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  1. 99% of the time the cats are simply no fun or less fun to steer/sail. Yes, some have a performance advantage some of the time. Add even a small amount of weight and the advantage is gone. Look at the ARC boats sailing downwind each year to the Caribbean. Very few hit a 200 mile day. The claims of blinding speed just do not match the real world we sail in. Yes, the seagoing condo's with a stub sticking out for a mast do well in the caribbean bar hopping trade called "bareboat sailing". Space and privacy can be a benefit.
  2. No pictures of Foxy's yet. There are no leaves on the trees anywhere. Everything sticking up in the wind got damaged.
  3. The charter boat companies are a low capital near zero investment operation. The capital is all the private owners and the credit they have that buy and "gift" the boats to the charter operators. All somebody else's money. They are nothing but shell marketing companies.
  4. At Nanny Cay Tortola all the boats on the hard were either knock down or the rigs knocked out. On option they offered was sand screws to secure the boats upright. Those that paid for that option lost their rigs? Rigs blown out of cruising boats?
  5. Word is starting to get out. Many of the boats that stayed upright literally had the sticks blown out of them.
  6. Everyone +/- 100 that stayed lived but they are looking for some help. Finding a boat and help well everyone needs that for 500 miles...
  7. The Moorings alone has 1,000 charter boats with over 2,000 in the BVI rental fleets. There is no way to deliver that back and forth or anyplace to put them if you could. Pooled risk insurance and share self insurance risk is the only way the industry can go or die.
  8. Well do not forget the boat building industry builds the charter boats, and the banks finance them at above industry interest rates. This is more than the charter boat industry. The trend was already larger much more expensive complex boats. Big and expensive charters first. The small boats sit at the dock hoping someone will rent them much of the time.
  9. Ivan's stress free bar where Keith Richards once hung out and Kenny Chesney was getting drunk and singing as of late. From that area of JVD you can get Cell Coverage from St.Thomas. Places like Anegada, Virgin Gorda, and Anegada are still without any coms except a few sat phones.
  10. Most do not have the cash to refund the deposits and prepayments. The cash crisis will be a major mess. At the end of the day the ladies on the phones and the guys on the docks are brokers and agents for independently owned and contracted boats. Moistly shell corporations with little or no assets. The Moorings/KKR does own their base and hotel. Likely all in different legal entities.
  11. And before the wind and waves shifted in the direction of that open water Sir Francis Drake Channel. At the time of the picture the harbor was in the lee of the mountain on Tortola.
  12. Oil Nut ended up in a bunker for that purpose.
  13. Yes, that is the dinghy inventory and dinghy repair shed for the Moorings. Likely taken before the wind switched to the South exposing them to the real storm. Most of the pictures we are seeing are from the period when the winds were from the North and the harbors "protected". When the wind switched to the south as the eye went by comms were lost.
  14. The number of people who lose prepayments and deposits to this will be enormous and a shocker to many. Even more so to the groups of "friends" who pool money for these adventures. What is underneath these businesses is not near as strong as the brochures and websites make some think. The private equity KKR behind The Moorings/Sunsail would be the exception. Will they walk on the BVI or pool the global resources to cover the loss.
  15. There is a massive reef known to protect the place. In some cases Anegada is the safest place to be. No mudslides and plenty of protection from the surge and surf even without the elevation. Again, the reef is massive.