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  1. John Williams

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    dusting this thread off. yes, it is happening. the fleet is small, and imo, there's two side to that. overcoming the inertia of the past failed efforts to pull the race off was always the biggest challenge, and there's no way to address those legitimate concerns without just bulling ahead and making it happen. kudos to the OA for never wavering an instant. the other side is this: the original event started small. will it catch on and grow again? no idea. can't think about that right now... some months after i originally posted in this thread a year ago, i was invited to be the PRO and lend a hand in getting it off the drawing board and into the sand. i have always been sure i wanted to participate in some capacity - mission accomplished. i've mentioned in my small circle of sailing friends that there is a sponsor seeking a team - reach out to me if you have an interest. i swear you have enough time to get ready. barely. and if you can hack it. so when the blue shape drops, the bullshit stops - there won't be a lot of us, but there will be some. we have racers. we have a great communications person pushing out content that will include live video of starts and finishes. we have live tracking of the fleet. sponsor stickers are being cut this week. yes, it is happening.
  2. John Williams

    My Apologies, and a Question re CAT TRAX

    i've re-drilled my axle several times to accommodate a mystere 4.3, F18, Hobie 16 and F16. Just make sure you move them in far enough to keep the hulls from rubbing on the wheels.
  3. John Williams

    Umm, tiller?

    congrats on the acquisition - pics? boat comes with the battlestick - that's been a pretty reliable tiller for us. there's also a super-gucci alternative from Martin Malcheski if you like light and adjustable.
  4. John Williams

    nacra 5.8

    8-12 should be pretty comfortably controllable on that boat. i'd leave that jib on in those conditions to make it much easier to go uphill and to tack. there are diamond wires on the mast that you can tighten to de-power the rig, along with a main traveller, downhaul, etc... as you're new to catamarans, you're in for some fun. try and track down a copy of Rick White's "Catamaran Racing for the 90s." there's a section on the 5.8...
  5. John Williams

    F-16 Viper or Falcon?

    the boat is my favorite catamaran ever - i've set aside concerns about class structure, size, administration and eligibility. these are are *very* valid points, and they used to matter a lot to me. i'm in a different place now. i don't feel any less competitive in my attitude and i'm always trying to do my best, but my days of crewing at the top of the fleet in 20s or F18s are behind me - i'm over 50, and was never the body type needed for those boats anyway, so my run was always an improbable one. i'll take my successes, associations with terrific skippers, and my aging trophies on the wall with grace, and enjoy driving the boat i prefer, in a crowd or alone. i was a pretty good skipper once, but it is a perishable skill. i'm working my way back, and my boat is a joy. i only chimed in because i've had some experience in several F16s, including the two mookie is considering.
  6. John Williams

    F-16 Viper or Falcon?

    thanks, Ken - looking forward to hearing more once the boat makes it here. did they have to move the trunks forward to foil? does that mess with the balance when using straight boards? Sam, the Blade is certainly a different animal, but i wouldn't use the word "dangerous" - or maybe all high performance cats are dangerous. certainly less buoyancy. in racing that boat, it seemed that using the buoyancy of both hulls (rather than flying a hull) on the run was quicker. the Blade is one big step closer to an A Cat (the Classic) than the Falcon, imo. there were the same "too short" descriptions applied when people stepped off the Nacra 20 and onto the F18. i'm not criticizing - i think that's just the discovery process with any new platform. the combo of short and light makes the F16 feel very different, but like anything, you get used to it. like a short wheelbase offroad truck - a billy goat on the trail and a bronco on the highway. mookie - there are a few boats for sale on the east coast. i wish there were more out here in california. the Glasers have a Falcon (Long Beach), and Annie Gardner and Eric Witte have a Viper (San Diego), so when they're in town (very infrequently) we have fantastic competition. most of the time, we're sailing in a handicap fleet or with the F18s, so make sure you're okay with the reality of your racing situation. here's the Blade...
  7. John Williams

    F-16 Viper or Falcon?

