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  1. unShirley

    Breaking up is easy to do

    Where, exactly did the boat come ashore (which street)?
  2. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    Agreed. That is why I have never tried to register for these races in the past. That and I always had a ride on an F28.
  3. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    One actually could go on the Weta, but in the past the rules stipulated that you had to have two people, and the boat had to be at least 18 feet long. I have considered doing these races, and measured the boat from the trailing edge Of the rudder to the tip of the sprit it is actually 18’ 10“. But 42 miles is a long race, and if the wind dies that’s a long way to drift to get back to the harbor. I don’t recommend it, especially for me. But I suppose it could be done on a Weta.
  4. I have not been following this thread, so please forgive me if this info has already been posted. We have two races coming up in Ventura: the Milt, and the Tri-Point. PBYC Racing
  5. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    FWIW: I did sail out to Anacapa and back in the Frenchy's Rum Run last Saturday. This time, on my foray offshore I was accompanied by 6 beach cats and two safety RIBs. The conditions were quite benign and it was a very fun sail. The seas were flat and on the way out with single digit wind speed for a close hauled, no tack windward leg. I actually unfurled the Gennaker and strapped it in for that leg. On the way back the wind did increase to about 12 - 14 knots and it was a perfect Weta reach angle to the harbor for excellent, fun, sailing. So, I actually used the Gennaker both out and back which is highly unusual. We started at Noon and everybody was back to the harbor by 4:30 p.m. In case SoCal and/or Central Cal sailors are interested, we have the Milt Ingram race coming up on July 11. It is a 42 mile race from Mandalay buoy (Oxnard) around Gilda to port, Anacapa to port, back to Ventura. And on August 15 there is the Tri-Point which is Mandalay to Gina to starboard, around Anacapa to Starboard and back to Ventura. Ventura County Races I'm not going to do the races on my Weta and don't recommend it for Wetas. But if you have a beach cat, larger multi-hull, or even a mono-slug, I do highly recommend these races.
  6. Yeah, I think I covered that with "major CF."
  7. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    You're right, it was probably something like you describe that knocked me off the boat. The more I think about it, I realize in my original post I should have written that I got "bucked off" over the transom, not "swept off." I started using the harness 11 years ago because I had that kind of motion almost throw me overboard, although I was going upwind that time.
  8. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    Thanks for the concern and the suggestions. I do have a laser hiking strap and did have my feet under it. Yes, I do think the boat wouldn't head up because my body was acting as a drogue. Maybe if I had strapped in the main sheet instead of uncleating it that may have helped. It might have even capsized the boat which would have been an improvement on the situation. I hope I don't ever get the chance to try that, though. I do have a hand held vhf but it was in the storage bag in front of the daggerboard trunk. It will always be on my person in the future.
  9. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    Really? That is excellent news. Do you know the brand or know of a link?
  10. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    I went for a sail yesterday on my Weta. It was both a dream and a nightmare. Dream After 3 days of calm conditions the predictions were for mid-teens westerlies in the Santa Barbara Channel for Friday. I left the Ventura launch ramp at 1 p.m. and headed out into perfect conditions. Relatively flat seas, 12 - 14 knots of wind. I headed straight out into the channel on starboard tack and decided to keep going out for at least an hour. The Frenchys Rum Run is coming up (out to Anacapa and back) I wanted to test myself for that kind of long distance sail. Sailing comfortably at over 6 knots, my butt on the ama and leaning back into my harness against the tether, Platform Gail was becoming enticingly close. It is about 9 miles offshore from Ventura. So, my goal became to go around Gail. The wind kept picking up and by 2:30 was blowing 14 - 16 kts on the East Channel Buoy. I tacked onto port about 1.5 miles east of Gail. As I rounded Gail to starboard, I saw that it was a close reach to Platform Gilda. So I cracked off and two sail close reached down to Gilda. After rounding Gilda to starboard, I cracked off to head back to Ventura and unfurled my Gennaker. Gilda is about 7 miles offshore. I had rounded Gilda before and was eagerly anticipating the broad reach home. By now the seas had built to about 4' @ 10 seconds on the East Channel Buoy. As I was surfing downwind I moved to the aft deck of the main hull. I don't usually sail from there, but a lot of Weta sailors do in heavy conditions so I thought I would give it a try. Up until this moment my sail had been a dream, just tons of fun. Nightmare I had only been blasting down wind, surfing down whitecaps for a short while when I was suddenly swept off the back of the boat. I don't know what happened, I can only guess that I didn't negotiate a whitecap properly. I was probably between 1 and 2 miles from Gilda at that time. So, now I am being dragged behind the boat by my tether and harness. I could just reach the aft crossbar and tried to drag myself back on board, but the boat was still sailing downwind at a good clip and I