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  1. wristwister

    i touch myself

    ... and let's not forget the handicapped! Double bonus points for every quadriplegic on the crew!
  2. wristwister

    i touch myself

    Hmm ... I must live in some sort of weird bubble up here in the PNW. Seems there are many more women getting active into sailing than men up here. In fact, I often have trouble rustling up a crew that's not all or predominately female! Now most of you will say "Hey, what's the problem with that!". But I'm married, and I'd rather not look like Hugh Heffner every time I go sailing! But then again, I'm talking cruising and casual racing here. Maybe in the big league racing things are different.
  3. wristwister

    Catalina 30 :)

    If you're looking for inexpensive classic plastic with good livability in 30', the Cat 30 is a great way to go. I think the Tartan 30 might be another option; better sailing but not quite the interior roominess. About the same price. If you're looking at older, cheap Cat 30's, you'll be coming across some with Atomic 4s. Cat 30's that have been converted to newer diesel are typically going to be much more expensive. If you do come across one in your price range, great, that's a great way to go (assuming the conversion was done properly). But if not, don't fear the Atomic Bomb! If it's in good shape, well maintained, and has some upgrades (fresh water cooling, electronic ignition etc.), then that A4 should give you years of reliable service. Plus the A4s are much cheaper to maintain, upgrade, and rebuild that diesels. Good luck in your search!
  4. wristwister

    Sailing solo from Neah Bay down to San Fran

    Alctel, while you're sitting around waiting for your window to open, I've got some single-handing questions for you: What has been the longest port-to-port run so far, hours-wise? Are you catching naps as you go, or staying awake the whole time? Has fatigue and sleep deprivation been a factor for you so far? Have there been collision avoidance concerns, or has that been a slam dunk? I could pester you with LOTS more questions, as solo distance sailing may be in my future, but this should hold me for now. Thanks
  5. wristwister

    Building A Bridge

    Lots of fancy expensive solutions being suggested here to build a 20 foot light duty bridge in a forest of tall trees. How about this: drop 2 logs across the span, lay slats across them, build up some dirt/gravel at both ends ... and shazaam! You got a bridge!
  6. wristwister

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    Excellent, thanks for the detailed answer Mike! I've got a few patents myself, but the patent rights are owned by the companies I worked for. Reminds me of what my grandfather told me about the Wright Brothers. Grandpa was a WW1 pilot, and he explained that the reason the USA was 20 years behind the rest of the world in airplane development in the early 20th century was because the Wright Brothers patented everything having to do with flying, but didn't have the resources or business acumen to do anything with those patents. So while nobody in the USA couldn't touch airplane development because of those patents, Germany, France, England and other countries were developing and progressing airplanes. Same thing can be said of people like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison garnering thousands of patents on any idea that flittered through their minds. Patent law fixed that later. Basically, it's not good enough to just invent something, you've got to actually DO something with that invention to keep the patent valid. ... and I agree, all a patent does is give you a little bit of ammo to go after the infringers, if you've got the resources to do very expensive court battles. Not sure why I went off on that tangent, I just find this stuff interesting.
  7. wristwister

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    I'm curious, how do you make a living being an "inventor"? As I see it, there are 3 paths: Work for a company that capitalizes on the inventions, collect your paychecks Patent your inventions then sell the patent rights to companies that capitalize on the inventions Produce and sell your inventions yourself When you say you're an "inventor", do you mean via one of these paths? For example, as an Engineer, I have "invented" a number of products over the years, but always via path 1 above. I took a brief detour down path 3 once, pretty much sank my finances.
  8. wristwister

    Funniest Interaction with Non Racers Thread

    We have a fun, out-of-control summer race series up here in Seattle called Duck Dodge. Way too many clueless sailboats on way too small a lake. But it's a Seattle institution, so everyone wants to be a part of it, including the Bayliner and pontoon boat crowd who park themselves all over the course, crack open the beers, and crank the music as the bikini babes dance. Add into the mix dozens of kayaks and paddleboards, and even swimmers, who all want to be part of the action. In my opinion, all this makes for very challenging and fun racing, but I think most of my fellow skippers might disagree with me.
  9. wristwister

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    I didn't choose Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering chose ME! Seriously, as a child I had this habit of tearing apart anything I didn't understand, and I'd "improve" it as I attempted to put it back together. No appliance or electric/mechanical doodad was safe around me. I almost killed myself several times on various "improved" bicycles. And now I develop systems for the airplanes you all fly on. God help you all!
  10. wristwister

    Canvas shops southern vancouver island

    A couple years ago while sailing north, we stopped for the night at Ladysmith. While there I brought my tattered mainsail cover to a little canvas shop right at the head of the marina. Lady there did a great job at a cheap price very quickly. This certainly isn't a dodger rebuild, and I don't remember the shop name, but there you have it.
  11. wristwister

    White Whales in the Strait of Juan de Fuca

    Bremalos maybe? But they don't typically venture that far north.
  12. wristwister

    Bride asks guests to pay $1500 each to attend her wedding

    Yeah, it didn't go over well with the wifeypoo's family when I rolled violently in the isle screaming "It burns! It BUUUUURNS!"
  13. wristwister

    Bride asks guests to pay $1500 each to attend her wedding

    One hour total? I'm jealous! I spent 2 hours on my knees at a full on Catholic ceremony, listening to Latin, humming along to hymns I hadn't a clue to, renouncing the devil, getting holy water sprinkled on me (that stuff burns!). Then hours at a reception making pleasantries with hundreds of people I didn't know and could care less about. Thank God there was alcohol!
  14. wristwister

    Bride asks guests to pay $1500 each to attend her wedding

    Let's see, Dad-in-law was a deacon at the church and pretty much built the joint, Mom-in-law catered weddings for a living, Brother-in-law played in a wedding band, and my wife was the first cherished child to get married off. I had no say in the matter, nor did I have any desire to get tangled up in their elaborate plans. In fact, I was on a biz trip in Korea till 3 days before the wedding. They told me what to wear and where to go, and I obeyed. Church and reception hall filled to the brim with a few of my family/friends and hundreds of people on their side I didn't know. I'm sure it all cost an absolute fortune, and I'm told it it was quite the event. I just stumbled mindlessly through it all eager to get started on the honeymoon. Must've worked. 34 years later we're still hitched.
  15. Would one of you kindly click on that survey link and tell us what happens? I'm ascared to.