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  1. Care to narrow that down a bit? Bellevue, California Bellevue, Colorado Bellevue, Delaware Bellevue (Macon), community in Macon, Georgia Bellevue, Idaho Bellevue, Illinois Bellevue, Iowa Bellevue, Kentucky Bellevue, Bossier Parish, Louisiana Bellevue, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana Bellevue, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana Bellevue, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana Bellevue, Maryland Bellevue, Michigan Bellevue, Richmond, a neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia Bellevue Township, Michigan Bellevue Township, Minnesota Bellevue, Mississippi Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue, Schenectady, New York Bellevue, Ohio Bellevue, Oregon Bellevue, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh Bellevue, York County, Pennsylvania Bellevue, Tennessee Bellevue, Texas Bellevue, now Pintura, Utah Bellevue, Washington, a city in the Seattle metropolitan area Bellevue (Washington, D.C.) Bellevue, Wisconsin
  2. wristwister

    Newbie from Seattle eyeing getting this boat...

    Couple other points I'll throw out there as a PNW sailor: Around the Seattle area, most marinas have standard slips for 30' and under, but any bigger and you may end up paying a premium for, say, a 40' slip for your 32 footer. Might want to check this out before you consider something bigger than 30'. I agree that light air performance should be a big consideration, unless you're OK with motoring much of the time during the summer. I also agree that an outboard on a 30 footer isn't desirable, especially if you plan to motor a lot (see above). In the type of boat you're looking for, you'll see a few with Atomic 4's. There's LOTS of debate around here on the merits of an A4 Vs diesel, but in general: - The A4 is every bit as reliable as diesel - The A4 is much cheaper to maintain, fix and replace than a diesel - The A4 swallows about 1.5 times more fuel than a diesel - Boat price/value with an A4 should be considerably less than with a diesel
  3. wristwister

    July 4 Barb-Ba-Que

    Here's where I'll be tomorrow. That'll be my boat, 14th row back 67th boat from the left. My crew is bringing lots of animal parts to throw on the BBQ, not sure what, but they never disappoint. Supposed to be 80s and sunny tomorrow, we'll be dragging an armada of all the water toys with us. God I love Seattle!
  4. wristwister

    Retirement Anarchy

    While we're on the health care issue ... I've heard about international health care plans that provide very good coverage and are very reasonably priced. The only stipulation is they do not apply to health care in the U.S. Anybody know anything about this?
  5. wristwister

    Retirement Anarchy

    If retiring young is the full goal, then here's some more advice to you kids out there: Don't get married Don't have kids Disown your parents early in life (no obligations for their elderly care)
  6. wristwister

    Retirement Anarchy

    Are you saying that financially you could retire now and live out your life the way you want? If so, then yeah GTFO! But if you're not in a financial position to do that yet, then you should probably be thinking hard about your budget in retirement and working toward a date when you can cut the cord. This is the category I'm in. I've got my potential retirement spreadsheeted out in great detail: assets, retirement income, retirement budget etc. But there's one nasty little box in that spreadsheet that has a big impact on everything: when I'm going to die. Depending on what I put in that box, I can either retire comfortably now, or I'll be working till I'm drooling on my desk.
  7. wristwister

    Favorite Dilbert

    Not a Dilbert cartoon, but it sure as heck could be: At a major aircraft manufacturer in the Seattle area, Engineering desks are assigned by rank. A fresh, new engineer shares a cube with 4 others. A mid-level engineer gets his own small cube. A lead engineer gets a bigger cube with a small table for conferencing and so it goes. They needed to find a desk for a mid-level manager. This rank rates a private office, but the only offices available were window offices, which typically go to upper level management. So what did they do? ... You guessed it, they put a big partition in the office to block out the window and put him in there. True story, I've seen the office.
  8. wristwister

    sometimes there's proof there is a god..

    I like it Crab! I'll have that engraved in the granite slab outside my new church. Now I just gotta rustle me up a congregation and plead with them to dig DEEEEEP into their pockets to support our church. How can I spread the good word without that new biz jet?
  9. wristwister

    sometimes there's proof there is a god..

    Where this conversation gets muddled is in our neck of the world where bible based Christianity is the predominate religion. The question "Do you believe in God?" typically implies the biblical definition of God. If one is to greatly loosen up that definition, I suspect many agnostics, and even athiests, would suddenly find themselves defined as "religious". For example, let's say the definition of God is simply "an unexplainable set of conditions that establish the flow of the universe", well shazam! A bunch of us are now holy rollers!
  10. wristwister

    Adrift Movie

    Might want to see the flick before you make such a silly statement. I thought it was well done, and even the sailing wasn't too technically incorrect. One error was the incorrect noon sextant sighting, but that's getting down in the weeds.
  11. wristwister

    The BLUES

    GREAT thread, glad I finally opened it. Couple contributions:
  12. wristwister

    Moovie Review Threade

    Just watched "Adrift". Gotta say, I thought it was a pretty good flick. My biggest gripe, she was doing the noon sighting wrong.
  13. wristwister

    Japs kill pregnant whales

    Yeah, but that's a whole 'nuther type of beef we're talking about. I've heard Japanese cows are massaged by young nubile virgins twice a day, and milked by mouth.
  14. wristwister

    Japs kill pregnant whales

    Interesting. My wife and I just had an argument about this sort of thing. She's horrified by the dog farms in Korea. She's signing petitions, sending letters etc. to stop this. While eating dogs certainly doesn't appeal to me, I can't see taking any kind of stand against it as I'm chawing down a plate of bacon. Whales is a slightly different discussion. That's a wild animal, and health of the species and ecosystem should be considered. But assuming the whale harvests aren't having negative affect on either (big assumption), who are we to insist on the practice being banned as we have no problem harvesting just about any other living creature out of the sea for consumption.
  15. wristwister

    Things to do in IOWA

    My company's in Iowa, I go there often. Drinking, eating and drinking, that's about it fore entertainment as far as I can see. There's this one area on the Mississippi River where I see a handful of sailboats at a dock. I see a bridge just north and a bridge just south, both of which appear too low for the masts. Then I see the constant southbound current. So I'm assuming sailing in Iowa consists of being towed to the north bridge, hoisting sails and hauling ass to the south bridge, then being towed back to the dock. Oh, one possible redeeming feature of Iowa, I could probably sell my modest Seattle home then buy half the state of Iowa with the proceeds