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  1. Clockwork

    "Helicopter" or "Millionaire's" Tape

    Yep...Saw the tape on Pegasus Auto Racing. Seems too cheap to be real "Millionaire's" tape. Don't need 100'. Found this but not black:
  2. Clockwork

    "Helicopter" or "Millionaire's" Tape

    Thanks Rasputin22. I should have been more specific. I'm looking for this tape in black. ISC Helicopter tape comes up in my searches also and is available on Amazon.
  3. Does anyone have a source for "Helicopter" or "Millionaire's" protective tape?
  4. Clockwork


    The only thing added was 'Shift Tracking'. Haven't had a chance to sail with it. Tried it in a large parking lot. Not intuitive but might better on a boat. No data logging, No starting graphic, No line bias... There is now sound for the countdown timer. Not very loud and still no way to adjust anything. NO:
  5. Clockwork


    OK...Almost two months since a customer email promised an update by the end of the week and still no update. Seems to fit their pattern. They're still advertising functionality that isn't available. Seems like false advertising to me. From their website: Measure Real-time GPS speed and responsive, accurate magnetic heading. Heel, pitch and leeway (NO). VMG to a mark or bearing (NO). All in a single instrument. Race Control the start with the most accurate distance and time to line. Track shifts (NO) intuitively and use VMG (NO) to find the optimum mode. Multi-day battery life lets you stay focused on racing. Analyze (NO) Review your performance and track improvement over time with sophisticated analytics tools (NO). Customize (NO) Configure the graphic display on the Atlas from your phone. Create new boat profiles and add wireless sensors to your Atlas to expand its capabilities. NOT AVAILABLE:
  6. Clockwork

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    Wow...The Sailmon Max looks like a nice unit from a proven company. Anybody have experience with Sailmon? Will they deliver on-time with functionality as promised? The Vakaros hardware is great but nine months after receiving the unit it still doesn't have the advertised functionality and no updates in sight.
  7. Clockwork


    Still not working as advertised and promised with an update a month ago. I really like the hardware but the company is failing in customer support and product development. This looks interesting and it's coming from a proven company with proven technology: Pricing is also very competitive.
  8. Clockwork


    Working great. The connect app is easy to use and the update went flawlessly. Still no features as advertised. Another update to add features was promised a couple of weeks ago but as usual not delivered. Hoping it comes out soon and delivers the advertised features that sold me on the devise well over a year ago. Not holding my breath on the wireless paddle wheel sensor that was 'going into production' a year ago.
  9. Clockwork


    Similar question. We received our unit several months ago. They posted an announcement that an update and phone app was in the works to be available shortly. Now ... no news, no posts and unanswered emails concerning the update. I really like the unit. Hoping to get the features advertised through updates.
  10. Clockwork


    Tried it out on a Wednesday night beer can race. It was easy to set the line. Not giving perpendicular compass heading or line headings yet. I'm sure this is because you can't set a gps compass variation to magnetic so the info would be useless until that can be set. No bow offset either. Easy and intuitive to set and sync the timer. The compass is a bit sensitive and no way to dampen. Same with the speed. Really not much you can do or customize. The display is wonderful. Very easy to see and love the contrasting display backgrounds. Looking forward to being able to fiddle with the settings and data pages. Hoping a software update will bring new features like wind direction capture and/or computation, line bias, shift tracking, VMG... I think it would be cool to have a flashing background on the timer in the last 10 seconds. We'll see what they come up with. I see some FB posts about a phone app to do some of this and possibly control the device. Hopefully not 6 month vaporware. Our season is getting underway and my ProStart officially gave it up just when the Vakaros arrived...Perfect timing. Regatta next weekend.
  11. Hi Guys, 

    i have been in contact with Viking optics, based in Kingston on the east Coast, to order parts for our compass on our Classic Ocean racer called Flyer.

    For Some reason, we do not get Any replyes anymore on our e-mails .

    Maybe some one knows this company. 

    Since I can not get these parts in europe, and our offshore racing season starts i really would like iT to be working. 

    Do if somebody knows this company or could help us to get in contact iT would be great! 

    Best regards 


  12. Clockwork


    Initially I was surprised at how physically small it is. Once I turned it on I was blown away at how readable it is. Way easier to read than the prostart. It's so clear and there's so much contrast that the numbers jump out at you. No issues with polarized sunglasses. The software is limited at this point. Seems to still be beta version. They say the iPhone app to control, configure and add features is 'coming soon'. I hope that doesn't mean six+ months. The current set up is intuitive and easy to figure out. HDG, DTL, SOG, Timer, Heel and Trim are up and working. I installed the instrument over the weekend and I'll run it through a race on Wednesday evening.
  13. Clockwork


    It’s here. I’ll send pics later.
  14. Clockwork


    Order #150.
  15. Clockwork


    After many promises and delays I now have a tracking number that shows it's on its way due here on Friday.