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  1. hannibalhouse

    Rapido Trimarans - 2 x New Folding Models Coming !

    In very recent days I swapped emails with Dragonfly trimarans about the availability/wait time for their new 40 foot folding Tri. The story is much the same as Rapido. Demand is robust, factory going full bore. 40er production about 1 per month. No unsold inventory, just future build slots. From what was shared (plus my own fudge factor) my feeling is that if you sent your 20% deposit today you would be lucky to go sailing in Florida by the end of 2021. Great going Rapido and Dragonfly. And look at all of the promotional bucks saved due to cancelled boat shows. Who would have thought? While I am “on”, I believe there will be a trickle more good used multihulls on the market, but at higher prices. Each stone touches a stone (and has its effect).
  2. hannibalhouse

    Rapido Trimarans - 2 x New Folding Models Coming !

    Perhaps everyone buying a new boat knows the length of time it takes to get one, but it seems to be taking a long time these days. Not “picking on” Rapido, it seems so for other builders too. Boats are built oceans away from purchasers in many cases. So my question is, starting with the date of the first discussion between Rapido and (say) a Florida purchaser, how long would it take until launch, make ready, and final “delivery” of a Folding Fifty? Life is short.
  3. hannibalhouse

    NY to SFO the hard way

    Does anyone have a status report?
  4. hannibalhouse

    Rapido Trimarans - 2 x New Folding Models Coming !

    Thanks Paul, for giving the world more folding cruising trimaran options. We all want the lightest, fastest, most comfortable (pick any two) boat. I point out the Dragonfly 40 for comparison. In actual finished/launched version all 3 hulls are immersed. It appears that in light air they stay immersed. In heavier air the Windward hull flies. See https://dragonfly.dk/dragonfly-40. They have delivered at least 2 and have orders thru hull number 6 for Spring delivery. So people are not “put off” by by Archimedes’ principles in play. I wish you success also.
  5. hannibalhouse

    A trimaran daysailer foraging boomers

  6. hannibalhouse

    Daysailer for old people

    Open letter to sailboat designers and builders regarding boats for old people: I am an old person. So old I can barely move. Old, but still love actually sailing (not just being a “passenger” on a sailboat). Like most older people, I have more money to spend than I did when I was young. I represent an untapped market, so listen up. We old people need to be able to sit in one place and control all of the functions of a sailboat by pushing buttons. Here is an example of a boat that comes close I said “comes close”. The problem with this particular boat is a 7 foot fixed draft. That seems fine in Europe, but not in areas of the Chesapeake Bay, and the Bays and tributaries of the ICW and the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The “perfect” boat must have variable draft (centerboard, daggerboards, lifting keel or what-have-you) with a “boards up” draft of less than 3 feet. Build it and they will come.
  7. hannibalhouse

    Ditch the rig

    https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/col/boa/d/estero-20ft-tornado-catamaran-sailboat/7210846330.html Not my cup of tea but I found this.
  8. hannibalhouse

    Rapido Trimarans - 2 x New Folding Models Coming !

    What is the earliest possible date any of these might be shipped?
  9. hannibalhouse

    Gougeon 32 Roll Call

    The one in Maine (Facebook) appears to be available for $25,000. I am enjoying this thread.
  10. hannibalhouse


    ‘It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled’
  11. hannibalhouse

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    Let’s get this show on the road! https://youtu.be/bDJGUfy1bc0
  12. hannibalhouse

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    650,000-700,000 Euro “base price” stated by builder on this video. Plus electronics, etc, shipping, yada, yada.
  13. hannibalhouse

    Lightning Strike Mitigation

    I always heard one should sail near to a boat with a taller mast. Electronics? We didn’t have no stinking electronics. Lead line, compass, paper charts. Way back in the last century.
  14. hannibalhouse


    Two more. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/fl-ne-coronavirus-closes-boat-ramps-bans-recreational-boating-20200322-pjbm6o6r4baxnb43lorsasmhku-story.html