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  1. Hitchhiker

    McConaghy Boats Fun

    "I avoided sending the F*** [sic] off and die email in response to his attacks. Or the one to ask if he got hit a lot as a kid," he wrote. This sounds like a normal day in SA land.
  2. Hitchhiker

    Can a shower be installed into a small sailboat?

    Possibly. Although I can't recall ever seeing a gas fired storage water heater on a boat. I've seen many tankless water heater installations though.
  3. Hitchhiker

    Can a shower be installed into a small sailboat?

    Zonker. I can't speak to the age of the standard. The last update to ABYC A-26 is noted as July 2018. But, I'm pretty sure this standard has been in effect well before that last update. Water heaters are considered to be an "Unattended Appliance" defined as appliances intended to function without frequent attention by an operator, and that may cycle on and off automatically, such as refrigerators, thermostatically controlled cabin heaters, and water-heaters. As such they are to be fitted with a "Room Sealed Combustion System" which is defined as - a combustion system in which incoming air, the combustion chamber, and the outgoing products of combustion are sealed from the boat interior.
  4. Hitchhiker

    Can a shower be installed into a small sailboat?

    Ignoring the first three valid pojnts by Steam, I think both of these units are designed for outdoor use. Indoor/inside use on a small 21' to 27' boat could prove to be deadly. Tankless on demand type propane gas fueled water heaters must be installed in a dedicated locker separated from the accommodations and provided with dedicated intake and exhaust ventilation. That's going to be hard to achieve on a typical smaller boat. Not impossible but hard. One would be wise to consult with American Boat and Yacht Council recommendation before proceeding.
  5. Hitchhiker

    Corinthian Sailors

  6. Hitchhiker

    DC's boat ont he front page

    Looks lovely as a yawl. Also, I am completely smitten by the cabin trunk.
  7. Hitchhiker

    what is it?

    Ooh, fnacy!
  8. Hitchhiker

    what is it?

  9. Hitchhiker

    Calibrating TWS

    What brand and model Instruments does the boat have? Break out the owners manual, (I know, crazy) and follow the manufacturers recommended practices for calibrating.
  10. Hitchhiker

    Essential Reading

  11. Hitchhiker

    Essential Reading

    aslo guud reed.
  12. Hitchhiker

    Essential Reading

    grate fcukin bouk!
  13. Hitchhiker

    Sunset/ Moonrise....

    Pics or it didn't happen!
  14. Hitchhiker


    Just got back from the club, watching/listening to Tracy talk about the race. She is a complete dynamo and may be one of the most engaging speakers I have heard.
  15. Hitchhiker

    What's Your Go-To Cocktail and How Do You Make It?

    Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, (obviously), 1 part Everclear (or any other strong grain alcohol such as Bourbon, Moonshine, or Vodka) 1 part Bitter Lemon 1 part Bombay Sapphire Gin 1 part Yukon Jack Perma-Frost Schnapps Enough blue food coloring to make the mixture a very light sky blue Also: Sugar cubes Cinnamon extract Angostura Bitters Olives Mix the first five ingredients and chill (usually for 24 hours). Then, take a sugar cube and let it absorb 1 milliliter of cinnamon extract and 1 drop of yellow food coloring (optional). Place three ice cubes in a glass and pour the chilled liquid mixture over these. Drop in the sugar cube and stir to dissolve, or just let it sit (if food coloring is used, often the sugar cube is just left to sit, to create a layering effect with the color). Sprinkle the Angostura Bitters in the drink, and add an olive. Drink, but very carefully. Alternatively, one can let the sugar cube absorb 1 milliliter of Angostura Bitters, and sprinkle ground cinnamon on the top of the drink, thus omitting the cinnamon extract. Make a large amount of the mixture ahead of time and chill for a day, rather than constantly mix more of it. Also, save it for a special occasion, such as Towel Day, due to the work put into making the drink.