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  1. which yacht designer ?

    I would hire Sam Manuard, in fact in the past I already have. He is one of the most talented designers (and underrated) of our generation. He actually sails as well as designing, so knows what you need when ocean racing. PM me if you want to talk about it.
  2. Best rope brands available?

    I have been using Marlow exclusively for my projects for the last 10 years and could not be happier. In terms of price, service, and product they check all the boxes. Otherwise Maffioli is a close second.
  3. Genoa Sheet T900 or Endura Braid

    Do not buy rope with blended cores. That is the problem with t900
  4. NKE gyropilot

    Just wait. You will be 100x happier for it
  5. PAC 52

    I think the point is that you could have bought 2 mod 70 for 3 million and per year running costs would be the same when you consider how many less guys you need.
  6. really?

    I thought this was sailing anarchy... Get a fucking grip. I have sailed around the world on an IMOCA 60, and never once even thought about clipping on. What ever happened to personal responsibility? Why is Seb not allowed to do as he likes without judgement being passed from the peanut gallery? What is irresponsible about it? His sponsors certainly do not think so, or they would not be building him a 100' multi. THe continued pussification of the world just lets government exert more and more control over everyone; soon there will be no races like the Vendee because they will be deemed not safe enough, and shortly thereafter we will all be working for the government machine and not allowed to even go outside.
  7. Vendee Globe 2016?

    If it helps, for most of this race, out of curiosity, I've run routings for HB using VO65 polars (directly from FYD) and IMOCA15 polars (from virtual-loop-de-mer) and every time the IMOCA15 polars have gone farther and reflected reality way better than the VO65 polars. In other words, it seems the VO65 is slower than the fastest IMOCAs. This was confirmed; the singlehanded skippers in port la Foret were happy to let Dongfeng come out fully crewed to train together. The imocas always won.
  8. Vendee Globe 2016?

    I'd like to hear Ryans comments now regarding to balls that Vincent didn't have. Maitre Coq praise comes next to this and as explained by Ryan, no other team had cuts to install down-tips. I think they made it too heavy to benefit from foils. Jeremie has been without weather data for at least 2 weeks. (Among other problems. ) That explains quite a lot. Pretty sure maitre Coq is not heavier than anyone else...!
  9. What jib halyard should I get

    This is the 100% best option, and the cheapest
  10. How to attach flexible solar panels?

    you need to glue every bit of surface down
  11. Drugs and long range sailors

    no one is doing this. not one person in the fleet of 29 boats. i am certain.
  12. I was there the entire time and the numbers are not fudged. You have to see it to believe it.
  13. Vendee Globe 2016?

    This is a story that goes back to at least the Japanese AC entry (Chris Dickson helm) so many years back. The engineers put a red light at the base of the mast. It meant: stop. But to the crew it soon became, can you get it lit 3 seconds after a tack, or does it take 8 seconds. Human nature. Look at the videos of these boats, loads on foils, hulls, rigs vary wildly. IMHO strain gauges will only be of use to know the state of play when something broke. As an engineer, I am all for that, if I can get my hands on the data. Unfortunately, the way of the world is that for every answer, there are immediately 10 new questions. I think the (Bragg grating) glass optical fibres are still in the laminates, but the equipment to measure strain and to log it will not be on board for the race. Some have it some don't. For sure some have taken it off for the race. It is true that the easy way is to measure deck spreader cable tension. Alex has strain gauges all over the boat.
  14. Vendee Globe 2016?

    He had the same sail as mitch 4 years earlier. It was no secret. Others just preferred to take a code 0. Bad decision on their part, but no secret.
  15. Vendee Globe 2016?

    The foils help all the time. If you retract the foil upwind in 10 knots, the boat heels over about 5 degrees more. In terms of getting clear of the water it depends on the angle, but in about 15 knots beam reaching the boat will sit on the foil doing 18 or 19 out of the water to the keel.