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  1. Hitchhiker

    Anchors Away?

    Hmm. Then you are buying the wrong beer!
  2. Hitchhiker

    Anchors Away?

    Really the only race that matters! There used to be a race from the Solent, around Alderney and back again when I was a youngster. If you missed the tide gate, it was drop the hook and wait six hours or so in a ripping tide.
  3. Hitchhiker

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Great tour. The big take away for me is that the bigger the foils, the more fenders you need. HB vs L' Occitane in this house.
  4. And get beaten repeatedly by really rich real men and women.
  5. Hitchhiker

    Has the Proverbial Shoe (prices) Dropped Yet?

    Hmm. The black FE 28 that was in the classifieds sold pretty quickly and turned up at my yacht club here in SoCal. I have had the busiest last five months ever in pre-purchase surveys, in the 30 years I have been doing this! Not only that. But, it appears that boats are selling for top dollar and going for asking price!
  6. Hitchhiker

    Marine Survery Accreditation

    That is funny. My nickname, is Dr. Doom. There are many brokers who would rather I not be the attending surveyor.
  7. Hitchhiker

    Marine Survery Accreditation

    NAMS-Global. National Association of Marine Surveyors, ( now a global organization) is the oldest marine surveyor organization in the United States. A surveyor who is classed CMS has earned that certification. SAMS. Society of Marine Surveyors is the second oldest marine surveyor organization in the United States. A surveyor who is classed AMS has earned that certification. These two organizations are the only recognized groups that have certificated marine surveyors accepted by lending and insurance companies in the US. The IIMS. International Institute of Marine Surveyors is possibly the youngest organization and I believe not recognized in the US. They are recognized in Europe and are based in England. I would say that a Marine surveyor who is accredited under SAMS is as credible as a Marine surveyor certified as a yacht and small craft suveyor under NAMS. It should be noted that in order for a Marine Surveyor to maintain their Certification or Accreditation, that person must accrue a number of continuing Education Credits each year. Finally, ABYC, American Boat and Yacht Council is not a Marine Surveying organization, but rather is a standards organization for the recommended practices ( now standards) related to recreational and small craft building and fitting. They also offer continuing education courses and levels of certification in different disciplines that a Marine Surveyor can use to maintain their Certification or Accreditation.
  8. Hitchhiker


    I joined. Looking to buy a suitable coastal/offshore double handed boat toward the end of 2021.
  9. Hitchhiker

    Vendee Globe 2020

    957 looks to have a significant size disadvantage.
  10. Hitchhiker

    Tower of Power

    I always associate Tower of Power with one of these:
  11. Hitchhiker

    8 Bells Geoff Ewenson

    I’m not sure how this will post. If you are not a Viper 640 sailor, you will likely not have seen this. Eight Bells: Geoff Ewenson It is with great sadness that we learned that we lost our friend Geoff Ewenson to a massive heart attack yesterday morning, October 14 at the very young age of 50. Since joining the Viper Class 5+ years ago, Geoff and his wife Mary have been two of the sparkplugs that have helped the Viper Class remain vibrant, active, and fun. Together, Geoff and Mary started the now-booming Viper fleet in Annapolis. Together they loved going to Miami for the Bacardi Cup and the Sarasota Winter Series, they traveled to all the major regattas, won a bunch of them, and were on the podium for almost all they entered, including a second place finish at the 2019 Worlds in Long Beach, and a third place finish at the 2018 North Americans in Kingston. Then, suddenly yesterday we lost one of our Class leaders, best sailors, coaches, and a caring friend. Geoff leaves big shoes to fill. He would be there working on his Viper yet would always take the time to answer a question. On the water, his sportsmanship was unquestioned...a true yachtsman. And much to the chagrin of the fleet, he was one of the toughest sailors to beat on the racecourse. Thanks, Geoff, for the leadership, counsel, competition, and friendship. Fair winds and following seas. Anyone who has experienced the loss of a spouse recognizes that the remaining spouse suddenly faces a world of new challenges and issues. Mary Iliff Ewenson was not only Geoff’s wife, she was truly his partner in all the things they did. Even though Geoff was a professional sailor, he saw the Viper as a family boat. His first class regatta in Sarasota years ago in USA 248 (Terminally Pretty # 1) was with Mary, his brother Nick, and his sister-in-law Meredith. It was rare to have Geoff at a Viper regatta without Mary either on the helm or in the front of the boat – as long as they were together, Geoff was happy. On the water with Mary as crew or helm, they were tough to beat. The person who got to be their third on their Viper was the lucky one. On shore, they organized Viper regattas together (who can forget the Budweiser and chocolate cake after sailing at Eastport Yacht Club?), Geoff would crew for Mary in training for next year’s International Women’s Championship, he contributed to Mary’s magazine, SpinSheet, they raised dogs together, worked out together, and were partners in the truest sense of the word.
  12. Hitchhiker

    Why no A5 in Yachting Cup?

    It’s a weapon!
  13. Hitchhiker

    Why no A5 in Yachting Cup?

    No.That is a picture of the twins.They're in there somewhere!
  14. Hitchhiker

    Why no A5 in Yachting Cup?

    Ha hah! Now you know.
  15. Hitchhiker

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    Pretty Funny. Espo does seem like a Cervelo guy!