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  1. Thank you so much. I don't have a M2 so the kits won't work for me, but now I think I can design and build something!
  2. Great info guys, thanks. Carbon tube seems doable as the off season is quite long. I guess the tube can runs freely above the deck. What does it run in inside the foredeck and bowsprit? PTFE tube? Being way stiffer than a 3-4mm stainless rod, I'm guessing the supports could be further away. I'm concerned about the wear though, that is one nice aspect of the inox rod.
  3. Love the metaphor. I'm sure it must've been really fast, but not a lot of conventional dinghies can do 20knts. There's an old thread about it.
  4. I'm planing on reworking my control system over the winter. Have a couple of questions. Does anyone have on-the-water experience with the cam system? I really like the idea of being able to simply map the wand angle to a certain flap angle. Not sure if I could really get rid of the RHA and gearing as advertised though. Slightly unrelated question. What should be the diameter of the pushrod? Mine is working fine until I'm going bow down into a wave at speed. It bends between the RHA spindle and the point where it exits the control tube. Exactly when I would need it the most to give me more lift. Thanks
  5. How does the 2.4 style gearing adjustment work in practice? It would seem that pulling a couple of millimeters on the rope would pull the pushrod connector down a lot on the bellcrank compared t the old version. Or does the bowsprit move the pushrod through a bigger range, so it's not as sensitive to the vertical length of the bellcrank anymore?
  6. Judging from the pictures, that shrinkwrap on the bottom of some KA sails doesn't look too good.
  7. Early foilers had foils around 35" in length. Thy were flying quite a bit lower, but the control systems got a lot better too. Since than foils got progressively longer except maybe for the Assassin which had really long foils for that era. I believe it wasn't stiff enough though. I wouldn't be too worried about recovery, I've never stepped anywhere but on the very top of the foil next to the hull.
  8. Thanks guys, this makes sense now.
  9. Have anyone seen this goosneck fitting in action? It's quite impressive that they were able to build it strong enough. As far as I understand, it works just like a camber in the sail, but what keeps it in place? How does it not move up and down? http://3dsailing.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/FullSizeRender.jpg http://3dsailing.co.uk/products
  10. Couple of years ago moths were doing 16 upwind. Mine can't go that fast. If you can do that easily on your tri or even 18, thats awesome.
  11. Second post is a project of a Moth sailor. Completely different project. First post and the rest of the thread is about the recent university project. Same boat? Except one is white and one is blue. Maybe it is the lighting.
  12. There was the Z boom a couple of years ago.
  13. Bora's video from the FP. https://www.facebook.com/84727408409/videos/10155124399143410/ the boat seems to have lower stays
  14. This moth looks sick
  15. I sail on a 24 footer with retractable articulating sprit and I really like it when soaking low. Interesting that most of the posters say that pole should be centered in the light stuff. Why not pull it to windward even then? I do this sometimes when beam reaching and either overpowered or the AOA would be otherwise too narrow for my kite. It's usually way faster than just reaching with the jib. Frank Bethwaite says in his book that the one of the advantages of the bendy sprit of the B14 and 49er is that it flattens the sail in the gusts. While my sprit probably won't bend much but rotating it leeward has the same effect.