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  1. Sounds like you had a great year! Great boat - enjoy the learning curve!
  2. She looks fantastic! Well done - be interested to hear the background as to how the project went and costs. I know - more than it should!
  3. Glad Justin is safe and kudos for a great rescue. Safe passage to Bermuda gents.
  4. That sucks. I broke four ribs last fall and tore cartilage... It's still not 100% but on the mend slowly. The ribs took 8-10 weeks before I could cough without wincing. I found a heating pad helped but I couldn't explain why. Oh - and good scotch is a must to go to sleep in the recliner...
  5. We had our car and the only time we used it was to head out to Dulles. Maybe an Uber to get out there as the Metro doesn't go there. Anyone else have an idea? It was about a 35 minute ride.
  6. My wife and I brought our six year old to DC last year for 5 days - he still talks about it! The metro is a blessing - you'll love it - fast, clean and easy to use. We did the Smithsonian Air & Space at Dulles and it was the best thing we did all week. But - go on a Tuesday or Wednesday and the crowds will be thin. Also - go to the Air & Space on the Mall first cause you'll be disappointed in that museum if you see it after seeing the SR-71, Space Shuttle etc... We did an on/off bus tour of all the major monuments and that was perfect. Not sure how old your kids are but Arlington Cemetary is really stunning. There are tons of simple restaurants all around so don't worry about that at all. The national zoo was fun and the national cathedral is something else. Though... having to pay to go into the cathedral left a sour taste after going to every other museum for free... Finally - bring really good walking shoes and bring some cases of water for the hotel - you can save a couple of hundred dollars on water bottles alone. Cheers
  7. What a man won't do for pussy... wow
  8. Defender's Warehouse sale is March 27-30. It better friggin' warm up by then!
  9. Got up this morning and saw this sad news... Went for a 20 mile bike ride and had tears streaming - for a woman I had never met in person. Godspeed Catherine - truly a special soul...
  10. Hi Catherine - hope your day is going well. I've decided in the last few weeks to sign up for the Pan Mass Challenge Bicycle event in Massachusetts this coming August. It's a two day event that raised $35 million for Dana Farber Cancer Institute in 2011. The goal this year is $36 million - absolutely amazing! 100% of that amount goes to Dana Farber - a testament to the great work by this group. I'll ride for my dad who lost his battle, my mom who for the time has won hers and for those that can't ride... and of course you! Take care of yourself - and never stop fighting...
  11. Mr. Churchill said it best... Never Give In...
  12. I'm a lesser person for never having met you Catherine. May God cradle you in his arms and your friends be consoled by your warm smile...
  13. Godspeed - thoughts and prayers are headed your way. Form the man himself - never give in... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=vzh-xq65rMs
  14. Thanks to everyone for their support. Dad passed away yesterday afternoon with mom and I at his side. It was a quiet, peaceful passing that was as dignified as anyone could hope for. Our family and friends have been extraordinary throughout this entire experience and the community here - never fails to amaze me. The team at Dana Farber Cancer Institute has shown us what true dedication truly is - they never gave up and my dad worked with them everyday to beat this vicious disease. He was my hero in so many ways and will continue on in my soon to be born baby. I'm sure he's showing him/her (we don't know!) the ropes right now. What a lucky little baby! Thanks again - the world lost a good one yesterday.
  15. I knew months ago that in time I would be in this position. I am sitting in Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston watching my Dad slowly fade. In July of 09' he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. My dad chose a path of full chemotherapy with the hope of a stem cell transplant if the good Doctor's at Dana Farber Cancer Institute could get his Leukemia in remission. The treatment was brutal but after six weeks of inpatient chemotherapy they had remission. The next step was a stem cell transplant that seemed to go very well. For the months of November - February dad was slowly gaining a little weight and starting to look like himself again. Perhaps, they had pulled off a miracle. Unfortunately, on February 24 the painful news of a relapse came and in only 3-1/2 weeks we find ourselves sitting here under Pallative care with only the clock to watch. He is resting at peace with mom and I at his side. She never lets go of his hand - and talks to him at every chance. He stopped responding two days ago and his eyes will not open. Watching this is a gutting yet life affirming experience. I will be a changed man for going through this experience This community has always been kind and reassuring to those who need it - and all I ask is for a simple thought or prayer for a gentle ending to a wonderful life. Go sailing with your friends and family - enjoy your time here as you never know... Peace