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  1. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    Interesting, none of you owned a bug back in the day? My bug kick was back in the '70s, owned a few. Not only was it the only car a pimple faced teenager could afford, but I quickly found out that by slapping on some fiberglass fenders and a couple shiny bits, I could turn around and sell them as Baja Bugs and make a few bucks!
  2. Motorcycle Threads

    I was THERE for that one! That was my second visit to Laguna Seca. First visit was the previous year when Hayden won. 4 buddies and I all rode our crotch rockets down from Seattle for that one. Absolutely memorable! Yup, that's the best spot. Top of the corkscrew is pretty cool too, watching them all brake so hard their rear tires lift off.
  3. Motorcycle Threads

    I've done Laguna Seca a few times. I don't know how that venue compares to the Texas track. First time I did it we paid a bunch for primo tickets in the best grandstand on the start/finish straight. It was fun, and the deafening roar of all those bikes starting was memorable, but we found we spent more time looking at the Jumbotron to see the action than looking down on the track. Next couple years we got the cheapest tickets and spent the whole time wandering around all parts of the track to see the action up close and personal from all perspectives. If your goal is to closely follow particular riders and stats, I suppose the grandstand/Jumbotron is the way to go. But if you want to get the overall MotoGP experience, go cheap and bring your hiking shoes and binoculars.
  4. Hydrogen fuel cell generator

    Unless H2 is readily available nearby wherever the boat happens to be when it needs fuel, I don't see this technology going anywhere in marine applications. There was talk above about another system on the boat capable of making and storing H2 gas. But wouldn't that require a charger and batteries to power that system? Isn't it simpler, cheaper and more efficient to just grab that electricity off the batteries to provide 12VDC to the boat? Good luck to you Maiko!
  5. Probally a very unusual crew request, PNW

    Gladly. I have a new 3-axle sailboat trailer and a Peterbuilt to tow it with, I'll drop by this weekend to tow the boat. And fortunately my brother-in-law's cousin owns a boatyard nearby with a travellift, he'll gladly drop it in the water for us. Need a place to keep it and live aboard? No problem, my neighbor's dog walker owns a marina and we can set you up there for free. Then I'll happily spend as much time and money as we need on the boat to make it seaworthy, liveable and sailable (my butcher's manicurist's husband owns a chandlery with all the supplies we'll need). Welcome to SA.
  6. Skiing--is it just age, or can I blame altitude

    Your old, and you're using muscles that have been dormant for many years. Simple as that. By the way, I'm in the same boat. I'm a very good skier, and I look fabulous coming down any slope ... for 100 yards or so till my legs and lungs are burning to near the point of collapse and I've got to rest up before the next 100 yards. Then half way through the day my whole body goes on strike and I head to the bar for a beer.
  7. caption contest

    Probably the same ad company that did this one:
  8. Spring Break Vancouver

    A day trip to Victoria? I assume you're planning to take the ferry there and back? If so, I think trying to do that in one day, especially with 3 children, is impractical. You definitely want to include Victoria in your itinerary, the ferry ride alone is great, but grab a hotel there for the night and make it 2 days.

    You guys all bashing old British cars, you know, 90% of the British cars ever made are still on the road today ... ... the other 10% actually made it home.

    Why do the British drink their beer warm? Because Lucas also makes refrigerators. My first car, back in the early 70's, was a '59 bug eye sprite. Fun car ... when it ran ... and when wiring wasn't frying. I sold it to a guy who stripped it down and rebuilt it with a BOP 215 V8, which amazingly fit real nice in that itty bitty engine bay and was actually lighter than the original 948 cc 4-banger. I did the same thing to an old Spitfire a few years back. Here in WA, a car over 25 years old is completely exempt from emissions check. Sounds like that's not the case down in CA huh?
  11. Suicide by Uber

    This one's gonna buy new Porches for a whole bunch of lawyers! Who sues who here? Is the "safety" driver at fault? Uber? Volvo? The state of Arizona for allowing this technology on public streets? Whoever developed the SW? This things is going to circulate in the courts for years!
  12. Alien Invasion Movies

    Now hold on Snags, are you inferring that perhaps humans also invented religions by applying the limits of human understanding to that which we don't understand? BLASPHEMY!
  13. Alien Invasion Movies

    Here's the problem: we feeble humans can only think about alien life in human terms. We assume they'll be about our size, come in some sort of space ships that make sense to us etc. Shoot, even NASA's best and brightest continue to look for planets out there that have water and an atmosphere to support life as we understand it, thinking that will somehow prove that there's life out there. Folks, the only reason we breath oxygen, drink water, live between 0 and 100 degrees, and are between 5 and 6 feet tall is because we've evolved with the conditions this rock of ours provides. What if another species evolved on their planet with 10 times the gravity, an atmosphere of pure ammonia, and a surface temperature of 1500 degrees? What do you suppose they'd look like? Hey, what makes us think the earth isn't currently loaded with aliens from other planets? Perhaps they're microscopic? Maybe they're gaseous or liquid rather than solid like us? Maybe they're a whole different type of matter we can't even comprehend? I don't know if this was the OPs original intent of this thread, but what the heck, those are my thoughts.
  14. Summer cruising San Juan Islands

    One reason I would recommend Anacortes over Bellingham is proximity to the islands. If your intention is just to go out on longer cruises, Bham is fine. But if your considering lots of little day sails, you can't beat Anacortes. I can load my boat up with some friends, go out for just a few hours, and hit several islands and cool anchorages. Other items to add to your list: crab traps and crab license. As we enter the next cool little cove, we throw a trap out. After that post-anchoring beer we dinghy out to the trap and pluck dinner out of the sea.
  15. Summer cruising San Juan Islands

    Agreed, you'll do a lot of motoring, and not just because of light winds, but more because of currents. But all that primarily applies to island hopping through the San Juans or Gulfs. If you get a little south into the Strait of Juan De Fuca, or a little north east into the Strait of Georgia, you'll find more steady winds, easier currents to navigate, and better true sailing. Any reason you're thinking of keeping the boat at Bellingham rather than Anacortes?