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  1. LB 15

    Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    Thanks, I will. And you keep your eyes straight ahead and your arse to the wall. The last 3 years will fly by.
  2. LB 15

    Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    Perhaps after nearly 14 months you might be getting the hint that I care what you think about me as much as I care about Girls Rugby league. Anyway, 'response' to what? Why do I think that boat looks as ugly as fuck? Because I think it looks as ugly as fuck. I hope that cleared that up for your my sweet.
  3. Them catholic boys get used to acting with restraint. If they make too much fuss they might get picked every night.
  4. If you are ‘Curious’ I am sure you can find places that cater for that, what you are doing is calling them cheats, ‘flaky explanations’ is just a homo way of saying it. Look- it’s almost February. Only a few months until Gladstone. We will all be glued to our AIS, protest forms at the ready. If the boys did turn it off perhaps it was a form of ‘civil disobedience’ against a stupid and unnecessary requirement? We don’t need no more stinking rules! If so, they should be lorded as heroes, made of the same stuff that our pioneer forefathers were. The type that rebelled against oppression by the ruling classes from the big end of town and quietly defied the oppressors. Bravo! What fine Australians! Maybe an OBE next weekend is in order.
  5. Or the more modern version, ‘May the NRL team of your choosing make a short film with your sister.’ Mine you can use in polite company.
  6. Is Gillette the latest target that you sheep have been told to go after on facebook? So because I have identified you as being a sad little hater who wants to anonymously call people cheats on a forum, I must abuse women? Weird how you connect the two. Wait! Are you a chick? Explains your 'sand in the Vag' irritability. My apologies, I just thought you were a homo. Again, my apologies.
  7. Would you like to apply to become one of my sock puppets? The pay isn’t great but what price do you put on a job well done? I have a position opening up soon.
  8. He shoots.....he scores! First cast of the day and one in the boat. Little worried about the Defo comment cup cake? I am only joking princess - do you really think they give a fuck what a bunch of nobodies say on a thread? Are you going to do a randumb and run away and delete all your defamatory comments?