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  1. Sail on Ian

    Eight Bells Ian Farrier!!!
  2. Performance cruising composites. How to choose?

    Yep That;s right, Been through the exercise with four boats....totally agree
  3. Looking to Get into A-Class Fleet

    WTF...no newbie greeting!!! I got it. Fuck off newbie & show us some tits!!! You've picked a great class to get into!!
  4. SBT Japanese Cars

    Anyone bought one?? Looking at it for Bahama vehicle.
  5. They are in the SA classifieds. Yes I am considering the source If it is legit there are some pretty attractive prices. What do ya think?? http://www.romiharisp.com/
  6. Suzuki Outboards

    a 140 on a whaler 17? is it full of water? seacraft 20's are clocked at 53 WOT with that motor. Its an Outrage 17 1100 lbs with out motor!! It has a older Merc 135 on it now It's an awesome ride
  7. I have to repower my Whaler Outrage 17. Anyone have any experience with these motors?? Wrong forum sposed to be in general Where is the delete post button
  8. Suzuki Outboards

    I have to repower my Boston whaler outrage 17. I was looking at a Suzuki 140 anybody have any experience with these motors
  9. When your wife buys a boat...

    A H14, H16 or 2...or maybe 5 or 6....F18 too!
  10. When your wife buys a boat...

    The Wife's F36 & her I 20.
  11. Engine Hot Water Loop

    I seem to have lost the capability of generating hot water via the engine cooling loop. (it works fine when plugged in on 120V) How would i go about trouble shooting this? Is the a possibility it could be air bound? Engine is a Volva Penta 2003
  12. Leaky ports

    Windows/Portlights done
  13. Leaky ports

    http://www.fixleakyboats.com/index.html Gonna be doing this to my Merlin this month. Will keep you posted