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  1. first rate businessman... well if he was a good businessman he wouldn't have gotten in the marine industry. Also was barely Careful still in the mix with C&C? if so how many boat companies is this his name has been attached to that have done less than great...
  2. Strings is in the straights and Flight Simulator isn't far behind...
  3. Just as a note the Virb XE does have the Accelerometer and built in GPS so you get heading as well. not having this function turned on will drain the battery quicker but you get a ton of info from it as well. Basically with the Ultra your stepping up to 4k getting a viewable screen and voice command. All great features but for me it doesnt trump needing to purchase a water proof case and not being able to charge / power it while in said case. As for there software, its free software so you get what you pay for. Having said that, I will say it is easy to use, offers a pretty good suite of tools for basic editing. The other great feature Garmin does over go-pro is there video time lapse. Unlike Go-Pro that just takes a picture for every thing and you have to edit it together after the fact Garmin spits out the video right out the gate. ​Added bonus I would sooner buy a product from Garmin a much larger well backed company over Go-Pro that has been struggling lately.
  4. Hands down without question the Garmin Virb XE. Does not require an additional waterproof case, has an aux power plug you can plum in to hard wire the camera do to battery life on all action cameras being fairly short. Added bonus the XE has built in GPS and there video editing software is very easy to use, and as noted once you put in the gateway for the NMEA info you can make some really fun slick videos that you and tens of people will want to watch... As for the comment about over promising and then not delivering please enlighten me?!?!! Dont bring up something about a 5-7 year old product, NO ONE supports old shit anymore, get over it and move on! Or are you still using an old Nokia flip phone?
  5. I am hearing grumblings that Hall Spars is no more.. hell of a shitty thing to have happen right at the holidays for all the employees. Anyone got the details?
  6. If thats 90' I hate to think how big those helm seats and wheel would be.... Since we seem to be throwing out random boats, I'll say Marlow Hunter.. for the worst of all possible options (are they even still in business) Or wait maybe this is the new bigger Stiletto
  7. to be clear the 8000 and 8200 entire series is being discontinued as they had some very goofy over lap with the 7600 series. Now if you want anything 16" and under you get the 7600 series if you want 17" and bigger you go with the new 8400 and 8600 series. The new 8400 and 8600 are a totally different beast with processing power and available inputs as for the proprietary cards, if you want to go back that far other were also using some goofy cards, not everyone was using the standardized cards yet. As someone who installs well north of 1/2 mill in electronics yearly I am always looking for the latest and newest thing but it has to pass the "sniff test" and things like non standard memory cards raise huge red flags, thankfully we have moved past those days and have goofy new things like one builder who allows you to surf the web from your MFD... yea no way that doesn't end with shit crashing or catching a virius
  8. Proprietary memory card?!?! they use a standard SD card on machines as far back as I can remember for starters. If you are referring to there use of proprietary charts, yea that's a sticking point, but there charts aren't bad at all if you pony up for the G2 HD charts. As for being used for a decade or more... just because they may be used doesn't mean its a great idea, I was on a customers boat yesterday and his Apelco Loran still powered up.... As noted before the only reason Furuno supports them for any length of time is because they are bound by contract with the government to support them for X amount of years. whether you like it or not its technology and the shit moves fast. The instruments haven't changed much in 10-15 years across the board, its the MFD's that will always be evolving and moving forward. like it or not these are the times we live in now with this type of thing and its not just Garmin, I get quarterly e-mails from all of them telling me what they are no longer supporting as they can no longer get the parts to repair them anymore
  9. I am real curious on the garmin hate, what support have they dropped? I deal with the big four and historically they have the best warranty and easiest to file claims with. Now if your pissed because after four to five years they no longer support your beloved piece of electronics then your right they don't its technology it moves forward pretty quick. and this is the same for all of the big four, only Furuno seems to keep supporting old stuff because they HAVE to due to government contracts. Then again you may be also the same person who still is OK using an iPhone 4 and doesn't see the reason to get a newer one even though they no longer support that device.
  10. its a great deal don't get me wrong, But first you should include the link for everyone else, second the model has been discontinues thus the fire sale. As a frame of reference that unit has been on the market now for four years, in the technology world that's old as dirt! The good news the U.I. is supported by the newer garmin unit... for now
  11. Gouv real curious why you don't use wax added gel coat? I came into this right around the time people were making the switch to wax added already and personally I prefer it. Also curious with using acetone aren't you dealing with Rainbow issues after its cured... Had some major warranty issues while working for a major boat builder came down to the night shift guy doing all his repairs with acetone and it would end up leaving giant rainbow sheen's on the repaired areas
  12. Are you thinning it down with Patch Aide? this will help with the flow issue, and give you a smoother finish. I have been in the glass business for north of 20 years now and witnessed MANY ways to shoot gelcoat, so think the idea is to shoot a ton of thin coats, some just hog it on. Regardless of how it goes down your gonna end up sanding it because you have blend lines to deal with. Personally, I find spraying with a nice 1.8 tip with the gel thinned down slightly thicker then milk works pretty good. I use the slow reducer in temps above 65, gives me enough time to shoot three or four solid passes. Even doing that I then have to start with a quick skuff with 320 followed by 400 and 600 finish it up with 800 and buff out.
  13. Well see theirs your problem your in Deale.... Your other free tip Garmin will not accept a Raymarine branded FLIR camera, however if the camera is labeled just FLIR, zero issues..
  14. The main reason the commercial guys have made the switch is because unlike Yamaha they don't differentiate between commercial use and rec use so they are getting the longer warranty out of them and then they just off them when the hours pass the limit. Doesn't hurt that they cost less then a Yamaha as well. Pretty solid simple engine, as noted the controls can be a little stiff and there user interface for gauges isnt as nice as the other guys.
  15. Muller's will get it done cheap and right, Steve at Annapolis gelcoat would be option #2