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  1. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    We have fickle winds here November - February. Been thinking about getting auxiliary power to make sure I can get back to the harbor if I become becalmed offshore. What auxiliary power have any of you used and, based on your experience with it, would you recommend it?
  2. unShirley

    Bicycle with a sail

    As I have said before: Most of us are lucky to have survived our youth
  3. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    I think Tom has figured it out. Duh...I should have seen that. I guess I needed to read your post more carefully.
  4. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    I have never had this problem, so, I guess I am confused as to how it is happening to you. When you say it happens while launching, do you mean at a ramp, or while you are pushing off to sail off a beach? I ask, because I launch at a ramp, tie the boat to a dock and then go sailing. I don't attach my mainsheet to the clue until I am about to push off the dock. BTW: this would be a good issue to post here: WCNA Forum, Technical Advice
  5. unShirley

    Mini 12 dolly......

    One can also get a trailer hitch extension up to 48" long. Depending on how much extension you need, it would be a much simpler route to go than welding a tongue extension together. trailer hitch extension
  6. unShirley

    Is it a Terrible Idea...

    THe design of the boat you are considering is such that it can cross an ocean easily. However, the condition of the boat, including all of it's systems, rigging, sails, etc. is unknown. Therefore, it can definitely make the trip from Raiatea to SoCal. The question is: How much prep/refitting/repair does it need before making the trip?
  7. unShirley

    Is it a Terrible Idea...

    If you can afford storage and maintenance for it, it will be an excellent SoCal boat. At least in the windier areas i.e. Long Beach and the Santa Barbara Channel (CI Harbor or Ventura). Newport and SD...not so much. If you need crew to cruise the Channel Islands contact me
  8. The laser and moth sailors showed some real skill and athleticism. Very impressive.
  9. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    Yes, a common phenomena called, "chasing the telltales." It feels fast, but the VMG suffers.
  10. unShirley

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Calling Groucho Marx....Groucho Marx, Groucho Marx....call for Groucho Marx
  11. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    I guess I saw your post before you edited it, so I will contribute my $0.02 anyway for your future experiments. When sailing upwind in strong winds, i.e. 15 knots +, I have the windward telltale fluttering up at about a 45 degree angle rather than streaming. I do this on all boats I sail on and it works well for me both racing and cruising (day-sailing) situations.
  12. Thank you, TT, for reviving this thread in such an entertaining manner. Poor old Rod is so delusional....good thing you communicated over the interwebs. Otherwise, you probably would need to go get tested
  13. unShirley

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Dren came here for that? Obviously he has absolutely terrible judgement and no common sense.
  14. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    I use to regularly put my ass on the ama back behind the tramp, but, as I have aged, I can no longer get back up to the tramp from that position. It is not a possibility for me anymore.
  15. unShirley

    Weta anarchy

    Ah, yes, Infamous South Tower. I have been reading about it in another thread.