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  1. BTW Bob, once again, I open a thread and find myself on the edge of my seat, learning from you. If I haven't thanked you for that generosity lately, kick me.
  2. I'm surprised no one else picked up on this nomination. Agreed! The Shields (like the IOD) is a great boat. I owned hull #54 which. like the #53 pictured, was built by Chris Craft and had a reputation for being 'light'. I loved the boat and wish I hadn't sold it. Another boat I saw but was too late to return to the States to buy fast enough was called BIJOU, I believe, A modern 40' meter boat built in Scandina (might have been Germany, come to think of it) of fiberglass and mahagony that was listed in Annapolis in 1999. Ahhh, the ones tat get away!
  3. Congrat's on reaching this milestone, Kim. Having a sailboat and not a canoe means the end is in sight! She's looking fine.
  4. A red neck's 'rari
  5. KDH - forget the 'Class A' uniform. Go straight to formal mess dress at the helm.
  6. Thanks, guys. She's still a terrific ocean boat. Not exactly in the light air league of BG's Farr 400, etc. so on behalf of Doc, grant us heavy weather! We'll likely race double-handed and non-spin but If the forecast is favorable, go the full course. After all, displacement has its virtues.... I didn't know Doc. However, friends did and I can honestly say that during her refit, he was omnipresent. Returning her to NYAC on his behalf is something I've looked forward to. Ironically, as a 'non-NYAC' boat, she can't win the Sitzmark perpetual trophy. But that's probably moot given how rusty we are.... We'll toast Doc with rum and Entenmann's regardless!
  7. Does anyone remember 'Sitzmark'? Cheers, MikeR Oh, yes - see blog below ...and she's looking forward to her first NYAC Stratford Shoals race (as Coup D' Etat) in maybe 35 years as a tribute to Doc Nuemann.
  8. yup....why it IS the source and WHY it leaks.
  9. It's been a while since I checked in here. Great work, FOP! Having taken 2.5 years to get through my own full refit, I can appreciate the emotional milestones of completing this job. Completion of paint is a HUGE boost as she suddenly looks like she'll float again! Replacing hardware becomes a sprint forward in progress. Enjoy!
  10. Dittothat on the joys of anchoring. My favorite photo of my wife is of her sitting under the dodger at dusk, proudly holding our firstborn son when he was two weeks old. Of course, that was one of three 'dry' summers!. In general, as much as I crave the spirituality of sailing, being at anchor after that great sail - with a glass of wine, sweater, cheese and crackers, music and a breeze flowing through the cockpit at sunset in some place new - is what life is about. My goal in life is to re-live that scene as frequently as possible. When refitting my M&R 46', installing a bow roller was never a question.
  11. Thank you, Bob. No one's ever said that to me. I like to think 6 knot shit box. If this is boat porn, it feels a little like masturbation. +1 Still my favorite M&R Hinckley model....and a perfect example of how hard it is to make things look simple. Nice matching of grains. Enjoy for many, many long and happy seasons.
  12. I like the aft cockpit version of the Sou'wester 70. Long and lean. And as long as I'm going to be paying crew I might as well have some teak for them to care for. +1 Beautiful boat. I saw a Lyman Morse 60'er resembling this that was eye candy too.
  13. Here's a reason not to gain weight. There's some medical evidence that fat is not just stored energy but also acts as an organ, which among other things increases the production of estrogen, which women have a lot more of than men. So the extra weight causes your breasts to grow, even if you're a dude. The tits don't completely go away if you ever lose the weight because the moobs are fat and breast tissue. You'd need a breast reduction to get back to your male self. Dude needs a 'bro'. Umm, thanks for this, errr, uhhh enlightening info, kdh! One of my regular Bermuda crewmates is an 'OB/GYN to the Stars'. Hugely entertaining. Several races and many shared watches later, he tells me I'm ready to take the Boards. Just ask me what the, 'smelliest thing in the world ' is.
  14. Yes, and it's the sort of thing Morris needed to show that they can do more than just modern interpretations of older styles of boats. I could agree but for the sugar scoop. +1 on the 51. I don't understand why more haven't sold either. It's now an old design but even at the pinnacle of my lust for teak (you know who you are!) I still saw this boat as a serious sailor's offshore sailboat. Some of the interior execution could have been better but the concept is great and maybe that's where Morris can help. Anyone who's ever fallen or lost someone overboard, 'get's' that sugar scoop. Heck, just getting on/off a dinghy is easier.
  15. Mung, I like you a lot but I think you're being a little mean. The first "financial partners" bought the company after the picnic boat was designed and first built. The powerboat operation is more assembly-line than the sailboat operation but that of itself doesn't mean quality isn't good. It is. Mostly. The compromises are reasonable. And let's face it, the boat business is a shitty business. No one does it purely for profit. This maybe was not true of the previous (2nd) financial guys who lost their shirts, but they're gone and the latest (3rd) seem to be doing it for the love of boats as the first did. Believe it or not. If it were purely about profit the SW harbor sailboat operation would have been closed long ago. Although we like to think so, especially me, it's not required to sustain and even further the brand. The sailboat brand is still very powerful. Most people, though not you guys, when they see a Morris and recognize it as a New England boat will ask, "Is that a Hinckley?" It's worth a premium not to have to say no. Along with others here I think Bob is the perfect guy for the new design. And I even think he won't fuck it all up with the financial guys. As long as everyone in the room loves boats it will all work itself out. And if ND gets a cheap build out of it, all the better. No mean spirit intended, guys. My sense of style in sailboats was largely honed in the Hinckley sheds off-season when their long-term (pre-VC) Sales and Marketing leader would let me crawl through boats on my vacations as an education for the day I could eventually afford one. He would point out the nuances of why they weren't all created equal...and how much harder it is to make a 'simple' boat. If there is bitterness, it's only directed at the VC's who took an American icon and bankrupted it (literally and figuratively) for personal gain. Not that I blame them for trying, just failing. Yes, the boat business is a shitty business and that's precisely why anyone with more brain than ego or passion choses a different industry to invest in if the goal is maximum, scalable ROI. But alas, most of the Emerging Markets can still be convinced that this American icon is viable and will buy one based on that legacy...if they get the recipe right this time. Agreed that at one time, Morris owners had to defend, "No, it's not a Hinckley". But that ebbed shortly after the 'MY' logo appeared in the Morris cove stripe. These days, with Morris cranking out far more sailboat product and Hinckley relegated to mass-produced power, my experience is that the Morris brand is on par with name recognition, perhaps ahead in stature by anyone considering at least a new Sabre.