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  1. Safran and Groupe Bel were the first VPLP/Verdier boats, at a time when the big names were all going with Farr designs, so it can change quickly. I think that a lot of the professional teams and sailors follow the crowd. That might be a part of the Figaro mindset where risks are rarely rewarded, and the optimum strategy is to cover your rivals. Then again, Alex Thomson proved that a different design can be fast, and had Hugo Boss not lost a foil, he might have won the Vendée Globe. That might encourage different opinions next time round.
  2. There has been talk of running the VOR in IMOCAs before, and I think that it was considered as an alternative to the VOR 70. I recall it being rejected because the focus of IMOCA is on single-handed sailing, whilst the VOR is crewed. That would mean the boats wouldn't be identical, and ultimately not be able to swap between classes. If the VOR does go with an IMOCA style boat, would that mean a smaller crew? The biggest cost on a campaign tends to be staff, and reducing numbers would reduce the budget required.
  3. Francis Joyon set the singlehanded round the world record in 2008 without carrying a diesel generator. (Source: Sail-World) The article says he used solar panels and a wind generator. I've got a feeling that there might have been a methanol fuel cell too, but I can't remember for sure. Joyon ran a comparatively simple comms set-up, in fact I recall he just used an Iridium phone to download weather data, and the IDEC trimaran didn't half a canting keel, both of which saved on power consumption. I'm surprised it wasn't done sooner, Joyon proved it could have been done two races ago, but I think that the class rules might have played a part in it.
  4. That's right. Alex thought that going with the most powerful of the previous generation would have been the fastest option in the last Vendée Globe. Didn't work out for him in the end.
  5. And your brother won a Hugo Boss sail tie off Alex Thomson Racing. I'm down in Australia these days. I'll have to keep an eye on your brother's progress if he ends up that way.
  6. He wants to stop off at Sines for some of the local black pork.
  7. Alex Thomson is using the Raymarine Quantum. I don't know about other boats.
  8. I figured it'd be a fast start, since Sodebo set off today.
  9. I heard a comment that some are predicting a sub seventy day winning time this year. If that happens, it'd be faster than Ellen MacArthur's 2005 record, which was set in a larger trimaran.
  10. According to the Vendée Globe skippers page: This is the case for Nicolas Boidevézi who, having taken the decision to withdraw, has freed up the place of 14th entry. So number 14 wasn't Enda, though he might have inherited that space. Assuming Richard Tolkien is out, and it's not looking good for him right now, then there are twentyfive skippers with places, two free slots, and four entries that could make the start line. Conrad Colman Didac Costa Enda O'Coineen Jean-François Pellet I don't know what state Pellet's campaign is in. According to Sail World he's signed up for the NY-Vendée.
  11. I wonder if the registration process has been left a bit vague in order to give the organisers some wiggle room to get the big names in. If it was done by qualification date, then someone like Conrad might make it in ahead of (say) Alex Thomson. Were I to run a low budget Vendée campaign for 2020, I'd be aiming to get the boat into the 2019 Transat Jacques Vabre, which would mean being ready about a year earlier than some people are. Of course, talk is cheap, and finding €100K or more for a campaign that's struggling to get funding would be rather more difficult in practice... I do hope that Conrad makes it to the starting line. I like the sound of his campaign, he's an Anarchist, and his boat is pretty cool. This is her back in 2005.
  12. Yachting World have posted a look aboard Macif, and there's an article on their website which has a few more details.
  13. There were thirty skippers in 2008, so there might be some flexibility to squeeze more boats into Les Sables d'Olonne. In fact, I recall a limit being mentioned in the run-up to the race, before not being imposed.
  14. If you want a Proto division then propose it to the Class 40 and see what they say. I believe that there were discussions about that in the early days, and the governing body came to the conclusion that having a single fleet sailing to a single rule was better than splitting it. Rail Meat might know more. Alternatively see if you can find a few skippers and set up your own class. If there's enough interest, and sufficient boats, then it should be possible to get a division in the Transatlantic races. I don't see a great value proposition in spending significantly more to build a boat that won't be significantly faster than a Class 40, will likely have a shorter competitive lifespan, and won't let you do any additional races.
  15. Black is very nearly back.