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  1. Cool 30-footer

    6ft is shallow? Anyone capture pictures of the interior by chance? Some interior pictures of the prototype. Will change to 4 berths and slightly smaller heads in serial production. Thank you. Interesting layout. I'm guessing that the keel trunk is bisecting the interior? Some compromises there, but some utility too. Where is the 4th berth going to go?
  2. Cool 30-footer

    6ft is shallow? Anyone capture pictures of the interior by chance?
  3. Cool 30-footer

    Ya - I was quoting the base boat price of ~$78K US (69K Euro). Figured most folks would add sails and electronics locally. Still, compared even to something like a Schock Harbor 25 this is a bargain entry price. Wheels would be easy enough to do away with, and would likely result in lower cost/complexity. High freeboard necessary on a smaller boat to get any sort of interior volume (a la Andrews 28). The lines are a bit unconventional with the reverse sheer, destroyer bow, and slab sides with chines -- but I actually kinda like unconventional and the entire package looks good to me (eye of the beholder). As to import cost, best case would be a local dealer network with scalable import volumes to keep cost down. It's a cool boat, hope they do well.
  4. Cool 30-footer

    Sleek new 30 footer with carbon spars, lifting bulb keel, vinylester construction and some cruising potential for under $78K, and nobody is talking about this boat? Damn we are a tough crowd.
  5. Seascape 24 launched

    It's actually a much prettier boat that the 27, IMO.
  6. drop in

    Another very cool, lovely and fast boat that will never be available in the US...
  7. 'Please do not press this button again.'
  8. Seascape 24 in the works

    Other than that, they are identical...
  9. what is it?

    Seems that we have to resign ourselves to the fact that we will never know what this 'it' is...
  10. what is it?

    Revamped and relaunched Andrews 28? (I can hope...)
  11. Seascape 27

    Nice looking boat, and I appreciate the innovation and the size. Seeing more details just makes me miss the Andrews 28 even more though...