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  1. You serious? I has to be back by the following Sunday.
  2. Well that is the NRA version anyway. How about this. A good guy with a gun heard shots so he grabbed his own piece and headed for the church. When he got there, rather than enter (and actually save any lives) he waited across the street for the shooter to come out so he could fire at him from behind a car. Despite being an NRA instructor, he missed and the bad guy made it to his car. Then the good guy with a gun flagged down a good guy with a car and followed a safe distance behind. The bad guy pulled over and shot himself. So the score from the last few months is Bad guys with guns - over 100 dead. Good guys citizens with guns- nil. Seems an odd argument that with over 200 million guns in circulation not a single life has been saved by a good guy with a gun. But mental health is the real issue here, not guns...
  3. The kid was armed with a Glock. What were Glocks designed for Dick breath?
  4. Fuck it! My delivery home charter fell through so I am out. And my entry was completed on time for the first time ever. Fuck.
  5. Texas serial bomber

    Indeed these United States are all good for idiots.
  6. irresponsible gun owners?

    I think I put it there as well but the gangs all here now.
  7. Lock him up! Wait. Is it still a class B if she is a B grade actress? I have seen some of her films. Bangin Donny must have been her greatest ever performance.
  8. Texas serial bomber

    I am sure there are many republicans that feel the same way about you.
  9. It must be some time since the last time a President of the Untied States sued a porn star to not tell all about their sex life? Who was the last one...?
  10. Breaking news in Australai.....

    It is too early to say whether it was terrorists.
  11. That's enough for today Ronald. Now go do your homework young fella. Make something of your life.
  12. laugh or cry?

    The collective noun I use for my wife and her girlfriends is a 'Coven'.
  13. Shit! Sorry everyone. Didn't mean to quote him. Again sorry.
  14. You seem very pleased with yourself. Or is that just a gun in your pocket?