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  1. Best Science Fiction Movies

    I tell all my friends about Dark Star and they think I am crazy......Until they see it themselves. Started as a USC film scholol project. Made by John Carpenter and the guy who wrote the screenplay for Alien
  2. Most Over-rated big name rock bands

    Meh...... Sounds like what would happen if the record company told ELO to play something that sucks.
  3. Most Over-rated big name rock bands

    Wait..... Are you suggesting I listen to their self-indulgent, Prog-Rock posturing stone cold sober? What did i ever do to you?
  4. Most Over-rated big name rock bands

    Pink Floyd. I know they are some great musicians but I have never smoked enough weed to make me like their pretentious crap. And believe me I have tried.
  5. Well Armed Yachtsman Arrested

    AMERICA!!! Land of the Free! And i have the Licences and Permits to prove it!
  6. F1 2016

    I saw incredible speeds and lost of passing. I don't know what you saw
  7. Punk Rockers Died too young

    All four original members of the Ramones
  8. The Most Under Rated Rock and Roll Bands of all time.

    Boston? Tupac? Marvin Gaye? Boston is on heavy rotation on every classic rock station on the planet. If I hear More than a feeling one more time I will much the dial. Tupac is revered as a god in the Hip Hop world. Marvin Gaye underrated? Where?
  9. Dylan was an incredible songwriter. The dead were and are pretentious, douches akin to modern jazz musicians. I always hear the same excuse. You have to appreciate the improvisation. All styles of music have improvisation but if the Dead and/or Jazz is only about improvisation then it is just musical masturbation. It feels great for the ones doing it but I don't want to watch you doing it.
  10. 2nd most overrated band. The most overrated band by far is Pink Floyd
  11. F1 2016

    Ask Niki Lauda. He raced with Broken ribs. 1976 Spanish Grand Prix. Won the Poll and really won the race but was robbed when the FIA reinstated McLaren's James Hunt even though they cheated. Then there was the Italian GP later that year when Lauda raced in bloody bandages after almost dying in a fiery crash a few weeks before.
  12. F1 2016

    Jeez....Even F1 has succumbed to the wussification of sport.
  13. F1 2016

    Vettel has bested the AMGs at the start on more than one occasion. The only one better at starts is Alonso.