    Ken, have you sailed one?
  8. John Williams

    F-16 Viper or Falcon?

    hi Sam - F16 is so much lighter than the F18 that you'd find you have to really be mindful of your weight and where it is on the boat. more anticipation required. there's a sweet spot for pitch and yaw, and the crew has to work to stay in it. i find i'm much more active on the side of an F16 - crouch in, step back, hike hard, repeat. very rewarding, though. as the breeze comes up, there's less moving around - settle in and hang on. as mentioned above, the F16's speed is very comparable to F18 - i think the F18 has the edge up to about 10-12 knots, then they're pretty even up to about 18 knots, then the F16 really starts to shine. racing at F18 weight (about 310 pounds) in 18-20 knots, our little Falcon was first across the line, racing against F18s, Nacra 20s and an F20C - we just didn't need to depower as much, and everyone else was max downhaul and travelled out. i've stuffed both the Viper and the Falcon to the beams and recovered - to me, the Falcon seems to dive later and slip free earlier than the Viper. subtle difference in shape. i know there are F18 drivers who feel the F16 is wildly unstable and just plain too short - they've come by their view honestly. mookie - i'm one who poo-poos the Nacra F16 offering of any vintage. of course, form your own opinion.
  9. John Williams

    F-16 Viper or Falcon?

    and on a viper...
  10. John Williams

    F-16 Viper or Falcon?

    i reckon i can speak to this a little. in the simplest terms, the viper is built down from an F18, while the falcon is built up from an A Cat. the viper, designed and built by Goodall's AHPC, has many common components with its F18 progenitor, (beams, rudders, boards, etc.) but this also makes it a bit heavier (at 129 kg or so) than the F16 class rule minimum of 104 kg. there are many more used vipers than falcons out there for sale. aluminum mast and epoxy glass construction. AHPC makes a good product, and supplies both the boat and sails. the falcon is US-built with sails by the Glaser's loft in CA. multiple hull construction materials are available, from carbon to glass, and this boat often approaches the class minimum weight. a carbon mast is also available. it is a more elegant design, imo. this platform is the second F16 offering from Matt McDonald's Falcon Marine in FL. used Falcons are like hen's teeth. excellent fit and finish and great support direct from the factory. both are well sorted out - good systems and materials, straight out of the box. i've raced both. i've been Greg Goodall's crew and raced against his son Brett. i've been friends with, and competed against, Matt and Gina McDonald for years. they're all really good people. i own a Falcon (kevlar layup with a carbon stick) - could have had either, but the Falcon is the boat for me. happy shopping - i'm sure you'll find one that suits you well.
  11. John Williams

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    to be fair, will, the Hobie 16 is the largest class in the US and the world, but that is not the right boat for this event anymore. run-what-you-brung? not for this event. i don't know that a 20-year-old Hobie 20 or Prindle 19 or nacra 6.0, no matter how well maintained, would make it. further, what qualified team is going to drag a Prindle out of the garage when there are plenty of F18s available? all that is moot - there are two fleets currently invited, though the OA has indicated they are open to a proposal from others. for now, teams that need the certainty for planning have it. if someone wants to get a fleet of G-cats rigged and ready, better start making some calls.
  12. John Williams

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    this appears to me to be the most methodical and deliberate approach to bringing a 1000 mile race back to the east coast i have seen in a long time. i don't really get Clean's point of view (situation normal) regarding the classes invited - there are a ton of F18s racing in the US, and the boat has been very successful in races like the Tybee 500 and Texas 300. the Nacra F20 is offered in three configurations, but only one of those can beach launch and land, and that one happens to be the one that the majority of F20 owners have. if the classes and typos form the crux of your criticism, Clean, i think you've both feet off base. i absolutely understand skepticism and the strong feelings that surround the event, both pro and con. i'm making plans, though - this effort is coming from a good place, involves the right people, and has the seed funding to get going. in fact, turtle permits and hotels have already been contemplated, ground-truthed, and figured into the checkpoints selected. some of the historical checkpoints have been lost to beach erosion and development - the fact that someone's made the trip to see what will work demonstrates to me that planning is farther along than i would have guessed. so let's see - plenty of work to come no matter what role is taken; organizer, competitor, manager, press. edit: oh, and that logo? it is the original logo - taps into that "reunion" nostalgia.
  13. John Williams

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Harteck was back in the results - his boat was set up for heavy air the whole first day even though we only saw about 12 knots. His rig had less than an inch of spreader rake and his diamonds were off - that wigged out his main luff. Sunday morning he did some tuning and went much better, even though the wind was off, which used to be his Achilles heel. We miss Larry in the cat fleet - he needs to put the big boats away and start going fast again. I only get to see that guy once a year anymore, but every time it's a pleasure.
  14. John Williams

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    H16s: 1st Petron 2nd Rex Miller 3rd Jeff Perlmutter (I think?) F18s: 1st Key/Williams 2nd Thomas/Bernier 3rd DeLave/Haubl (I think?) South wins the North/South Challenge. Great weekend, light breezes, lots of free salad in the right-hand corner. Harteck and SBYC are killer hosts.