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  1. Hulls are in very good condition, have poked and prodded the areas mentioned and they are sound. Question, I am not happy paying 400+ pounds sterling for a Trampoline...any UK based places that make such a thing for the Hobie? Rudder uplock/downlock cams at 40 odd pounds EACH!!! screw me sideways...one bit of plastic costs that?
  2. For your first ever build I would keep it simple. You could add the wings later maybe? Either way, building your own boat is a special experience. You only need some basic carpentry skills and a willingness to learn how to use epoxy resin etc. Ply 'stitch n glue' methods vary but will result in a good build if you get the basics right. Plenty of hints and tips on YouTube I would have thought. My first build was a Kit, a 'Mirror' dinghy. I wont ever forget that first voyage, a very special time:) My second boat was a Wharram 'Hitia' 14 Catamaran, again this was a unique experience and the skills it taught me (as to how cats behave) laid the perfect foundation that applied to a Hobie 16 which I now own. Thoughts? hmmm....if I could have done anything different on either the Mirror or Hitia. The Mirror could have done with a basic Assymetric Spinnaker system maybe. I sailed solo so the classic symmetrical spinnaker would have been a bit tricky on my own. The Hitia Cat could have done with its Beams being made from alloy mast section (small yacht type mast section) this would have made a much lighter all up weight. A mesh trampoline would be more comfy than the current ply deck. What I am saying is keep the build simple but explore the options to keep the craft light and comfy. The Moth scows look fun, reminds me of the 'Topper' scow dinghys (plastic hulled, very common in the UK sailing schools at one time) Don't skimp on the sail and rig, get the best you can afford. Don't be tempted to make your own sail. Proper sails have built in camber etc and behave in a certain way when secondary controls are tweaked. In fact the sail and rig will make up over half your budget for a build, on a guess. Been a while since I built my two projects so figures are a bit hazy. Ply stitch and glue/glass covering etc methods open up a whole realm of projects. Its a good method and leaves you with a craft that's light for its size and is easily fixable should you prang the boat Have fun!
  3. Hulls are good, as far as I know. Which parts should I Be looking at? she was built in 91 and hardly ever been used. Previous owner kept crashing the thing along with inexperienced crew. I bought it all for £1200 sterling I might just go with the stitch the net onto the tramp thing for now....the newer mesh type tramps look to be pretty well made.
  4. Wondering if slugs can be made? hmm, I got some S/S tubing that might just be small enough to slide inside the tracks. Would love the proper tramp, but its going to be pricey enough to replace the standing rigging and trap wires. Shes an old boat and been stored outside all these years so would be a good idea to get the wires changed.
  5. Hi there, been a while since I posted on this part of the site. Hobie Cat 16, been a while since she last sailed, tramp is getting a bit tired out. I got some really strong fishing type net (really small mesh size, strands are easily para cord thickness) was wondering on a neat and tidy solution to using this. Any ideas? I cant quite justify £500 sterling for a proper one. No, I don't race..tis the only Hobie cat in my part of the world. Was wondering if I can utilise the bolt rope areas on the frames...though might just lace over these parts? Cheers Rob
  6. 420 might not so bad...have sailed two up on a Laser 1 on many occasions
  7. my second boat was a Laser 2, there was no way I would have been ready for that without time with my first boat (Mirror). The Laser was like a rocket in comparison. I learned on my own, so no benefit of instructors let alone a Club. Buying an unsuitable boat is a sure disaster, if not financially it could put you off sailing for life if you have a nasty experience. It takes a while to learn the basics, yeah you can pick up all this in a weekend etc etc on some 'zero to hero' course. The reality is that it takes a lot of time to pick up the finer points, plus learning to deal with emergency drills; which should result in a safe and responsible crew. I once taught a guy who had bought a Laser 1. He turned up wearing some outdoor jacket and matching trousers. After a brief discussion on the pitfalls of such attire we went out (it was a light breeze day). On returning I discussed in no uncertain terms that he ought to get a wetsuit etc as Lasers are quite flighty boats...plus to NOT go out on his own as he wasn't ready to do so. What did he do? goes out on his own and had a near death experience. He sold the Laser and didn't bother with sailing again. Totally silly of him. I would go to a Club, join it and get some time on a modern dinghy, one fitted with an assymetric spinnaker and get some serious learning under your belt. My route was quite pricey to the RS700, the Vago I had used for training was sold at a huge loss...had no choice unless I wanted to keep it the rest of my days..which I didn't as it had gotten too boring to sail. Get that time on the water, then if you are sure its an activity you cant live without ...maybe then you can sit down and really think about what you want out of sailing, and which boat will tick the boxes?
