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  1. We should all learn and try to remember we are guests when we visit another club. We are never "customers". There is a great difference between a guest, a member, and a customer. There are also the circumstances where one may be an uninvited guest and specifically invited guest. Their club, their rules and their home customs; no different than visiting the home of another as a guest. Here are some basics for the socially challenged. Always be nice. Never allow your presence to interfere with the hosts normal routine. Never ever criticize your host in any way. The guest must always be courteous, kind, and pleasant to everyone.
  2. Subject to debate:
  3. Yacht with motorized launch:
  4. A yacht is a properly outfitted personal vessel that may or may not be used for racing. A personally owned POS is a boat. Most MACGREGOR 26M would fall into the boat space. The vessels put over the side of commercial whaling ships to chase down the whales were boats. One yacht: Boat
  5. You guys are going way to far into the weeds. A regatta or series either allows paid help or it does not. If a person ends up being paid to be on boat in a race that does not allow paid help. The boat, owner, and skipper cheated. No different than running the motor or filling the keel with mercury(yes rich guys have done that). Cheating is Cheating! Sailing and every regatta has a way to deal with sailor who prematurely and intentionally cheat. Use those rules. If you must have each winner and each crew from winning yachts sign a statement saying they were not paid in anyway. Wanting to shame a few owners. Give out our own awards in the bar. The Torn Sails or Paper Cup Awards for the boats with the highest payrolls. We all know who has paid help on the boat, The only question is how much and when are they paid. A rule that allowed clearly for a single paid coach on the boat. A fairly paid teacher who did not steer or touch the trims would be a plus for our pastime.
  6. If the owner is not sailing with his friends there certainly is a reason. You do not have look long to find the Dr. Laura's and many other paying people to sail with them or sail the boat for them. Sailing is one of the few sports where the owner can actually ride. You cannot ride your own race horse or even be on the field as an NFL owner.
  7. Almost completely about the owners isn't it? If money tap turned off problem gone. It is hard to cheat without the owner and skipper/helmsman involved. The others on board are just friends of the hired help for the crime.
  8. No, but it is a valid point. Let me explain. Up here in Ventucky we have had an MIR who not only has been a past area rater for PHRF but has sailed boats, for owners, with gift ratings, going out and cleaning up and not feeling the least bit disturbed. These boats have suffered rating slams that have denied owners to be able to sail them to their ratings because they are not pro's. Luckily I was able to buy one of these classes on the cheap, fix it up replacing almost everything and go to PHRF too show how the ratting was unjustly slammed. We now have a competitive and fun boat. It was not easy. Recently a friend bought a Mumm/Farr 30. a design from the 90's for pro's of the era. It seems that PHRF has never looked at this rating again. With the new Sprite boats out, the Farr Mumm 30 has an RLC and Off the wind rating that is almost un-sailable. I looked and there are several of these boats in So Cal that are sitting. Pro's destroy local sailing unless they actually help the locals learn how to make their boats faster. The pro sailors have destroyed so many boats ratings that some boats are not race-able by the rest of the sailing public. This is why really good boats fade away. On another note, I would love to race against some pros and show them they are not invincible. Get a Star Boat and travel to a few regattas and show us all how it is done.
  9. Hiring a pro sailor to race with you in PHRF is like hiring Trey Flowers to play for your team in your local flag football tournament! Putting a skilled pro on the boat to coach and even call tactics can be of real value to the entire crew and the sport. The key is to force the "pro's" into that teaching and coaching role. That starts with zero tolerance for the paid help touching the trims or helm. "Teach a man to fish".
  10. See NCAA Football. ESPN and others have entertaining documentaries on the history. On many campuses DIV I sports have become a full time job that comes with at least food and housing. Look around you will see schools with Football Practice at 10AM each weekday. There are some good excuses there. But, that is when real students in real programs are in class. If you want to cheat in sailing just run the engine. Fuel costs much less than sailing with people you do not know or like.
  11. If the regatta is labeled open or pro. Anything goes. Otherwise... Limit the every crew to one paid person on one person from the industry. No two sail-makers on the same boat. Anyone paid or with any commercial relationship with the boat cannot touch a trim or the helm. The paid help is there to coach or teach. That is how you grow sailing.
  12. Heat = Energy.... Energy = Heat. Not going to happen. All the energy packed on the boat is for food or people fuel. Food value is measured in calories. The same with energy.
  13. Maybe you can show me one? But, I have never witnessed any workable emergency rudder solution for a boat with a thru hull rudder on a stock. Some with cassettes maybe. But, the ones where you are supposed to rig a spinnaker pole and a floorboard lashed on? That is never going to fly in a seaway. In this case the mom wanted off, the CG told the mom to get off. That was the end of that. The Dad tried to stay. The Dad could not get any control over the boat. I am just surprised something small on the bow along with dragging shit behind would not let the trades take him somewhere in the caribbean for a tow. He got off when he fouled the prop with a line and damaged the main in a gybe.
  14. Does any of the brain trust have any ideas why the rudderless boat could not be brought under any type of control. Control that would have gotten them close enough for a standard tow to any island?
  15. PLEASE SAY A PRAYER FOR RAINMAKER'S new CREW of Kool-Aid drinkers. May they not run out of cash nor come to their senses before the last yard boy is paid. Has there ever been a refit that made economic sense? This one is epic! Void Ho!