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  1. Hitchhiker

    Looking for a J/32 in California

    J-34c https://www.jboats.com/j34c-performance J-35c https://www.jboats.com/32-j35c/j35c
  2. Hitchhiker

    Looking for a J/32 in California

    There are currently two J-32's in Santa Barbara and one in Marina del Rey. None are for sale at the moment. Btw. If you are looking at the J-32 don't bother with the 33. Completely different design briefs. In fact, IMHO, there are no other comparable boats to the 32 in the J-line up until you get to the 42.
  3. Hitchhiker

    Looking for boat suggestions

    I didn't think that the J-33 would be a good candidate for singlehanded sailing given the large rig, large headsails and need for crew weight to provide righting moment. Shows what I know!! I have been giving short handed sailing some serious thought over the past 6 months or so. More seriously now that my youngest is three years away from being off the payroll (hopefully) and the program I'm currently with should allow me some time to ramp up my own program. My priorities so far are speed, ease of handling, speed, under 30ft, speed, basic amenities, speed, trailer-ability, speed, lightweight and more speed. Candidates are the more modern/contemporary hull shapes, so something along the lines of Seascape 27, Archambault 27, Andrews 28. J-92 (s) and J-88 could be candidates too. MORC boats don't cut it for me. Too heavy and too loaded up. J-32 is one of my all time favourite J-boats. I've surveyed three and they are nice sailing boats with great interiors that check a lot of boxes for........cruising. I'm not interested in shorthanded racing at hull speed. Of course we all have different priorities. Surely someone who races a 964 has little need for creature comforts. Gotta think the spouse of a 964 racer knows what to expect!!
  4. Hitchhiker


    Ahh, the old front page ploy.
  5. Hitchhiker

    Looking for boat suggestions

    Did a Pac cup on a J-30 triple handed in 2010. The boat above is about the only J-30 prepped to go including an updated rudder. Pretty sure it is not for sale, although it is in San Francisco. However, there is a nicely sorted Archambault 27 listed in the SA classifieds that I reckon checks most of the boxes, is reasonably priced and is in the bay area. I went aboard after the 2016 Pac Cup. Not bad at all. https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/2013-archambault-a27/
  6. Hitchhiker

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Any updates on this boat? Anyone able to get to the yard and sneak a pic or two? Got to think the legal suits are involved and want to limit public knowledge. But.........
  7. Hitchhiker


    I should have taken a picture of the hole in the side of the boat, the owner made while docking. Pretty impressive really.
  8. Hitchhiker

    '73/'74 Whitbread Film

    Old vs new.
  9. Hitchhiker


    Reading comprehension is not your forte. Explains a lot.
  10. Hitchhiker

    SD 2 PV

    Interesting. Bretwalda 3 was the only boat to finish to the rating. Division 2 finished in complete reverse to the ratings, down to the finish order! Nalu V finished 15th, so surely in the top 15. Sizzle had this running away. I made a ton with the bookie! Metaphorically speaking of course. Edit: I wonder how close the conditions were to the ORR PV race wind matrix for each day’s start. The third day start seemed off the matrix. I suspect that day one was pretty close.
  11. Hitchhiker


    Currently In Puerto Vallarta for MEXORC. Locals are pretty much unconcerned with the exception of Zero spring breakers. Lots of Euro tourists though.
  12. Hitchhiker

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    My favorite book. Also, name of last boat.
  13. Hitchhiker

    SD 2 PV

    Did the Kitty finish?
  14. Which is odd since it was inspected by a so called experienced Marine Surveyor.
  15. Whenever I hear the two words "Dry Rot". I also hear the word "Bullshit".