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    what's wrong with it?

    Nothing at all except its all original. Still the best racing there is on the west coast and a beautiful surfing machine for going to Hawaii!
  2. rmb

    Converting Class 40

    Pogo 1 is a spectacular boat, really roomy inside and very quick. Would be easy for a couple and one or two kids to cruise on.
  3. rmb

    what is it?

    Had to run home for my daughter's birth a month early...
  4. rmb

    Main halyard locks

    Harken makes a halyard lock for use with IMOCA 60 that would be good for a tri of that size. ask them. PLUS it works flawlessly
  5. rmb

    what is it?

    An outrageous amount of work!!!!
  6. Mainsails are the same size or smaller than a TP. Jibs bigger. Dollar per fun ratio cannot be beat, and what other boat will surf mini waves in 9 knots of breeze carrying a full galley, enclosed head, and nice plush bunks, along with being waterproof.
  7. rmb

    what am it?

    fucking awful website with no way to read the text...
  8. rmb

    Brooks & Shithouse

    three letters: NKE you'll never go back. and the pilot is 10x better
  9. rmb

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    When they were both in the southern ocean at the same time (when neither got the record) IDEC came from behind spindrift, passed within 2 miles of them and sailed away over the horizon. you can find a video of this from IDEC.
  10. rmb

    Clubswan 125

    The owner is russian. boat is going to be very late.
  11. This thread gets started every year or so. The answer is a resounding absolutely not. The crashes after the drugs would lead to big periods of going slow, which would most likely occur at the most inopportune time. Most of these guys even go as far as not drinking coffee nearly as much while on the water as the roller coaster of energy is not worth it.
  12. rmb

    New imoca boats

    No, The volvo 70 rule did not allow inclined pins. This is not true. Perhaps with tons of heel the fin would become a planing surface with a ton of gear piled at the back, but certainly no incline.
  13. rmb

    PAC 52

    I think the point is that you could have bought 2 mod 70 for 3 million and per year running costs would be the same when you consider how many less guys you need.
  14. rmb

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Spindrift racing has had their mod 70 since the beginning of the circuit, I can't remember but think ther are # 4 or 5. The boat is on the hard mothballed in the parking lot of ther base in la trinite. It's actively for sale. There will be no development for Soldini if I had to guess. He will just sail the boat as is.
  15. rmb

    New imoca boats

    Perhaps you guys should have come to the 2.5 years of IMOCA meetings with the skippers and sponsors to learn why the rules were put into place as they were. You will find no group of sailors who anywhere who more want the rules to be open, but in the end common sense prevailed. The temptation to push the engineering too far in order to gain a competitive advantage in rig and keel is enormous, and things were being designed right on the edge; the edge of the cliff. The skippers and sponsors finally voted to save themselves from themselves if you will. You can be sure that there was a lot of crying and heartache and there still is, but it is for the best, and I for sure voted to leave it open at the time. No one wants to pay for a new keel fin every year, and insurance companies do not want to salvage dismasted and upturned boats anymore. As for the scow bow, since you have not sailed on a late generation IMOCA, you would not know that it is bone jarring to go upwind or close reach, at the limit of what a human can handle. allowing a scow bow is a good way to have a bunch of broken skippers, not to mention that if one boat did it and it was quicker, it would obsolete the entire fleet. And for this stupid idea that an old boat is going to be better than a new one and that somehow it would not be possible to design a better boat than an old one, wake up. Things are progressing so fast in design right now that old boats only have this Vendee to be competitive with the foilers.
  16. rmb

    New imoca boats

    New Foil for Maitre Coq, Design study by Sam Manuard... Should be quick
  17. rmb

    New Rambler

    The boat is 88 feet long because they picked a maximum draft to work with, and then built an optimum boat for the righting moment that gave them.
  18. rmb

    New imoca boats

    For the record I never stopped looking for VG sponsorship. All I need is a boat and money. Happy to go slow-er again
  19. rmb

    New imoca boats

    they are hot glued on, they are vaccuming the foam so that the bond between the hull and the foam is good, and that keeps the foam from moving before the glue sets. they are then knocked off and the hot glue peeled away....
  20. rmb

    New Rambler

    Plus they did not have their foils in be cause of the forecast light air
  21. rmb

    New imoca boats

    it is the water pickup for the motor so they can charge the batteries with the middle of the hull out of the water. somewhere there are pics of the Safran keel fin showing this. It is all in the aft fairing of the fin.
  22. rmb

    New imoca boats

    Alex has got a wingmast.
  23. rmb

    New imoca boats

    The only powered and non-human activated control allowed on the boat when racing is the helm. Everything else is human power and human control. No computers. Most catamaran sailors are used to rotating masts, and that is pretty much what they have here - a racing catamaran rig. The width of the rig with the outriggers (deemed deck spreaders as a way of skirting the rules on things outside the beam of the boat) allows a safe and stable rig to rotate inside the shrouds. Masts can bend, and pretty much everything else works as you would expect. The big downside seems to be that the boat is extremely vulnerable in a collision with objects that would usually not be a danger, as only a glancing blow to the carbon rod from the outrigger down to the hull can damage the rod, and render the rig unsafe. Not sure about the control, but I would guess that the fore-aft location of the outrigger is simply controlled with ordinary rope lines and purchases, and moving the outrigger like this can be used to effect canting of the mast. The masts have a fixed headstay. there is no rake adjustment, and no cant adjustment. The deck spreaders are simply there in order to allow a wide enough shroud base for the wingmast. The forward and aft cables on the deck spreaders are fixed as well. The only controls which are not winch powered on board a modern IMOCA 60 is the canting keel, as mentioned by Potter.
  24. rmb

    New Rambler

    just the foot round hanging over the weather side of the boom. the boom is not flexible, nor bent.