  8. Having an Assymetric Spinnaker is a must, imho, for whichever dinghy you go for. Once you start playing with these you wont want to go without. Such a huge range of boats, hopefully you will consider the advice and start with something a bit less technical. For what its worth, well from what I noticed, some of the more modern boats don't have that many strings to tweak in order for them to be performance craft. I was mightily impressed with the RS800 as an example.
  9. I would go to a Club or even a sailing holiday such as Menorca sailing (mentioned before in this thread) I have done the Menorca thing because it was way cheaper to go there and try out some boats that I had always wanted to try. Cheaper than buying a boat only to find I would hate it, if you see what I am saying. Menorca sailing have a good variety. The RS500 might just tick the boxes for you. If you are a learner I would go the Laser route and nail the basics. I saw Keelboats being mentioned in this thread. I would still go the basic dinghy route if I were you, it can only give you a good appreciation of your weight and balance. Get the basics learnt and these will apply to all manner of monohulls, while applying to multihulls too in some aspects.
  10. Just realised, check out YouTube and look for 'RS700 a pimping guide'. Really good points on a few extras to make life easier. Not sure if some 'pimps' are class legal. RS site/association has some good guides. Pay attention to the lower stays...it would pay to fit Stamasters(?) these are adjustable calipers which makes for fairly easy adjustments on the water.
  11. Awesome!! I have the same type...all the way down south in the sunny south atlantic (well I sail in a secluded harbour:) ) Points to consider...if I may Trapezed before? I would go find someone with a double handed trapeze dinghy, and get some time as crew and let them hand the helm to you so you get a feel for it. The 700 is not a beginners boat, this isn't to bust your bubble so bear with me..... that mainsail and mast track are not the toughest. If you capsize and end up falling on the sail? you will trash it most probably. The Track is quite robust but its bonded to the mast....you must AVOID landing on that sail...period. I learnt to solo trapeze on a Laser Vago, heavy plastic hulled 'wannabe 29er' looking boat. A very strong boat and an ideal skiff trainer, some will disagree but if you can handle a Vago then the 700 is a piece of cake Like I said, get some trap experience if you can. What you will find, while messing about in light winds (and applies to heavier winds too) changing tack, the 700 can get caught in irons. Ease off the vang! she will come about then. I spent some frustrating moments when I first hopped onto mine and went zooming across a lake...ended up gybing most times until I finally got the idea. Downhaul, this is your friend in higher winds...crank it down hard...top of the leech will open up...I much better handling boat is the result. It might be obvious but such tweaks are crucial on this craft. I really enjoy the 700, I tried out an RS100 some years ago...the whole hiking thing just bores me to death now. Kite, like others said...get it out and get used to it. I don't always trap with the kite as the wind can be a bit sketchy in my location. You can cheat it and just hike out on the racks. All in all, they are good boats. Very refined and sensitive to tweaks on the vang etc...its pretty cool, just crouching in while on the wire and 'dialling in' the best settings to keep her flat and fast. I hope this wasn't a lecture, I can drone on a bit congrats on the buy
  12. Hit some kelp once, big clump of the stuff that was floating just under the surface. Come to a sudden stop and ended up grazing my leg on the shroud, or the mast...not sure as it was so sudden. Boat capsized and the trap hook had got caught up on a shroud, boat inverted and I could only just get unhooked in time. Infection set into my leg, yellow 'shadow' was going up the limb but luckily some pills from the doc got it sorted. Think my shin was cracked too, very intense pain and swelling. I never got it checked properly but it was ok after several weeks of being careful.
  13. the Skiffs I mentioned wont be easier? I beg to differ. I learnt on a Vago which was a real handful in a good wind. The 700 was a piece of cake in comparison, being designed for solo operation. You got extendable racks on the 700, along with 'granny' bars if you need that extra step out onto the rack. I would give one a go, musto or 700, and see how it feels.
  14. Musto Skiff or RS700, they are the two I can think of and recommend. I have sailed the Musto, nice tough boat with no nonsense layout. I own an RS700, bit more user friendly compared to the Musto, bit more in the way of control lines and has a 'pump' system for launching and recovering the spinnaker (which is an assymetric spinnaker, so easy to use) I removed the pump system, found it a pain in the arse and I don't sail to club rules as there aint no racing to be done.
  15. +1 on the sunfish/laser route. Nothing worse than a more complicated boat that needs extra care with setting up, when all you want to do is go sail. I should save anything more complex for when, if ever, you get truly bitten by the bug. Simple boats take less care to keep them in good condition, you can get away with leaving the Laser sail rolled around its mast pretty much forever..as long as its warm and dry where its stored.