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  1. The best sailing film for a long time

    Well...the book was a good read...
  2. Astus Upwind

    aah. Yeah, I can think of two posters I might have pissed off. Oh well, fuck em if they can't take a joke
  3. Astus Upwind

    Wait...I just got a -1, too. Sorry to be obtuse, but I don't understand your explanation. And, how does one appeal or rebut the -1?
  4. Astus Upwind

    I did this once in an F28. I had to change my underwear afterwards. I did it once in a Weta except that I did capsize. I, too, was pushing the boat to find out it's limit. I found out all right. But, fortunately with a Weta, unlike an F28, it was easy to right it and sail away. How about the Astus 16? Does one right it the same way one does a Weta?
  5. SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    regarding the inability to leave the tiller unattended: Velcro autopilot works great on the Weta. Wrap the tiller extension with the fuzzy stuff. Adhere the hooks to the rear crossbeam where the tiller extension handle will rest on it when the tiller is centered. Always worked great for me. Allowed me to use both hands for furling Gennaker and pushing down daggerboard at the leeward gate.
  6. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I think the media is starting to catch on: Questions arise about rescued sailors' story
  7. Windy Tower Race Santa Barbara 4/8/17

    I dig the shots of the boat reaching on a plane. But, why so much water in the cockpit? Doesn't the boat have an open transom or at least have transom scuppers? I use to race an FJ in the late 60s and early 70s and we had scuppers in the transom with flaps on them.
  8. SeaRail 19 Folds

    Looking good...I anticipate reading about your experiences on it eagerly. For $30k you do get fenders on your trailer, right?
  9. Naked sailing day

    Use to cruise naked. Never had to do laundry.
  10. I'm not yelling

    I crew regularly with the current Ventura Co. high point champion. I have never heard him yell. I haven't even seen him get upset, even in some very intense moments in the thick of a race. He is a joy to sail with and we win very often. He always remains cool, calm, and soft-spoken. Racing is always fun on his boat (except if it is a drifter which isn't fun on any boat). My point is: the most successful skippers don't need to yell, ever. A crew is much more likely to operate smoothly when things are calm, even under pressure, and they respect their skipper.
  11. Any of you Floridian Anarchists know the story regarding this Val? Val for sale in Florida
  12. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Did two Stars crash into each other head on?
  13. Finally a Proa....

    fugly. tacker?
  14. Long Beach Harbor No More

    Like the bullet train, it won't happen in our (boomers) lifetime. But, for a flight of fancy, lets think about where they are gonna put all of those rocks? Think of all the artificial reefs with all kinds of surf breaks that could be made along the shore. Everything from bunny slope mush burgers (think San Gabriel River mouth) to So. Hemi heaving slabs. Maybe another Wedge at 72nd St? Ah, the fantasies.