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  1. Turning a soft dodger into a semi-hard dodger?

    Overbend, yeah, I'd love to see a pic of that glassed over dodger in your marina. You mention "a couple layers of CSM". Pardon my cluelessness, but what is CSM? And you say he "wet out the glass and just laid it down". You mean he laid saturated sheets of fiberglass cloth down on top of the canvass? I wonder if one could just paint the resin directly on the old dodger canvass, effectively using that canvass as the fiberglass cloth? Istream, thanks for the info on the poly. It's sounding like fiberglass (with or without the cloth) followed up by the poly to make it durable and pretty, might be worth trying.
  2. Turning a soft dodger into a semi-hard dodger?

    Thanks IStream. What exactly is "1 part poly"? Do you have a brand/type you used? Marc, I hear what your saying about the possibility of this coming out disastrous, but like I said the existing canvass dodger is pretty much unrepairable, so if we botch up this whole semi-hard dodger scheme, nothing lost, we end up having a new one made anyway.
  3. The dodger on my daughter's Tartan is still holding together but barely. The seams are getting delicate and the canvas is getting brittle. But the plastic windows are pristine. She has no intention of removing the dodger, so I had a thought. I wonder if there's some sort of paint/resin/whatever that we can paint layers onto the canvas. The idea is it soaks into the fabric, hardens, and with enough coats turns it into a strong and semi-hard dodger. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing being done? Any ideas on what kind of paint/resin/whatever to use?
  4. Santa Cruz to Vallejo in January?

    Valis, you are correct. I misspoke (mistyped?) in my post above with the new plan. We actually began our transit through the bar from the #2 buoys at about 6:30 AM, and were under the GG bridge about 8:30. I think we timed it perfectly, smooth going the whole way. Interestingly, a couple hours later while sailing up the bay a pan pan came over the radio from a boat attempting to transit and getting knocked about under the bridge!
  5. Santa Cruz to Vallejo in January?

    What a glorious trip! Nice winds most of the way, clear weather, and we timed the SF bar and GG passage perfect for a smooth transit. As expected, we got to the mouth of the bar about 5 hours before the tidal window for crossing, so we heaved to and just bobbed around for a while, taking turns napping and keeping watch. My daughter did incredible, including managing the helm and sails for hours under confused winds and waves. Her new home is now snug and safe in it's slip in Vallejo. Gotta say, between my Tartan 30 and now my daughter's Tartan 30, I've got mountains of respect for these old tubs! Here's the kidlette and I about to go under the GG:
  6. Santa Cruz to Vallejo in January?

    OK, weather forecasts for next weekend are getting worse, but there's a glorious weather window over the next few days, so I'm at the airport on my way down. Plan is to leave Santa Cruz tomorrow morning. We MUST make the tide window at the San Francisco bar between 9:00 AM and noon Monday, so no stopover at Half Moon Bay. We'll sail through the night, get up there in plenty of time and drift around waiting for the window. Maybe we'll visit the Farralons, I hear they're lovely this time of year!
  7. Santa Cruz to Vallejo in January?

    Thanks Afterguy. Yes, we're paying close attention to weather and wave forecasts, and things aren't shaping up well for next weekend. If the forecast doesn't change for the better, we'll probably postpone the trip. But tide-wise, the timing for next weekend looks good, as we'd catch the top end of the flood tide as we transit the San Francisco Bar Sunday afternoon (yes, through the shipping channel. No cutting corners). Our plan is to do it in 2 days, with the understanding that it could turn into 3 days. However, Saturday we pretty much have no choice but to make it to Half Moon Bay which is a 60 mile day. There's absolutely nowhere to tuck in before that. Might involve night sailing, which I've done much of. Thanks for the suggestions on the places to tuck in along the bay, I'll mark them on the charts.
  8. Santa Cruz to Vallejo in January?

    The plan is Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay Saturday the 20th, then HMB to Vallejo Sunday. But ... long term marine forecasts are starting to come together, showing potential for a major blow that weekend. Might have to play the schedule by ear.
  9. Santa Cruz to Vallejo in January?

    Raz'r, I'm going to talk my kid into getting a VHF/AIS radio for the boat, probably the same Standard Horizon GX2200 I have in my Tartan (so cool that my daughter and I own the same boats!). With all the shipping traffic in the bay I think it will be a wise investment. Zonker, thanks for the detail. I'm also going to hit up the marina there for info on avoiding trouble.
  10. Santa Cruz to Vallejo in January?

    Holy crap! I've heard of Mavericks, but I never really paid attention to where that is. Yeah, that's something to look out for. Does the big surf there just happen in conjunction with a storm? Is there a minimum distance off shore where boats are pretty safe from that surf?
  11. Santa Cruz to Vallejo in January?

    Guess I should have done a search before I posted this. Looks like thevoyage is doing almost the same trip at the same time, and has gotten some good advice here: Looks like a pretty easy 2 day trip. I'll monitor that thread also for further advice. Hey thevoyage, when are you planning to make this trip? Maybe we'll see each other along the way.
  12. I'm looking into helping my daughter bring her boat up from Santa Cruz, up the coast, into the bay, and to her slip in Vallejo later this month. Total trip looks to be about 110 miles. There's a marina at Half Moon Bay that neatly splits the trip into 2 equal days. I'm a PNW sailor, a bit unfamiliar with Cal sailing. Couple questions: How realistic is 55 mile days on this course and this time of year? We'd like to sail, but will fire up the motor as needed Wind forecasts are looking reasonable so far, but how flukey and unpredictable can things get in that area? Will fog be a big consideration this time of year? I understand the currents flowing at the Golden Gate and at the river getting into Vallejo and the timing looks good for those. Any other tricky currents to watch out for? How far off shore do folks typically go along the coast from Santa Cruz to Golden Gate? I don't see much in the way of obstructions. Hug the coast or go out a ways? I understand about shipping traffic inside the bay. Hows the heavy traffic along the coast? Other advice or nuggets of wisdom about this trip? By the way, it's a very seaworthy Tartan 30 with an experienced crew. Thanks in advance for any advice you all can provide.
  13. Marine supply places in SF Bay Area?

    Thanks again for the advice everyone. Yes, I am in the PNW, and I'll be flying down to help my daughter. The idea is we spend a couple days in Alameda getting the boat ready, which will involve trips back and forth to chandleries (and Blue Pelican!), then we're going to sail it up to her slip in Vallejo. One issue, the Isuzu engine isn't currently running. The seller thinks it may be a simple fix, but I'm not counting on that so we're making plans to do the trip engineless. I'm quite good at getting boats in and out of slips under sail, but I just found out the boat is currently on the east side of Alameda island on the estuary. I'm not sure about sailing out of that, including a draw bridge or two, so I'm looking at options to have us towed out the estuary into open water. Any advice on finding a tow in that area (other than Vessel Assist at $300/hour)?
  14. Marine supply places in SF Bay Area?

    Thanks Guys. She's picking up the boat at Alameda, so those will be good recommendations to get it ready.
  15. Hey folks, soon I'll be helping my daughter buy a sailboat and bring it to her slip up in the north bay. I suspect we'll spend a few days getting it ready for the trip, which will involve trips back and forth to marine supply places to pick up parts and supplies. Couple questions for you bay area sailors: What are the best chandleries in the north bay area, preferably not far from Vallejo? Are there any 2nd hand stores around that sell used sails, lines, rigging tackle etc.? Thanks