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  1. No lie GI. You do this stuff once and get forever careful. Sailing with well-meaning amateurs who don't know where the EPIRBS are, where the grab bags are available if I'm not, or how to hit MOB if I'm the MOB in question .keep me awake before big races. And there are no easy answers, what if the keel falls off a TP52 which (as they do) have lots of holes in the deck and leak anyway? They won't come up quickly. Good post.
  2. Interpersonal Wireless Comms Aboard

    Ahhhh, Dick, you reveal yourself. My cunning plan to identify the Rats in The Ranks and eliminate them is working! All jokes aside, this has been teasing the more intellectual part of the afterguard (I exclude you from that adjective) has been puzzling about this for some time.
  3. is the S2H too short for a modern maxi ?

    Be careful folks. When the 40-50' boats grow foils, what then? And my guess is 2-5 years away for offshore programs, hardly (to quote Deng Zhao Ping) the long term. Just a thought!
  4. Interpersonal Wireless Comms Aboard

    Have thought of VHF speakers, but: a. Not private enough for speculations or arguments among the afterguard, and b. Too hard to hear when you most need it. Cheers
  5. Expedition screen layouts

    I reckon I'd re-post in the Expedition DB. Participants here are more broadly obsessive. http://expedition.boardhost.com/
  6. Interpersonal Wireless Comms Aboard

    They look pretty good, if infantry can use them they must be indestructible. Have you used them?
  7. Interpersonal Wireless Comms Aboard

    A wired system might .... might work. I can see at 0300 hrs change of watch the ex-helm wandering off and ripping said wire out of jack, however compared o some other technologies it may be rather cheaper. Do you have any products in mind?
  8. Interpersonal Wireless Comms Aboard

    GOD, this is sexy shit. keep your comments coming. Now, to ask the bloody obvious question .... have any of you dudes used this gear? I'm sure it is great in the dust of Afghanistan (jus' guessin' low humidity), what about the other end of the scale? And no, DoD budgets we don't have.
  9. Interpersonal Wireless Comms Aboard

    Looks good, apart from the fragility issue. Going through waves offshore might be problematical, but might be worth a test dive ...pity about the US$220 tag ... each no doubt.
  10. Frustrated with the difficulties of navigation underfloor, steers on deck, and fragile and blinding (at night) tablets, I'm wondering about going to wireless headset communication - like the AC guys. So enabling easy voice comms between navigator and steerer. This below might be one: https://www.telephonics.com/product/trulink has anyone tried doing this? What products/brands? How do they work in wet, wet, wet TP52s? Cheers
  11. Toughpad FZ-G1

    Two things: 1. I take it you are trying to run the tablet as a stand-alone navigational device (i.e. with software installed on it a position derived by it from a GPS), rather than as a remote desktop copying the screen of another device stored out of harm's way? 2. From bitter experience, be warned these devices do not like water. When the screen is wet, they are diabolical to use despite the so-called "wet settings" they have. And if they fail due to damp, Panasonic will walk away from any guarantee implied by their IP rating of IP65. "You must have immersed it". Not a pleasant conversation.
  12. Anyone measuring tidal current?

    Salinity? My head is full. Can I go home now?

    Ahem. Danny has already moved Espresso Forte into that space
  14. Anyone measuring tidal current?

    Gents This is getting interesting. I fear the danger of small yachts sinking overloaded with electronics, and I have a vision of boffins having a port and starboard incident, being focussed on current within 0.1 knots. Keep it up.
  15. B&G H5000 Hercules vs. WTP3

    Just back in town after S-H and hols to repay the family, so chipping in late on this one. After a year of playing in WTP-land, these are magnificent systems once you have your head around how they work, but .... allow lots and lots of time to achieve that understanding. And whatever nice things one can say about B&G systems (and I do), one cannot say the same things about their documentation; I assume WTPs are intended for professional install and configuration. The logical additional upgrade to go with WTPs is going from Sailing Performance PRO to TEAM, for all the additional customisation and analytical capabilities ..... and if in reading this you say "huh?", then you don't need the heartache of WTPs. I particularly second MD's last comments below. It isn't a good week without at least two new emails to B&G support folks! If you don't have that time, pay for someone who has. Finally, with the discontinuation of Deckman, does anyone know if "WTP4" will be open source? Good luck.