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  1. FinnFish

    I still call Australia home

    Have a look a Maori Party in NZL bro, nothing but bullshit and nepotism.
  2. FinnFish

    I still call Australia home

    Well the Bill Shorten bullshit bus just rolled out of Pineapple land and the air smells better already, although maybe that was Anna. I see we now have the GlamSLam following the Aussie Open for the all alphabet tennis players. Maybe we need something similar after Hamo?
  3. Can't believe you've turned Randumb over to the cops. Sad, very sad.
  4. FinnFish

    I still call Australia home

    The bylaws here in Aus are that if you own a cat it must be kept indoors between sunset and sunrise, it must also be micro-chipped. Hardly any fucken cat owners take notice. Best anything I ever did was to invest in a trap which I periodically bait and set at night, on my property. I would say the ratio of feral/domestic is 50/50. I then do my Greenie leftist bit and take them up to the RSPCA, if they unclaimed after 10 days they get the needle. Amazing how much native reptile and bird life comes back after you've done this for a while. Cats kill near on everything, except Canetoads of course. Best place for a cat
  5. FinnFish

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    So who's winning?
  6. FinnFish


    Chocolate eaters have taken aim at Kinder Surprise after numerous parents found an "offensive toy" inside the popular egg. "Look what my niece (of mixed race) just found in her Kinder Surprise – KKK. what on earth Kinder?"
  7. FinnFish

    I still call Australia home

    Mr Shorten, a Collingwood fan, is understood to have broken the news to Ms Beale at a Sunday football match at the MCG about a month ago. "He told her `I don't think I want to be married any more'," a Labor source said. "She was totally shocked."
  8. FinnFish

    Video of Helicopter rescue of injured skier in France

    Well maybe the Froggies do things differently, but I would hazard a guess they're pretty clued up on the Alpine rescue side of things.
  9. FinnFish

    I still call Australia home

    Greens fundraiser? Could have sworn I saw Sarah Hanson-Young.
  10. FinnFish

    Walk Out

    Similar down here left and right wing ideologies, both shouting at each, both insisting they're correct, both insisting they know what's good for the common folk, each side becoming more irrelevant each day.
  11. FinnFish

    Walk Out

    I don't have a dog in the fight, although it's pretty funny watching the pensioners hissy fits up there. So how exactly do you negotiate when neither side is prepared to move?
  12. FinnFish

    I still call Australia home

    Meli in Sydney?
  13. FinnFish


    Lost for words...