelict race boat rotting in the weeds.  I think Ben Hall has a small production shop, but when I reached out to them about another matter I got little feedback and service.  Nautos parts seems to be a direct counterfeit.  Have you made any luck with your search?

    2. Will


      Hall still had one in stock, but it was $400

  5. Will

    J22 Mid Winters

    There were 7 past world Champions in the fleet, plus another 7 or so past NA/MW champions and around 14 Pro's. Mike, Zeke and Todd just sailed fantastic and did not have any shitters. Jeff Todd, Chip and Chris also sailed great to earn second place.
  6. Will

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    Why not a J/22? For $10k you can get a very nice race boat. Cheap to campaign and really easy to pull around on the trailer.
  7. Will

    Newer J80 Crazing

    Give Waterline a call. I thought those hulls and decks were built in china and only assembled by US Watercraft. I have a 2004 J/22 built by US Watercraft and it has zero crazing or cracking.
  8. Will

    J22 Worlds

    The North guys including Allan are nothing but great to their customers at these events. Some of them had bad days but were still seen on the dock every single day going over rig tune with customers and talking things thru.North was well represented at the worlds and I think you can ask most anyone, that a north rep when asked helped them out and quite happily. They have a pretty amazing group of talent in this class and more people should think about buying a J/22 and racing in this class if they want good racing. Yup, it is not the latest and greatest, but it is extremely even boats and great racing! As far as Team Thunder Chicken protesting Team Fluffy. Guys c'mon! It is a world championship! Hell yeah you protest if you think there is a chance!
  9. Will

    J105 sheets and halyard

    Hey Paul, try Todd Jones down at Thomas Hardware in Detroit. Great rigger experienced on all boat small to maxi. He has done some J/105 work and will know what is the best. (313) 886-6094 Cp
  10. Will

    Waterline J/105

    Waterline is handlaid fiberglass and NOT scrimp. According to smart people, that is the way to go, either a pre-scrimp TPI boat or if you can find one, a Waterline boat. I also heard they are light and need max correctors. The boat I sail on has a Hall Spar and it is beautiful. I have not seen the Sparcraft, but they are supposed to be the same (wink wink...) Good luck.
  11. Will

    Vinyl Graphics/Name

    I used Award & Sports in Saginaw, MI. They are sailors. Send Chris a email chris@awardandsports.com
  12. Will

    2 bolt lifting eye for J/22

    Call Waterline, they have them. http://waterlinesystems.com/
  13. Will

    J/22 hiking straps?

    No. I have never seen a boat that had them installed. Their location is kind of awkward and to me, would cause more issues. Plus, you dont want your weight back there.
  14. Will

    J/29 Shopping

    Buy the one in Traverse City. Been indoors for 16 years unused! http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1984/J-Boats-J-29-3009739/Traverse-City/MI/United-States#.WbiE8siGPIU I have nothing to do with this boat, just thought if your buying a J/29 that is not Hustler, than this is in better shape than any of them.
  15. Will

    Tripp 33 polars

    I will check with Mike, thanks Cam. Looking forward to giving her a spin