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  1. If I could change the constitution I would close all the library's and kick out anyone born in the UK. and all the poofs as well.
  2. Did she swallow any river water as well?
  3. By 'ocean racing' do you mean real ocean races or coastal races like the Hobart that people that don't know any better call ocean races? It will effect the answer...
  4. If I see anyone cutting a slot down the middle I will let you know.
  5. I only deal in facts - or rumours that I start. But I have heard that Harberg has bought it so big Gaz and the BJ boys can eat their lunch in the shade on the hard stand at Rivergate. Or play a game of cricket in the shade. Man that is a lot of boat when you see that big shitter out of the water.
  6. Because clean said so? Hey want to buy the Sydney harbour bridge? I can let it go for a fraction of the replacement cost.
  7. No the difference is you probobly know what you are talking about. Unless the magazine you write for is called 'afloat' or 'coastal passage maker' these are two free mags here that publish any shit that people send them, but they don't pay anyone. Cruisers you meet along the Queensland coast love to claim they 'write for a few sailing magazines'. Bwhahahaha.
  8. There lies the reality. We have jobs and businesses that we WORK in/at to pay for our sailing. These vloggers are no different from the unwashed homeless guy playing his guitar in the subway for people to throw him a few coins. They are simply begging for money so they don't have to work. But then they start making how work videos..
  9. I am going sailing. But you have fun big guy.
  10. Wow these are very original points you make. None of your fellow gun nuts have ever mentioned them in any of the 45 gazillion posted about tools on PA. Also congratulations on surviving your childhood. Are your parents off the meth yet?
  11. You should lay of the cheese mate. You seem very bound up.
  12. I never really got it before but, after reading this, now I understand. You really are a dick.
  13. Just him and the family for a couple of days cruising in Moreton Bay?
  14. No worse than some of cleans finest efforts.
  15. Where is special Ed? With his producing skills from the adult film industry SA could become the next pornhub. Scoter will be rich! There is no shortage of cunts on here already.