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  1. PHRF PNW handicappers

    A starting point to a merger could be to take the avg for any ratings that are not the same. This new rating becomes your new rating This takes most bias out of either organization
  2. New J designs

    I think they'll go after the Alerion customer harder with a smaller and larger J100. They have some strength in the OD market in the 70/88 to work with there and the mid-thirties - 40's market for Racer Cruiser is collapsing back to the smaller, easier to manage OD classes - especially as the larger boat owners age. We could be in an industry transition to where those with the ability to afford the larger race boat opt to split those $$ between a larger day sailor/cruiser and a smaller OD boat like the 70 or 88.
  3. J/88

    All freshwater NE boats except one. It would be great to see 5-10 more on the line!
  4. J/88

    Where are the fleets forming? There are 5 88's actively racing on Lake Ontario at Youngstown Yacht Club. Any other multiple boat areas?
  5. J/88

    5 88's on the line at this past weekend's CanAm Regatta in Youngstown NY. Good pics here: http://www.timwilkes.com/search.php?searchoption=all&searchtext=CA14+Night%20Owl&searchtype=all
  6. J/88

    Did you run into any interference issues with the magnetic compass and the stern pulpit? That's my only concern mounting an antenna so close to metal.
  7. J/88

    More j88's signed up than J105's 5 J/88's now. Hoping to get a couple more.
  8. J/88

    4 Already signed up for the Youngstown Yacht Club 'Can Am Challenge' (formerly Level Regatta) on Lake Ontario. (Hull's 2,11,22,29) http://www.yachtscoring.com/event_scratch_sheet.cfm?eID=969
  9. AC Youth Cup

    They had Travis Rice out there yesterday for a guest ride along. Travis has the opportunity to pull eyeballs to the Sport of sailing. Not sure how the youth series will play out, but it's good to see RedBull in the mix since they know how to expose sport/market to a younger demographic - something sailing desparately needs to grow
  10. BMW

    "The Floating Pacific Garbage Patch just doubled in size"
  11. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    It was RHYC - LYRA 1980. The Commodore's Tanzer 22 ended up in the pool. Not sure of the details since I was 12 at the time but there is a photo in the club's Centennial book. I think that was the same year someone drained the RHYC pool too.