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  1. unShirley

    Bow-Cow Fugly

    The bloke in a surfing pose on the foredeck I think is a clue to the inspiration for that bow.
  2. unShirley

    So, we have to go to Maui

    Thats the one. You have to at least check it out if not surf it.
  3. unShirley

    So, we have to go to Maui

    Why hasn't anyone mentioned one of the best surfing waves in the world? Is it taboo? I got some of the best backside barrels of my life on Maui.
  4. unShirley

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    Santa Cruz Harbor when the dredge hasn't been in place for a while
  5. unShirley

    Offshore racing costs

    So maybe a more valid question is: What does it cost to own and campaign a race boat per year? Oh wait.....doesn't this thread fall under the category of "if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it" ?
  6. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    Q: Does the self-tacking system allow one to backwind the jib so one can heave-to?
  7. unShirley

    Hold my beer...

    oh to be young and stupid again...we are lucky to survive our youth. It is a fine line between awesome and Darwin candidate.
  8. unShirley

    I Want to Go Fast and Party Too (Maine Cat 22)

    Dick Newick is smiling from above
  9. unShirley

    what is it?

    Tennis anyone?
  10. unShirley

    Fduck Foiling!

    Good one BobBill
  11. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    I disagree. I know the Kitchens don't have control over ratings, but they can certainly contact the appropriate organization and exert pressure. I also know there are several different systems, which is unfortunate. But if at least one of the systems supplied an "official" rating, comparable ratings in the other systems could be figured out. As for the changes in the Weta, one design racing is still very competitive among the different generations of boats. If one looks at results from regattas, the winners and podium finishers are of various different aged boats. Older boats are still fast. Any rating could be based on the one design racing rules. The only variable for one design racing is pinhead vs fathead main sails. regardless of the obstacles involved, other small multihulls of smaller production have been able to get rated, it is time for the Weta to get a rating.
  12. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    another thread got hijacked regarding WETA open class racing ratings. I owned Weta #147 from 08 - 14. This last spring I answered the siren call and return to Weta with the purchase of #1025. I was shocked to find out that there is still no clear, universally accepted rating for the Weta. Well over 1000 have Wetas have been produced over at least 12 years and still no rating? WTF? Roger, Chris, Luis, you need to get this done to support your product.
  13. unShirley

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Lets take this to Weta Anarachy
  14. unShirley

    R2AK on a beach cat

    IIRC no team has done the R2AK on a beach cat more than once. Am I right? And, at least one beach cat team has gone on to do the R2AK a second time but on a bigger, more comfortable trimaran (and they won, Pure and Fun) I have been known to scramble my facts before, so, please, those of you with more expertise or time to research the R2AK correct me (civilly) if I am wrong. If I am right, my point is: Learn from history and do the R2AK on something less torturous than a beach cat.
  15. unShirley

    R2AK 2020

    I like the idea of allowing outside or portage of Vancouver Island. I think it adds interest. More choices = more strategy = more drama. new meaning to pedal power