couldn't pull myself up. I was being dragged like a bonita on a forgotten trolling line. I could reach the rudder so I tried heading the boat up into the wind. Nope, she just kept heading down wind. The Gennaker was uncleated, but the jib and main were cleated. With great effort I was able to pull myself up enough to uncleat the main.....no improvement. I tried to gybe the boat see if that would slow it down....nope. Nothing would slow the Weta down. It was like a horse headed to the barn. I think I must have been dragged at about 4 - 5 kts. After several attempts at heading up, heading down to gybe, pulling myself up, I finally resigned myself to being dragged behind the boat until we landed somewhere on the beach. I checked my GPS later and I estimate that I was dragged behind the boat about 5 miles and for at least an hour. I was wearing an armless long john wetsuit and booties, rash guard and splash smock. I had lost my board shorts pretty quickly. I started getting cold but was fortunate that water was about 60 degrees, so not too bad. With my left hand I was pressing down on the tether to keep my head above water and with my right hand I held the trailing edge of the rudder to steer the boat on what I hoped was the shortest, quickest course. I ended up coming into the beach just west of the Ventura river mouth. Fortunately, there was a narrow ribbon of sand between the rocks underwater and the cobblestones piled on shore. In fact, the locals call that surf spot Cobblestones. Obviously I was unable to lift the daggerboard, so as I landed the boat perched up into the air until I was able to get to my feet, disconnect my tether, and get to the daggerboard and remove it. Later inspection revealed a decent sized chunk was taken out of the leading edge at the bottom of the board. It will be an easy fix. A kite boarder ran to me on the beach and helped me pull the boat up onto the sand, out of the water. I was exhausted and could barely speak. My throat and voice were almost inoperable due to salt water incursion I suppose. By this time, the wind was starting to back off, but I still needed to launch and get out through the 1' to 3' surf to get back to the harbor. I wrestled with the boat in the shore pound and was gradually getting swept down towards the river mouth but was eventually able to jump on and sail out through the surf. But the ocean wasn't done with me yet. On the 3 mile reach down to the harbor the wind started backing off dramatically. I actually started feeling a little sea sick from the slapping around in the left over seas and light wind and I very seldom get sea sick. By the time I got to the harbor I had to drift into the ramp at about 1 kt. I got the boat on the dolley, went up to the truck and called my wife to tell her I was running a little late. She immediately became concerned because I could barely speak. I reassured her that I was alright and would tell her all about it when I got home. Once I did that , though, as she was tenderly taking very good care of me, she threatened to divorce me because she doesn't want to join the "Widows" club that 4 of her friends comprise. Today I am so sore and stiff I can hardly move, but I am alive and grateful to have survived my ordeal. Lessons learned: 1. I am fucking 63 years old and I have to realize the my mind writes checks that my body can't cash. 2. ALWAYS wear the tether and harness. Although mine tried to drown me, it actually save my life. What would have happened to me if I wasn't tethered and fell overboard 5 miles offshore? BTW: I wasn't wearing my PFD. I can't wear both it and the harness. Perhaps I will start looking for a PFD that I can wear with the harness. 3. NEVER go more than 1 or 2 miles offshore unless accompanied by other boats and/or a chase boat. Here in Ventura we have an active beach cat fleet that I can sail with. In fact they are going out today (Saturday), but I wanted to take advantage of the lesser crowd at the ramp and smoother seas of yesterday. It was a dream and a nightmare, but as soon as I fix my daggerboard I will be back out there.
  11. unShirley

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    Shaggy, did you see the above post? I was bluffing and it worked. I have never forced anybody into the committee boat and I never intend to in the future. I would protest rather than cause a collision. But, the art of persuasion sometimes includes artistic license.
  12. unShirley

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    I never have actually forced anybody into the RC boat. I was merely making a point. Fortunately, the point was taken.
  13. unShirley

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    It has worked for me. In my fleet two different sailors, both very nice guys, flagrantly fouled me in one race. I had the chat with them that evening, warned them I would protest in the future. Neither one has fouled me ever since. One of the guys was a notorious barger at the starts. He claimed I couldn't force him up into the committee boat. I replied, "yes I can and I will." He quit barging after that.
  14. unShirley

    I Want to Go Fast and Party Too (Maine Cat 22)

    Yes , a great thread IMO because a boat is being used exactly how it was intended to be used by the builder and designer and the owner is having a blast doing it. A great vicarious pleasure.
  15. unShirley

    Tips For Being Rescued

    You know...FF had been trying to get rid of Scorpion/Freedom for a while. It seems to me he saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. Rather quick thinking, actually. Hell, for the movie to be relevant in current times it could be scripted as a conspiracy from the get go. Good looking female fakes a panic attack.....