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  1. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    I use to regularly put my ass on the ama back behind the tramp, but, as I have aged, I can no longer get back up to the tramp from that position. It is not a possibility for me anymore.
  2. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    Ah, yes, Infamous South Tower. I have been reading about it in another thread.
  3. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    BTW, FWIW this is my observation regarding strong wind gennaker reaching sailing positions: Mostly in the past I have sat on the windward, aft corner of the aka, hiking out. From this position I can see the gennaker very well which allows me to keep it optimally trimmed and I can keep the boat sailing pretty flat. However, I found that when I sit on the aft deck of the main hull, in my limited experience (yesterday), the boat NEVER buried a bow. Whereas from the windward position I more often had to drive down out of trouble and did bury the bows hard enough to pitch me forward onto the tramp once. But, when on the aft deck of the main hull, I felt I wasn't as effective keeping the gennaker optimally trimmed because I couldn't see it very well. Anybody care to chime in with their experiences in this realm?
  4. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    I went for a sail yesterday and had a great time. Wind was westerly at steady 15 - 17 knots w/ occasional gust to 20. Seas were 1' - 3' with short period. Downwind I worked up the courage to try sailing from the aft deck of the main hull again. It was great and I never came close to falling overboard again. I really have no idea why I fell overboard on June 12. Just to give you an idea of how fun the sailing was yesterday, my trip computer indicated that I averaged over 11 knots and hit a max speed of over 15 knots. I pretty much did two laps of Windward/Leeward for a couple of hours. Weta + wind = FUN!
  5. unShirley

    Race to Alaska best boat

    The second place boat last year, Pear Shaped Racing, looks to be very similar to Time Machine. Is it? PSR is a little longer. It was sailed with 3 people aboard.
  6. unShirley

    New sailor question

    Since you are coming over from the dark side i.e. power boating, stay on the dark side of sailing and find an old beach cat. Mono slugs will be too sedate for a wake surfer. An old Hobie or Nacra or Prindle will provide some thrills and keep your son interested.
  7. Maybe.....but I have found that "potato patch" is used to describe a particularly rough area of water in many places all over the world. We have one here near the west end of Santa Cruz Island.
  8. unShirley

    Gougeon 32 Roll Call

    Not very well being trailered down the highway.
  9. unShirley

    what's wrong with it?

  10. shit can go pear shaped quickly, especially if you are tired after racing for 100 miles.
  11. unShirley

    Why do you race?

    Seriously, though, I race for the same reason anybody participates in any kind of sport: competition. In sailing you are also competing with the weather and the ocean (or some other body of water) in addition to the other sailors. It is very challenging. But, I like just being out on the ocean and being propelled by natural forces, so daysailing and cruising are fun, too. Racing is just an added bonus.
  12. unShirley

    Cats between 30 -35 feet

    I've always liked this one
  13. unShirley

    Cats between 30 -35 feet

    Nobody has mentioned the Gemini. I guess because none of us would buy one?
  14. unShirley

    Cats between 30 -35 feet

    google image
  15. unShirley

    Cats between 30 -35 feet

    Hey Zeus! has it been 15 years? I remember digging this boat when it was proposed. But I think only one was built: Gunboat 36