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  1. LB 15

    Will Putin allow congress to impeach?

    We can only hope.
  2. LB 15

    Will Putin allow congress to impeach?

    Was that hookers piss only on loan? Did he have to spit it out?
  3. LB 15

    Will Putin allow congress to impeach?

    But from across the pacific it is going to be entertaining. What a cluster fuck he is.
  4. LB 15

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

    It's nothing compared to what Hillary did.
  5. LB 15


    Like a pedophile claiming an Angel gave him some gold plates?
  6. LB 15

    Blood sacrifices - how it made you a better sailor

    By Genoa, do you mean the Italian town or the sail I read about in a history book?
  7. LB 15

    Sun Fast 3600

    One trick pony. If only the wind was always at 110...
  8. LB 15

    You just can't make this stuff up...

    That would be the same chance of you fucking up if you tried something new. Like trying to be clever on an internet sailing forum.
  9. LB 15

    Offshore sailing / racing reading list

    There is only one definitive work on this subject...
  10. LB 15

    Brits Welcome Donnie With A 'Trump Baby'

    What is that wirring noise? Sounds like a bicycle that is being peddled backwards...
  11. LB 15

    Brits Welcome Donnie With A 'Trump Baby'

    Well if Chairman Trump visits Australia we will make sure you get to spend some time with him. Would you like that?
  12. LB 15

    Brits Welcome Donnie With A 'Trump Baby'

    22. A Morman elder was moved on after parking his Ridgeline across the gate of the White House and offering to carry the Presidents next child. He was taken inside and was allowed to give the President a blow job.
  13. LB 15

    Trump world order

    Maybe you could ride your bike around these countries spreading the word of your almighty. Don't let your tie get caught in the peddles. We would hate anything bad to happen to you.
  14. LB 15

    Trump world order

    Trump should appear in Theresa May's back yard and give her some golden plates with his teachings written on them in Egyptian. Thats the best way to start a good cult don't you think Jack?