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  1. tamaozy

    is it me or is it you?

    Given our local dam is at about 38% capacity at the moment our membership has dwindled accordingly. We have 4 or 5 regulars who get on the water each week. The clubhouse is pretty much the same one I used as a kid (30 yrs ago). Each year we pay our dues and each year we see nothing for it. Given our dues are getting close to being more than our membership fees is it any wonder we see nothing, our numbers decline and we struggle to remain financially viable. Ive sailed all over the world and I still love our comeraderie, none of us are world beaters but each week we have fun, share a beer and a laugh while drifting around our little puddle.
  2. tamaozy

    Tasar Single handed

    Depends how heavy you are. I do it ok but I'm pretty fat at 230lb / 105kg.
  3. tamaozy

    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Pics + videos anyone.
  4. tamaozy

    New imoca boats

    black box is "a Yeti 110 iced down with silver bullets", I think he got a truck to pull it as well.
  5. tamaozy

    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Thanks Jim. Elegant setup once it is down. Looks like a great trailer able solution all around.
  6. tamaozy

    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Nice minute (40sec) worth of drone video over in the Sailing Anarchy Forum, under the Lime Cup video post. Second video.
  7. tamaozy

    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Looks good guys. Couple of questions, any reason why you ran the backstay to the foot brace instead of the inside of the seat with the traveller?? The rudder looks great, I spent an hour or so climbing over Kevins before he finished, any chance you could show us some photos of the lifting keel set-up. Just interested to see what the differences are inside between the fixed and lifting keels. (I checked above and couldn't see any, only reason I ask).
  8. tamaozy

    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Interesting arrangement for the keel lifting system. From the connection points on the side of the post I assume it is block and tackle to lift it?? Does anyone know what the final draft with the keel raised is??
  9. tamaozy

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Don't start me, they were f$%&ing prawns!!!!
  10. tamaozy

    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Great video. Looks like a great deal of fun to be had. My only concern is the number of crew in most of these videos. With a max crew weight of 340kg (from the GP26 Class page) that is only three of me or four smaller guys. I had a feeling these boats were designed for 4 or maybe 5 crew and all of the videos I see have 6-7 on board. Does the change in weight have a significant change in power and ability to drive to these speeds.
  11. tamaozy

    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Do you have the actual results. Times etc. Nice pics. Looks like a good day out.
  12. Hi Mick, I have a regatta the weekend of the 23 +/-. But sure I would be happy to show you the boat. Kevin cell phone 860-608-3383