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  1. http://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/news/exclusive-sailing-yacht-a-delivery-route-revealed--31729 Usually, where and how a ship that size can go is pretty much one of the earliest things discussed in design briefs.
  2. Quick count: there is only 18 people in the world that achieved a podium in the Vendée (less than 3 times the number of editions). Alex Thomson is the current holder of the third best time of the race, with a design significantly older than the ones Le Cléach and Gabart had. I think his performance in the last edition did not receive the coverage it deserved. He finished less than 3 days after Gabart and Le Cléach and the followers were more than 5 days behind him (and had a bit of lead missing, but that happens). Chosing him as a skipper for a project that ambitions to be competitive clearly does not look stupid to me...
  3. Le goût was à la Française, la réalisation was by the intern... How in your right mind can you think it could be a smart idea to photoshop a pontoon and mooring lines to a sailing yacht under way? I mean seriously,would you photoshop a red traffic light and pedestrian crossing in the middle of a race track and think it was the right thing to do?
  4. "I tried to make profit by building boats in a country where workers are paid slave wages and it backfired miserably because their work standards are as poor as their intellectual property laws" Well, on behalf of all the people earning their life in the boatbuilding industry:
  5. Swiss sailor of the year 2014, very high reputation on anything that has a number of hulls >1 He did some D35, M2, Extreme 40, AC45 non foiling, etc And apparently he's not too bad either when it comes to International Moth.
  6. In France a pro is supposed to be a singlehanded sailor and so be able to fill in any position. Simultaneously. And have good technical skills in either marine electronics, rigging, composites or sailmaking. Only exception is olympic class (and by that I mean who actually sailed in the olympics, not sailing into an olympic class) tacticians/helms who recently went into bigger boats and might not be entirely familiar yet with big boats hardware/maneuvers etc. (but they're expected to learn ). So the owner was wrong and should have said "Can you have a look at the bow on top of doing tactics please?"
  7. Does that mean I can tell HMRC I won't be paying them anything anymore as it is funding the British campaign and I'm backing the French?
  8. Are you serious? There are 4 brits on the entire design team of 20+... Sponsors and partners are for sure, but there is a lot of brains coming from across the channel.
  9. Himself. I think he grounded almost all his boats... But then he was singlehanded and relying on celestial navigation
  10. Navy has got the largest towing tanks in the country. Looking quickly at the numbers you might be able to test a 1:2 model of an AC48 in the B600
  11. ^PR bullshit, all this stuff applies to Catia for instance. The wing surfaces are fairly simple compared to what you can see on modern ships or yachts, and Andy Claughton blatantly knows it as it's been his job over the last decades Any parametric CAD package can offset a surface to make a tooling.
  12. SFS, the former Abu Dhabi of last edition burnt down last night in Cogolin.
  13. Just for info: I listened to a radio show last week with a oceanographer of the SHOM, the french navy cartographers. He explained that a lot of the surveys made pre-GPS era were still valid today in terms of data collected, but that they were just badly positionned due to uncertainty in navigation systems back then. So since the apparition of GPS and satellite images, a lot of work has been done in positionning these surveys in the right place. You tend to have less and less badly positionned rocks that effectively existed, but some miles away.
  14. I suspect the density of core required to withstand local efforts just makes the monolithic approach lighter. Or at least light enough to be worth it when you add the peace of mind of the naval architect who had to determine slamming pressures and of the builder who is responsible for all the processes that will have an influence on local failure modes.