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    Caption Contest

  2. Clockwork


    Well...Two new instruments come to market, Sailmon Max and New Velocitek Prostart. Both from proven companies and both delivering features as promised. Where does this leave the Vakaros Atlas? No where near the features they continue to advertise, No data logging, No screen customization, No wind or speed sensor connectivity, No.... Sounded good on paper.
  3. Clockwork

    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    I see a wireless symbol on the bottom of the display. Does it have wireless connectivity?
  4. Clockwork


    These look like great tools ... Too bad the Atlas doesn't have the ability to save tracks for off the water analysis like the ProStart or SailMax.
  5. Clockwork


    Ok...Now 6 weeks have gone by since OP350 was told an update was 'Coming in the next 2 weeks". And 2 weeks since saying the update was due "at the end of the week". Pathological? Proaudio22...Get the replacement unit?
  6. Clockwork


    Here's a link to a tech talk on the Sail22 blog with both Velocitek and Vakaros in attendance. Again Vakaros is promising a "big" update "soon" with new products to be announced "soon". Velocitek working on a new product with a possible announcement in June. If these guys come out with an all-in-one product there's a good chance it will debut with functionality as advertised. They know their stuff.
  7. Clockwork


    Proaudio...Get the replacement unit as promised? Now Four weeks and still no Update as mentioned earlier.
  8. Clockwork


    OK...Two weeks is up. Did they come through with an update?...survey says...Noooo. Still nowhere near the functionality promised two years ago.
  9. Clockwork

    Furler Rebuild

    I'm thinking of pulling out the Harken #493 under-deck furler on my J/70 to rebuild and replace bearings. Anybody done this? Any instructions out there?
  10. Clockwork

    Robotic Marks

    Slightly off topic. What about a mark tracker like a pet tracker. I'm envisioning a small tag on a mark that broadcasts its location and can be seen on an iPad with chart software. This would give the RC an overhead visual of the course and precise distances between marks. It would help with mark boat communications when setting up or moving marks and also warn the RC when a mark starts drifting. Anything like this our there?
  11. Clockwork


    This is what they said was coming in October: What's coming next for Vakaros Connect? Atlas screen layout customization Live data display in the app, transmitted wirelessly from the Atlas Automatic setting of the time zone on the Atlas Upload of data from the Atlas Analytics Fingers crossed but not holding my breath.
  12. Clockwork

    "Helicopter" or "Millionaire's" Tape

    For chafe protection on a black mast and boom.
  13. Clockwork

    "Helicopter" or "Millionaire's" Tape

    Yep...Saw the tape on Pegasus Auto Racing. Seems too cheap to be real "Millionaire's" tape. Don't need 100'. Found this but not black:
  14. Clockwork

    "Helicopter" or "Millionaire's" Tape

    Thanks Rasputin22. I should have been more specific. I'm looking for this tape in black. ISC Helicopter tape comes up in my searches also and is available on Amazon.
  15. Does anyone have a source for "Helicopter" or "Millionaire's" protective tape?