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    Looking for a Sonar mast

    Doing a sleeve is your best bet....I have several feet of the Kenyon DSection from an old Sonar mast. I am in NJ if you have interest...you probably need about 3-4'.
  2. wolverine1094

    Someone has been naughty!

    I went to a measurement handicap workshop about ten years ago when IRC was first being introduced in the US. There were staff experts who here from both US Sailing's Offshore Office as well as RORC. This was when Jim Teeters was there and aslo a guy named Andrew ------, can't remember his last name. Basically it was explained to me that with the machine the US Sailing owns and operates that can measure hull stations to within a tolerance of a sheet of copy paper there was cheating going on in many one design classes. Examples that I was given pointed to both the Melges 24 and Farr 40 classes. These hulls are not supposed to be touched other than polishing...but since adding very thin layers of gellcoat is impossible to detect this was being done. At 40K to do a M24 it was out of the reach of many in the class but the guys with the super deep pockets. They were essentially making the hull perfectly faired and also symmetrical port and starboard.
  3. wolverine1094

    ORR rating

    In order for you to get an accurate rating in ORR a full measurement needs to be done. Or better yet you could hire a good designer, Alan Andrews comes to mind who would look at your current set up /rating and make suggestions... Between the cost of a full measurement and a rating review by a yacht designer you are looking at around 3k. Then you will need to pony up more $$ to make the changes / modifications that the designer identifies. A cheaper option would be to order one or two ratings from US Sailing of competitive sister ships and look at the differences between them and you. I have done a few of these and depending on the type of boat may be able to help you for a few hundred.. wolverine1094@yahoo.com.