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  1. Newport Coast

    Coaching / Parent boat for sailing with kids on Opti
  2. Newport Coast

    Youth evolution in sailing

    Data, actual retention / conversion data - very hard to control for external variables. I think you're right to question the type of equipment at younger ages, well before HS or college. Judging by the "throughput" to adult racing, and for US Olympic Sailing, a lot of room for growth. The versatility of modern boats is promising, self-rescue, no bailing, durable, simple One-Design The Tera has quietly built a dozen fleets in California and Colorado and is reconnecting youth from clubs that dropped off the radar over a decade ago.
  3. Newport Coast

    Youth evolution in sailing

    Bics, Teras too.
  4. Yep, the Quest is more stable for beginners, much more the right boat at the right time. RS has sold 1200 in two years. A lot can change in a decade, the VIsion was so 2004.
  5. Newport Coast

    Youth evolution in sailing

    "Adventure" programs have become more popular as a bridge for kids who need a break from racing, or as an entry point for kids who start late at age 10-12. A lot of people may disagree, but the equipment makes a huge difference.
  6. Newport Coast

    Youth evolution in sailing

    Not higher performance than a 29er, but much more accessible to a younger age range:
  7. Newport Coast

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    +1 Which book?
  8. Newport Coast

    What's the most popular 2 person raced dinghy in US?

    That really really depends on the group that's starting up, and their goals/resources. If they are GenX'ers / yuppies then new boats would be great. At some point, which ever newer boat gains some critical mass will take off although it won't be like the glory days of the Laser etc etc. OTOH it seems more likely that you have a group of people without as much disposable income, in which case a boat that has a lot of boats on the shelf to be picked up for lo-$ is good to just build interest in the sport. Personally I think the VX-1 is an awesome boat, most likely the best thing I've ever sailed. The economics are such that there will never be a local class here, so I am working at putting together some Buccaneers The boat is less important than the people. It needs to be something that is available though, and you can only answer that by doing some homework/legwork in your area. I'd bet a lot that there are fleets of boats sitting unsailed at the clubs in your area. If you find one that has just faltered but still has some people interested -and- numbers of boats on the shelf, you're more than halfway to success with your own group. FB- Doug Designed in this decade is good.... fleets at Cal Sailing in Berkeley and UCSB
  9. Newport Coast

    What's the most popular 2 person raced dinghy in US?

    Aha, I see, HMB harbor is about a mile across. Back to Lidos, there are two flavors, the original and the 6000 series. Original has 3 separate buoyancy tanks (bow and side compartments) 6000 series is all one space. The problem is it can fully flood when (not if) cracks deep inside the centerboard trunk go undetected. In any case, if you buy a fleet of used Lidos, then you are in the Lido repair business. Parts for the original series are scavenged, some parts for 6000 series differ.
  10. Newport Coast

    What's the most popular 2 person raced dinghy in US?

    See Lido 14 fleet historical list below, only 11 fleets are active out of 81 (no surprise - state of sailing in the US). Not much in SF Bay Area, active fleets appear to be in protected waters. Half Moon Bay, sure would hate to flip a Lido in the open ocean.
  11. Newport Coast

    opti's (sic) rule

    Another alternative....
  12. Newport Coast

    RS Neo

    The Quba always impressed me, especially the larger Mylar sail. Points high and is well behaved on a run. With an Aero style rig on a Quba hull, should be lots of fun.
  13. Newport Coast

    Declining fleets and memories of the boom years...

    Always wondered about this survey over the years. I sailed last year is not the same as I'm a sailor.
  14. Newport Coast

    Declining fleets and memories of the boom years...

    Jay, thanks for your clarification on the Feva, sorry about the jibe. I take it you have first hand experience? Age 10-14 is the fertile ground to grow participation and retention. The Feva does that because it is the right size to fill the gap between prams and high-school fleets. rgeek, yep the UK has data, Yachts and Yachting does a good job with their annual surveys.