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  1. Buckie Lugger

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    It's good to know that after sixty years, other people have caught up with Blondie Hasler and Jester. As for solar only, Joyon beat the solo round the world record without any fossil fuel back in 2008. I'm sure that Alex Thomson's better funded project will manage just fine.
  2. Buckie Lugger

    New imoca boats

    Safran and Groupe Bel were the first VPLP/Verdier boats, at a time when the big names were all going with Farr designs, so it can change quickly. I think that a lot of the professional teams and sailors follow the crowd. That might be a part of the Figaro mindset where risks are rarely rewarded, and the optimum strategy is to cover your rivals. Then again, Alex Thomson proved that a different design can be fast, and had Hugo Boss not lost a foil, he might have won the Vendée Globe. That might encourage different opinions next time round.
  3. Buckie Lugger

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Yachting World have posted a look aboard Macif, and there's an article on their website which has a few more details.
  4. Buckie Lugger

    New imoca boats

    Black is very nearly back.
  5. Buckie Lugger

    New imoca boats

    I've got a feeling that Welbourne's design for a DSS IMOCA would work under the current rules. The concept was a skinny, fixed keel boat with the foil to stabilise it. In fact, I recall comments that the beam was matched to the spreader width for the latest one design mast. I haven't seen the JuanK foiler concept. Sounds interesting, though similar to what Welbourne is doing.
  6. Buckie Lugger

    New imoca boats

    Over on Dezeen there's an article about the new Boss's paint job. It includes this overhead diagram showing the shape of the boat.
  7. Buckie Lugger

    New imoca boats

    There's a piece at Sailing World, Cooking the Machine, about the build of the Verdier / VPLP designed Comanche. It gives a bit of an insight into the structure, and I was surprised that so much of the hull is monolithic, rather than sandwich. Kevlar core, however, is absent in the hull sections forward of the keel. That area of the boat is monolithic carbon fiber measuring up to 7 millimeters thickness, and that is where the “NewCubed” project becomes more complicated for Hacket and Linton. They’re more accustomed to core throughout the yacht. But in an effort to save weight while maximizing hull strength, the designers, Guillaume Verdier and VPLP, have incorporated a design feature usually found in their IMOCA offshore yachts; many bulkheads and hull stringers. And: “We estimate a weight savings of 200 kilograms (441 pounds) on this boat compared to a solution with a sandwich hull and less structure.”
  8. Buckie Lugger

    New imoca boats

    It's not to give the whales fair warning so that they can get out of the way then?
  9. Buckie Lugger

    New imoca boats

    It's a VPLP / Verdier. I believe she's slightly tweaked from the French boats, but AT said that he didn't want to be too far away from what everyone else was doing in order to be competitive.
  10. Buckie Lugger

    New imoca boats

    Hi Leo, long time no hear! Yeah that makes sense, and it'll cut down frontal area and hence drag when going through waves too.
  11. Buckie Lugger

    New imoca boats

    Very flat deck, and a conventional deckhouse, I'm disappointed not to see Alex's trademark twin companionways. It's a framegrab from the video on the ATR Facebook page, so apologies for the quality.​ My thoughts: That deck is very flat. Didn't they used to be convex to aid with self-righting? The chamfers or chines on the topside of the bow are different. I thought that they might have been to reduce bow volume, but the rule is only concerned with beam. Could it be there to stiffen the structure? The photos are shot with a wide angle lens, which is exaggerating the perspective. My guess would be that the side deck around the cabin top is around a metre wide (look at the size of the boat builder), so you're probably looking at a hull that's around the 5.85 m BMAX set out in the class rule. If you look at pictures of the older (circa 2008) generation of boats, they look an awful lot chunkier. I was wondering where they'd lost a tonne of displacement from a few days ago, but I think it's apparent that they've slimmed down around the transom. When did keels stop being orange? Don't people remember that orange is fast? Or is yellow the new orange? The new Boss is a cool looking boat. And once again Alex has got the best paint job in the fleet!
  12. Buckie Lugger

    New imoca boats

    There was a DSS Mini built a few years ago. I don't know if it was ever raced, but it got around the box rule by having a narrow hull. The beam of the boat plus length of the foil at maximum extension fitted into the maximum allowed. There are photos up on the DSS website.
  13. Buckie Lugger

    The Zombie Fleet

    Spirit of Yukoh, Gosport.