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  1. staysail

    Défi Azimut 2019

    Anyone know why so many of them DNS? Damage from the previous race?
  2. staysail

    Défi Azimut 2019

    Seems like the boats are now too fast for the tracker! Positions on the map bear no relation to the leaderboard on what I am seeing!
  3. staysail

    Défi Azimut 2019

    5th place is a close race!
  4. staysail

    Défi Azimut 2019

    Louis seems to have a magic boat. Now sailing between 4 and 10 degrees closer to the wind than any other Imoca! Either that or he has been hooked into his own private lifting wind and it is only present at the rhum line.
  5. staysail

    Défi Azimut 2019

    The tracker with 5 minute updates is a bit too compulsive viewing! Lorient to the Latitude of La Rochelle in half a day! These boats with the big foils are blistering fast and its good to see an older boat up in the top 3 and doing over 24 knots and the gap, Charal to Initiatives Coeur, has stayed much the same in the past 3 hours. From now on the next couple of years racing should be very exciting.
  6. staysail

    Is this the Figaro III?

    At last I now understand why they had to fit foils like that on the Fig 3!
  7. staysail

    ArMen Race

    Playing back the tracker, a very good win for Initiatives Coeur. In light wind sailing you need to be clever to be lucky!
  8. staysail

    ArMen Race

    4.2 knots in a good direction now for Sam, and half an hour ago it looked as if her following pack would sneak round south of the Glenans, and now they are parked up. These light wind races are nerve racking!
  9. staysail

    ArMen Race

    Ultimes doing 5 knots and leading Imocas 3 knots. It will be a long tricky night!
  10. staysail


    ... above quote from Richard Mason. Anyone know anything definite about this claim?
  11. staysail

    New imoca boats

    Anyone care to predict who will round the Azores waypoint first? Latest grib file shows the front going over the leaders within the 3 hours or so, and westerly winds. Who will dare to tack first?
  12. staysail

    New imoca boats

    Surely a T rudder could quite easily have the horizontal lifting surface pivoted about a horizontal axis forward of the center of lift like a fighter plane's tail-plane, with a fuse to allow it to self align with the water flow if the rudder kicks up and causes excessive loads?
  13. staysail

    New imoca boats Facebook video this morning.
  14. staysail

    New imoca boats

    I don't do twitter or instagram so I guess that explains most of my problems. Thanks very much for all the info and the link.