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    Rudder Gudgeon

    The transom mounted rudder gudgeons on our J/70 keep coming loose. I've noticed some boats using a black sealant or adhesive to mount the gudgeons. Anybody know what it is or any other fix for this annoying problem?
  3. Clockwork

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    George just completed the Cool Breeze century 100 mile bike ride from Ventura through Santa Barbara and back. He had the Deardorffs, Wilsons, Sandows and of course Christie cheering him on. The guy's an animal!
  4. Clockwork

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Kudos and Congratulation to SBYC Jr. Tucker Atterbury on his 2nd place finish in the just completed 29er Pacific Coast Championships held at the infamous Columbia Gorge. He mastered the 20-25 knot conditions and out sailed two time Olympic medalist Charlie McKee to earn his silver medal. Way to represent Tucker!! We'll see how you do against the old man at the next laser race:)
  5. Clockwork

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    No Way!! Say it isn't true Jane.