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  1. Random PicThread

  2. Guns on Boats

    In the early 80’s a lot of the boat’s that I sailed on, or raced against had some type of gun on board. I had a stainless mini 14 on my boat. I had it on board for 10 years never had a situation arise that I thought about bringing it out. When we sailed to Europe we decided not to bring one. We were gone for two years, we were never in situation that I wanted one. The conversation about gun’s came up quite a few times with cruisers I met. Only one couple I met in Portugal on a catamaran said they had a gun. He said he had a sleeve that inserted inside his flare gun and would shoot a 410 shotgun shell he had never fired it. Don’t think I would want to. Everyone else said that they did not have a gun on board. I wish I got to see this flare gun insert. Don’t know if he made it or bought it. I doubt I will have one on board again.
  3. Show your boat sailing thread

    Ohlson 38 doing Miami to Key Largo Race.
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  10. Show your boat sailing thread

    Nice photo
  11. "Brainwashing" my wife into cruising!

    I would suggest chartering a boat first for a few weeks somewhere nice and protected. With short hops between islands. Don’t rush around to quickly. She will gain confidence in your abilities. It’s a lot easier to convince her to go sailing with a few good weeks on the water. I took my wife to the Abacos for three weeks, a year later we did a transatlantic and went cruising for two years she had almost no sailing experience.
  12. Explain Cricket

    We were at the match all day, had a good time eating and drinking. Had a lot of people try to explain the rules to us. I have no idea what the rules are, was told we saw a good match. But I must say that I was around a bunch of really kind, frendly people having a good time. I had one Women tell me that you can’t explain the game you need to grow up playing it.
  13. Explain Cricket