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  1. Anyone measuring tidal current?

    Gents This is getting interesting. I fear the danger of small yachts sinking overloaded with electronics, and I have a vision of boffins having a port and starboard incident, being focussed on current within 0.1 knots. Keep it up.
  2. B&G H5000 Hercules vs. WTP3

    Just back in town after S-H and hols to repay the family, so chipping in late on this one. After a year of playing in WTP-land, these are magnificent systems once you have your head around how they work, but .... allow lots and lots of time to achieve that understanding. And whatever nice things one can say about B&G systems (and I do), one cannot say the same things about their documentation; I assume WTPs are intended for professional install and configuration. The logical additional upgrade to go with WTPs is going from Sailing Performance PRO to TEAM, for all the additional customisation and analytical capabilities ..... and if in reading this you say "huh?", then you don't need the heartache of WTPs. I particularly second MD's last comments below. It isn't a good week without at least two new emails to B&G support folks! If you don't have that time, pay for someone who has. Finally, with the discontinuation of Deckman, does anyone know if "WTP4" will be open source? Good luck.
  3. Race Replay from log file

    I'd like to say it's that simple but it isn't. Performance analysis is a huge topic in its own right, and a useful lens such that crew may look at their performance after the event - but they don't know what questions to ask or have the time to understand what it might or might not mean. People who like doing that sort of thing are odd and obsessive, and are often called Navigators .... but they are odd. So if you want to use analytics to improve crew performance, refer the Expedition DB page http://expedition.boardhost.com/. Learn how to give the crew digestible chunks of performance reporting that can be used in a post-race learning. E. g. "The boat is x% quicker when heel is < y degrees ... we have to reef earlier". Oh, and have accurate instruments, polars and crossover charts first. That's the next 2 years taken care of ....
  4. Making leeway

    Ummmm, let me come at this from another angle. Unless you have super-sexy instruments - and I'll bet you don't - leeway is only a calculated function of heel, and therefore an imputed number, not a real measurement. It is there to offset the Set/Drift calculations. 15 degrees of heel, that calculated leeway looks reasonable. But check your instrument settings.
  5. Brisbane to Keppel

    I wish I'd found this thread earlier .... the alternative view of B2K. On the TP52 we never stopped rolling .....
  6. Report Optimizer and config

    All, offshore sailing in TP52s, the satphone bills are getting nothing short of horrible. So we need satphone voice, GRIBS and data including websites - that's the kicker. We currently have a FBB250 connected via ethernet WAN to a Comset wireless router/3 G modem to the laptop via ethernet LAN. So to swap from inshore 3G to offshore satphone for data is a quick change of settings in the Comset router/modem. If we wanted to introduce a Redport Optimiser in there, noting that it has now ethernet out capacity, where does it get connected? Downstream of the satphone, in which case will the Comset router receive a wifi signal from it? Downstream of the Comset? And what about the co-existence (maybe not) of two wifis on board? Such questions ....