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  1. mastman

    Bells for Bruce Sutphen

    I cannot say enough good things about Bruce. What a great guy. Someone on the Sunfish web-site put it really well: he was a guy you loved to hang out with on land and didn't mind losing to on the water. He will be missed.
  2. mastman


    I don’t know you guys. It looks to me like Wild Oats completed their tack before… I can’t. I can’t even pretend. I don’t see a reasonable argument that could possibly exonerate Wild Oats. Anyone who argues this is just trolling and don’t feed the trolls.
  3. mastman

    How its called - 3 take aways

    Very cool video. My three takeaways were: 1) both douses were completely drama-free -- even when Terry was "open it either gate" while only a few boat lengths out. Recovery lines are so cool. 2) getting tacked on was drama-free: "I was not expecting that." Followed by "tacking in 3,2,1." No crew freak-out; no: "Shit, Terry, they tacked on us, Terry, they tacked on us! Terry, we gotta go!" 3) every maneuver was super-dialed-in. Time in the boat and trusting everyone else to do their own jobs seems to make everything run smoother.