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  1. Hitchhiker

    Expired Flares - Redux

    I see a Sailing Anarchy flare party in the works. Bring all of your old flares to an undisclosed spot in the desert. Each member also brings a bottle of Mount Gay. Set off Flares and consume Mount Gay. What could possibly go wrong?
  2. Hitchhiker

    same old, same old - not quite!

    They don't work for most car drivers. Why would a boat driver be any different?
  3. Hitchhiker

    C&C 30 and Farr 280 - What happened

  4. Hitchhiker

    2020StFYC Big Boat Series

    I didn't do that one as well. That was the year Secret squirrel blew the rig out.
  5. Hitchhiker

    What mods to accommodate lithium battery bank?

    To the OP. There are a number of posters on this thread who make claims that they cannot back up with proof. Carcrash and BJ porter not included. I am certainly no expert. But, I did find several very useful sources to help guide me in the design of the system we installed in the 51 ft race boat I nav on. The big difference for us is that we have a very strict discharge and re-charge discipline based on our usage and rarely go below 60% discharge. But, given we are in 24/7 mode we optimized around a twice daily recharge cycle. I digress. This article is very useful. http://honeynav.com/lfp-battery/
  6. Hitchhiker

    Scooter Goes to the Dark Side

    That made me laugh. "Winning is no victory if, in doing so, you lose the respect of your competitors"....Elvstrom
  7. Hitchhiker

    what is it?

    It's a bad idea.
  8. Hitchhiker

    Rig wiggle

    Metric won't work. It's an American boat and mast. Does not understand the metric system.
  9. I find it somewhat disheartening that there are contributors who are more condescending and unwelcoming than us lot. We are clearly slacking.
  10. Hitchhiker

    J/35 - Best offshore racer of it's time?

    Correct about turboed to the hilt. New carbon mast was added with masthead kites. But, now that I think of it, those mods happened in 2018, the boat rated 575. I navved the winning Express 37 in 2016 and pretty sure I recall they were in the frac config then. Sweet O is quite a bit lighter than the Express 37's hence the close rating. That was a very windy year and while we led pretty much the whole way, it was a straight out, close, drag race!
  11. Hitchhiker

    J/35 - Best offshore racer of it's time?

    Sweet Okole, while great and very high on my list of favourites, did not win her division in the last two Pac Cups. In 2018 she was beaten by a J-92 and in 2016 she was beaten by an Express 37. She did win her division in the 2019 Transpac. While she did beat the J-35 (which was in a different division) boat for boat, the J-35 corrected ahead.
  12. Hitchhiker

    J/35 - Best offshore racer of it's time?

    When you say offshore, do you mean up to 1,000 nm offshore or do you mean within 500 nm offshore? Also, do you mean USA centric or global? If the answer, is the former, for both above questions, My vote would be the Express 37.
  13. Hitchhiker

    Farr 395 Questions

    I over saw a complete restoration/repair schedule on Hull 22. Possibly you know the boat as Ghost (2). The member you refer to is actually part of a large structural grid bonded into the hull. Fracturing of the bond line is common. That said, do not rely on someone else's survey. In would recommend that you get your own survey and spend time to interview the surveyor so that you have an idea of their experience and background. In my opinion the Farr 395 has a well thought out and engineered hull structure where-in the cored sections are laid up in hull panels on either side of a longitudinal monolithic Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (F.R.P.) structure with several transverse monolithic F.R.P. frames with-in the hull. Unfortunately the build execution was not up to par with the engineering!
  14. Hitchhiker

    Schock 35 vs J/35 - Redux

    I don't think either is a good cruising option. The Schock build quality is shockingly bad (I've looked at a metric crap load of them) and interior is not that great. The J-35 has somewhat better built quality but the interior is not very big and the cockpit is not cruiser friendly. The Express 37 though wins on all points with the possible exception of the head compartment. Maybe it is too big though. How about an Express 34? Not many built but a nice little sister to the E-37.
  15. Hitchhiker

    Running Backstays - Suggestions for use

    964racer. Congrats on the 33. I always had a soft spot for those. As someone said above, best way to gauge headstay sag is relative to the mast. More runner on. More head stay you can see and vice versa.