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  1. Light air lowriding is still painful after years of sailing the boat. Especially downwind.
  2. barney

    Yet another foiler

    There were similar looking Moths a couple of years back with two mainfoils. This one seems easier to sail than a Waszp and prettier than an UFO. Cool.
  3. barney

    AC45s For Sale

    Apparently this one is going to be sailing without the wing.
  4. I was sad to see the announcement of your mach2 in your blog back then. Well, moth blogging probably would've died anyway unfortunately. Couldn't you just build most of the upgrades for the mach2 yourself, why did you sell it?
  5. barney

    Carbon Kevlar prepreg trampoline?

    Does anyone have pictures?
  6. barney

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    I think they rushed the event a little bit. Pretty obvious that the neither the boats nor the teams were prepared enough. It'll be interesting to compare this to the last event. Wind conditions were pretty fortunate. The boats looked to be making terrible VMG in the lighter stuff. It was so much better for the last two races. The harbor wasn't a particularly spectacular backdrop for the event unfortunately. Nice event overall considering this was only the first four races.
  7. barney

    racing a waszp as a moth

    You're right, time just flies.
  8. barney

    racing a waszp as a moth

    Having watched a Waszp foiling tack it hit me, how much sailing technique and skill has evolved over the years. I believe it was around 5 years ago when moths started tacking on foils. They were not only faster back then but like 20 kilos lighter as well.
  9. Does anyone know what happened to the AC45s? Supposedly 15 was built and 8 foilers participated in the Youth AC last June, so they should be in a reasonable condition. If I remember correctly a couple of them were heavily customized by the AC teams as test platforms. I found a thread about the two bot that was up for sale, bot no info on who might have bought those.
  10. barney

    Miami SB dinghy rental/beg/borrow/steal

    Thank you very much. Even though I'd really love to race, unfortunately I can't make it. Gonna have to settle for an hour or two of Hobie sailing, which is pretty awesome considering it's winter where I am right now.
  11. barney

    Miami SB dinghy rental/beg/borrow/steal

    hey, I'm in s similar situation as the OP just a couple of years later. Have a hard time believing that the only place to rent a boat in MIami is the one that google finds. Seriously, I even scrolled through the beach on google maps looking for signs of boats on the sand. Don't get me wrong, this place looks ok, but the Hobie brand has much nicer boats on its portfolio than the wave and the getaway that they have. Is there really no other place to rent small boats in the city? cheers
  12. barney

    I14 Capsize Compilation

    Wow, that's gotta be exhausting. Seen a novice 49er crew on YT once, they were sailing in much lighter conditions and they must've capsized about this many times over the same time frame, only difference is that it probably wasn't even a compilation and they didn't have such nice runs between the capsizes. It was recorded from a masthead camera if I'm not mistaken. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find it. It was hilarious. Has anyone seen it?
  13. barney

    VPP for dinghies and skiffs

    Indeed. Even though this paper is fairly old and the speeds are probably bigger today, it explains the concept quite nicely.
  14. barney

    Foiling Moth Setup

    yes, and body weight kinda, pitch and ride height. The current systems are fairy complicated, but I don't think you should worry too much about it just now. Swell and chop is a problem indeed. Especially downwind and when you're getting started. People have different opinion about the critical wave patterns though. My suboptimal control system definitely has a hard time coping with short chop.