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  1. Was it the skippers who voted? or if its such a "sponsor driven" class do the sponsors vote and not the skippers?
  2. Interesting now the figures are available, to compare differences in real boat speeds (time/distance sailed) and speeds over the actual course (time over course length) for the first 4 home, 3 new boat and one 10 year old. Maybe we can learn something about the relative capabilities of the new designs versus the improved older ones? Difficult to find the best routing with these beasts which have to be so well set up to achieve their undoubted big potential speed advantages?
  3. Leading old boat only 12 nm behind the third one of the latest gen trio!
  4. Please, Please.....anyone with a link?
  5. Looks like your prediction for the top 3 is holding quite good so far! A lot still to play for though!
  6. This is Sailing Anarchy. I have done no such thing! !rritated? Poor You. Heat and kitchens comes to mind.
  7. Fair enough Miffi but I doubt all those 20 plus solo sailors entering the 2020 VG without a "latest gen boat" would agree with Chimp that they "don't have a chance of winning". The VG is not a sprint and well prepared older generation boats have been winners in the past and new boats might have a higher chance of failure due to "teething troubles" than older ones. Also the ability of the skipper is a big factor. I think at least ten boats, although maybe not favorites, do have a chance of winning. Chimp's post virtually suggests it's barely worth entering if you have a serious hope of a win if you don't have a new boat, and IMHO that is not true.
  8. 1 - Of course we do but he's just grinding his own axe 2 - That's obvious to all! Otherwise in technical sports events why else would anyone build anything new?
  9. Is it a "latest gen boat" ? or is it a ten year old boat?
  10. ...and right now the fastest boat near the front of this race is a ten year old!
  11. Rubbish! Same as any other competition with more than two players its not all about winning. To be in the first 3 makes most happy. If you mean the VG is the main event, latest gen boats frequently don't make the finish undamaged and its a bit of a stretch to say you "don't stand a chance of winning" without one. Sure it's not easy to get to the start line but that is not a part of the event. The "event" comes after! Way too cynical!
  12. So Sam is the one to make the first move to the North
  13. Maybe someone has been reading my posts? Suddenly we have all 5 boats at the same time!
  14. Your lucky! Tried that and it gives random results for us. Different times for all 5 boats, refreshing browser sometimes changes things for one or two boats but up to a 20 minute difference between the 4 boats data, and the same behaviour, with random differences between 2 pcs and one phone at the same time! And although its free for us I doubt the people engineering these systems are not getting paid for their work!
  15. Tracker not doing what it says on the can. Update every 5 minutes? No! Updates at random times and different by more than 5 minutes for each of the 5 boats within the zone. As usual, pretty feeble software/IT which just manages to defeat the object of the 5 minute updates and cause frustration for users!