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  1. robjwilkinson

    Laser Vago rigging questions

    The original halyard was some 'kevlar' type. Mine was old so replaced it with some nice new stuff. Suprised you didnt get an owners manual with the boat. The most overly complex bit I found was the jib/forestay arrangement. A bit over engineered and just adds clutter to the mast base area. For the vang control: biggest problem with this is the lack of 'feedback' when making an adjustment. I added some bungee cord that goes from the gooseneck...and down to that double pully block of the vang system. ie you want the block to be pulled up/tensioned to the gooseneck. Its a big improvement.
  2. robjwilkinson

    Laser Vago rigging questions

    I think the halyard comes out of the port side of the mast...a slot, then comes down and through a block thats attached to the mast base. G nav or vang control is the 'continuous' type. Either end of the control comes up and through the thwart (or 'seat') the downhaul or cunningham comes down and alongside the centerboard case. A very poor idea indeed. Brush it with your leg and it uncleats. I would modify this if I were you. Vago is a good tough boat. If you can learn to solo trapeze then you got good training for Musto Skiff/RS700/RS600. Avoid the XD mainsail, its not very good and you cant reef it.
  3. robjwilkinson

    From Cats to Dinghies...Hopefully.

    You might want to search for Laser Performance UK...pretty sure they had PDF manuals for all their boats?
  4. robjwilkinson

    From Cats to Dinghies...Hopefully.

    The Vago would only be my choice if living out in the middle of nowhere, ie its very tough. Stability? on its own, afloat, at the slipway the vago will fall over. This suprised me when I first launched mine. Once you get aboard its really quite stable, with crew its even better. Its slow and the XD rig is a waste of time. I bought the dacron main for mine, a much better handling boat was the result. Its only main niggle was the vang control. I modded mine with some bungee cord so as to give it some more 'positive' feedback. It was very frustrating otherwise, crouching in on the trapeze and trying to adjust as it was. The only other weakness I found was the vang assy. The vang ends (g nav/strut type vang) were plastic. one of these snapped once. Was an interesting sail to get back home. Newer parts are metal, and much better. I would have kept the Vago, but just never used it as the 700 was far easier to use, and faster albeit very fragile if not handled well at the slipway.
  5. robjwilkinson

    From Cats to Dinghies...Hopefully.

    Laser Vago is tough and sturdy. Its biggest drawback is its weight. coming from a cat background (I got a Hobie 16) you might find it quite boring to sail? I had mine for a while and learnt to solo trapeze etc with it. I now have an RS700 Skiff. The Vago was ideal as a training boat, the RS700 being far easier to handle. Your demands can only, in my view, be met by a Keelboat maybe? forget the Laser 2 for more than two adults. One adult/two kids is even a bit much for this type of boat. If it was purely solo use I would say get the RS700 or Musto Skiff, as these will provide a lot of fun.
  6. robjwilkinson

    Puffy Conditions

    how often do you get these conditions? I own a 700 as well. I gave up long ago, trying to sail in puffy winds. I mean big gusts and sudden lulls. Waste of time and effort. The 700 rig is very sensitive to downhaul, crank it on for higher winds and she will become a much happier boat to sail. I am much more fussier in what winds I go out in. The normal lifts and headers sort of thing is fine. The more awkward winds are only begging a leeward capsize and the chance of falling onto the sail, which will wreck it and prob the masts sail track as well. I tend to find something else to do.
  7. robjwilkinson

    RS CAT 14 Question

    I am pretty sure the my Hobiecat 16 is set up the same way, ages since I last sailed her. I tend to use the traveller this is the 'main sheet' so the main sheet becomes the vang, if you see what I mean. I set the traveller, then adjust the mainsheet to get the leach set all nice. To adjust the main while out on trapeze I tend to 'snap' the rope out of the cleat. Quite a heavy rope anyway.
  8. robjwilkinson

    Where's "DTA" at?

    seriously? that is an awesome thing to do for someone wow!!!
  9. robjwilkinson

    RS Cat 14 Question

    I looked at the Dart 16 a few times over the years, never tried one as of yet...but next time I am over in the UK I might just get to see what they are like. I do like the toughness of rotomolded hulls, plus the mast looks good and strong.
  10. robjwilkinson

    RS Cat 14 Question

    getting caught in irons is pretty common with cats. Give yourself loads of room when tacking, leave the jib so it backs and helps swing the bows around. Uncleat, if you havent already done so, let the mainsail loose as this is will otherwise stall. Its quicker to gybe most of the time, even in a good wind. I see what you mean about the Hobie, the 16 is very sensative to fore/aft trim. Hulls could have done with some more volume. I understand the 17 (pretty rare these days?) was more suited to solo use. Dart 16 looks a tough little cat, many of those in the USA?
  11. robjwilkinson

    RS Cat 14 Question

    I look forward to it, just seen your ytube link and have subscribed :)
  12. robjwilkinson

    RS Cat 14 Question

    You might want to alter the main shrouds and see if you can induce some weather helm, while at speed? falling off isnt something I thought much about, have been parted from various boats but always managed to do a quick swim and catch up with the, usually, capsized boat. Very interested in the Cat 14 myself. I got a Hobie 16...which needs a new trampoline and few other bits. Just wonder if the Cat 14 is as fast? Hobie is ok as a singlehander, but wonder if a newer type such as what RS are offering will be as much fun. Quite like the look of the NACRA range too. Expensive boats though.
  13. robjwilkinson

    A New Solo One Person Dinghy - Brainstorming Thread

    Hmm, interesting. I think some makers have come out with a 'do it all range' such as Topper with its Topaz range? RS came out with the 100, which for a hiker is a very comfy boat and great with the kite out. I just wish it had a trapeze option because going upwind was so slow, coming from an RS700. Yeah I know I ought to stick with the 700 if I like upwind performance, but I did like the 100's simplicity. A trap option ought to be included imho. A Kite option is a no brainer for me. Foiling option? dunno. I have looked at the F101 Tri in the UK, hot looking boat that looks fun without having to foil. Whichever way, boat manufacturers have thier work cut out. Not so much cash to be thrown around these days. I would only hope that the appeal of sail will always endure. Quite like seeing some of the pimped up craft out there.
  14. robjwilkinson

    Moving up from a Hobie 16

    H17 Doesnt do that well with too much weight though does it? Otherwise for a solo cat it looks a lot of fun
  15. robjwilkinson

    Moving up from a Hobie 16

    Hobie Wildcat maybe? will be a bit pricey though.