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  1. We're hoping to start our Wed night races Sunfish/Laser August 5
  2. asshat 2

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    Part of the problem is some that sit on the jury pass the very simple judges test then think they are rules expert though some have very little experience both on and off the water. US ailing needs ti tighten up their certification process.
  3. asshat 2

    SB 2 KH
  4. asshat 2

    Terrifying Santa image

  5. asshat 2

    Prism Class (Laser Umbrella)

    Oh fuck that sucks
  6. They could build them in Argentina
  7. asshat 2

    All things Libya

    oopsie As Obama Ignores Latin America, Foes Rush In For starters, according to Santos, President Obama assured him that the extradition destination was not a significant concern for the United States. (National Security Council official Dan Restrepo insists that Obama expressed a clear interest in the matter.) Regardless of what exactly the two presidents discussed, Santos recognizes that Obama has treated Latin America as an afterthought. “While the rest of the world, while Europe and Asia, are strengthening their ties to our region, the U.S. is passive, is disengaged,” Santos said in a speech at Brown University last month.
  8. asshat 2

    Dow 9,000 - or less?
  9. Just popped in for a quick hello since you paid me a visit on my profile...somethin you wanna know? Just Ask!


  10. asshat 2

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    If you are a cute lesbian I would like to see a photo of your tits. Oh BTW fuck off newbie