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  1. DuncanR

    Connection diagram of the navigation system?

    I use Visio and embed labelled photos of individual components and attached comments. As you correctly note, by the time you have done 75% of it .... you don't need it anymore. However, while on the learning curve with systems built by others, a great way of documenting stuff. Yes, they becaome big files. Cheers
  2. Do I read this correctly as meaning virtually all PLBs carried by most offshore people are now non-compliant for Cat 2 and above?
  3. DuncanR


    And the currents were definitely not "As Advertised" .... not a race for doubting your speedo calibration.
  4. DuncanR

    Toughbook on battery pack

    This is it. Not cheap, but worth it. You do need a dry spot to change batteries https://www.roamingtech.com.au/products/brand/panasonic-toughbook/panasonic-fz-g1-large-battery.aspx
  5. DuncanR

    Toughbook on battery pack

    EM, yes, often. We have an onboard charger and rotate batteries. Expect to get about 10-12 hours out of a standard battery (which fits flush with the back of the unit), or 14-16 hours out of a large battery. Note that Toughbooks are not as waterproof as their rating claims, at least in my (bitter) experience.
  6. DuncanR

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    Incidentally, what a lovely climate! Who'd want to live there? The Indians made a good trade selling Manhattan.
  7. DuncanR

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    They will be enjoying the anchoring about now
  8. DuncanR

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    This now depends on what happens to the breeze - if anything - locally in NY after sunrise .... East Coast US, what breeze after dawn? Or do we just hang around until the tide changes ... in some hours ...
  9. DuncanR

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    I'll accept that as a compliment
  10. DuncanR

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    Gentlemen and ladies, We seem to be missing something important here. The debate appears to be about the relative cost of a cheap solution (whatever that means) versus the best available nav solution, at least in the Southern Hemisphere, I shall not talk about the coasts of Brittany -and the incremental difference is maybe $200 or E$300 depending on where you are. B&G have abandoned Deckman for a reason. So, at 0300 hrs, when the shit always happens - and that's when it does, and you are tired, wet and cold, because you always are at that time, I have seen more phantoms than I care to remember - what''s the nav solutions that best mitigates the risk of you, as navigator, putting people at risk or drowning them, in fact giving them the best experience they can have relative to the conditions and their skills and expectations? Here is Austruckinfalia, we have the concept of the "PCBU". Other countries have something similar. Type it into your favourite search engine and ruminate on the legal and moral (at least as important) consequences of being that person. A new headsail is $8 or $10k, and lasts 3-4 years. Expedition is $1k, and enduring ... forever ... a one-off ... and when Nick wants to retire he should change that pricing structure. But in the meantime he hasn't. Get in on the ground floor. Just sayin'. It's your arse.
  11. DuncanR

    Handheld GPS for backup

    Just to add 2 bob's worth, I have a backup handheld GPS when all else fails - and it has - and I have the Garmin GPSMAP 78. http://www.bcf.com.au/Product/Garmin-Hanheld-GPS-GPSMAP-78/224795?menuFrom=571548&isvariant=true&gclid=Cj0KCQjw2KHWBRC2ARIsAJD_r3fIGYiU35-J4OB5Gpx4EW-fWvCF9HhDP2DGgOP5l4n53k-HUSGADJsaAgAxEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds I guess the following comments apply: 1. They are very different than (say) Expedition. Make sure you know how they work before having to work it out in a crisis; 2. They chew through batteries. 12 hours continuous use seems about the limit, so carry spare batteries; 3. For what they are they are not cheap, and don't have large screens. But they are an emergency backup; 4. Without wishing to start WW3, mobile phones and the like do need mobile tower coverage to give a position, although the story is more complex than this and manufacturer-dependent. Look at the debate about how this works on a telecomms geek site like Whirlpool http://whirlpool.net.au/, noting this is Aus telco site.
  12. DuncanR

    Speed heel correction

    The H5000 manual Ch 9/Operating Variables/BoatSpeed refers to "Hz/Kt, port and starboard, and single linearity correction - HERCULES". I read this as saying it can be done in Herc or Performance flavours of B&G, but not Hydra, but subject to the below I could stand corrected. I've never used H5000 - about to do so - so I assume this would be it. It was a feature in H2000 way back, surely B&G wouldn't remove functionality?
  13. DuncanR

    Speed heel correction

    Well done Grasshoppers. B&G instrument systems (at WTP level) can be programmed at a code level. H5000 and H3000 at Performance and maybe Hydra level have some embedded capacity, not do sure to what extent. In the case of the WTP table above, the curve is linear, but one can change that to something else. fchurtic, look for Froude numbers in Your Favourite Search Engine, under increasing pressure in fluid dynamics i.e. heel and flow, you get over-reading, this is what the table is to do to BSP, essentially discount it. And BTW, I LOVE WTPs .... sick really.
  14. DuncanR

    Speed heel correction

    TP 52s do indeed correct BSP for heel. Our current values (sorry, this is WTP-land, but you'll get the idea) below: table 89 * -30 0.96 -20 0.98 0 1.0 20 0.98 30 0.96
  15. No lie GI. You do this stuff once and get forever careful. Sailing with well-meaning amateurs who don't know where the EPIRBS are, where the grab bags are available if I'm not, or how to hit MOB if I'm the MOB in question .keep me awake before big races. And there are no easy answers, what if the keel falls off a TP52 which (as they do) have lots of holes in the deck and leak anyway? They won't come up quickly. Good post.