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  1. carlwasher

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    how not to do it H16 North Americans last
  2. I've launched and retrieved my Corsair 31 here in the Upper Keys Great Facility
  3. carlwasher

    Favourite Boat pic?

  4. carlwasher

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    FYI The video phones are disappearing around the Great Lakes (the one in Clayton, NY is gone) and you are supposed to use this new app. Haven't tried it yet but will soon.
  5. carlwasher

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Sail Bad the Sinner
  6. carlwasher

    Sailing in Kingston ONT Q's

    Hi Mike Have raced there many times, (monos, Fboats, F-18's H-16's). Pre Ed is spot on. Blow off the pin and tack up Simcoe Is. There may be a slight river current, but only noticable in the light stuff I am just on the other side in Clayton, NY maybe we will come and check out the racing! Good Luck
  7. carlwasher

    Sail on Ian

    Eight Bells Ian Farrier!!!
  8. carlwasher

    Performance cruising composites. How to choose?

    Yep That;s right, Been through the exercise with four boats....totally agree
  9. carlwasher

    Looking to Get into A-Class Fleet newbie greeting!!! I got it. Fuck off newbie & show us some tits!!! You've picked a great class to get into!!
  10. carlwasher

    SBT Japanese Cars

    Anyone bought one?? Looking at it for Bahama vehicle.
  11. They are in the SA classifieds. Yes I am considering the source If it is legit there are some pretty attractive prices. What do ya think??
  12. carlwasher

    Suzuki Outboards

    a 140 on a whaler 17? is it full of water? seacraft 20's are clocked at 53 WOT with that motor. Its an Outrage 17 1100 lbs with out motor!! It has a older Merc 135 on it now It's an awesome ride