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  1. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    Its nice that you can type using two fingers.
  2. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    Hi all - just to let you know the Pro shop is now open, so pop in next time you visit the club, have a look at our wide range of tools and accessories and meet our new Club Pro, Chinabald. There is no better person to teach your loved ones how to protect themselves. If you want to know anything about guns there is no one better to talk to. Just ask him. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as you never know when the urge to own a gun might happen and who's wants to wait? And best of all the only paper work we need to see is those greenbacks burning a hole in your pocket. Hope to see you all soon.
  3. Any of the Marinas in Manly are close to shops ect. We are at East Coast but it is full of smelly single blokes living on their Roberts 25's and making up tider accounts claiming they are a yacht owner. RQYS has great facilities with the added bonus that they won't bump into Randumb because he hates the place. Two many liberal voters for his taste. If they like the quiet life then QCYC at Sandgate is great. Nice safe creek and very friendly people and if they do want some action, there is a garage a short stroll away where they can watch people changing tyres. There is also the pile mooring in town where BJ is, but why people drop out, buy a boat then moor it in the heart of a major city is beyond me. Will PM my email if they want anymore info.
  4. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    Thanks mate - yes I am pretty happy with the way its come together, even the President is happy and that is no small ask. I am planning the grand opening festivities now. There will be the fly past (we are using unmanned drones because of Toms itchy trigger finger), a toppless wet bar, and as we are a family club there will be lots of activities for the kids, including pin the tail on the elk (using real elk and M16'S) a 'Pet and shoot' small animal zoo, and Face painting. And one lucky kid will be taking home our door prize... But the best is for last. As the sun starts to set, we will all move to the balcony on the 21st floor overlooking the club lake and everyone can blast away at the 10 guys dressed as Arabs riding jet skis. As our President would say, Its gunna be Yuuuge, you snowflake pussy fuckwits
  5. I did a search and now I am friends with several Chinese dudes on facebook and a member of a Hong Kong strip club.
  6. I was joking. Work takes me to Sydney about once a month but that is just normally Airport - marina - sailing - marina- airport so I get to see the best of it (which isn't all that great once you have seen it a few times) and only have to deal with the traffic and crowds briefly. Melbourne on the other hand (yep I go there a bit for work as well) is a great city to get around and has a interesting vibe, but the close to town sailing is horrible. Having said that, the bottom of the bay, and the peninsula itself are fantastic. The sailing around there can be great provided there is no N in the breeze and in summer when it ain't to cold it can be sensational. Adelaide was closed last time I was there and the sailing sucked and Perth is just a shallow river full of ex-pat poms dressed in white taking themselves very seriously on their 4kt shitboxes. Freo is ok but and nice as it is, you can only sail to Rottnest so many times. No swimming there for me as that is were your Tassie great whites go to eat out. As for Brisvegas, the city is somewhere we Manly dwellers rarely or ever go (except by boat) It bears no resemblance to the city that i knew back when I wore a suit to work and hung around the pub scene. But our Moreton bay is the best kept secret in the sailing world and we want to keep it that way. As a place to conduct sailing training it is recognized in the RYA world as almost without equal. My School isn't the biggest in the country (and the 14th biggest on earth, not that I am keeping score ) simply due to my peerless brilliance, Adonis like good looks, quiet humility and of course, Charm.
  7. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    Thank you Mr President, I am flattered I will amend your mission statement on the club website to 'With my small, dead hands'
  8. No way mate - if we keep slagging off both they won't turn left or right and will just stay in their shity little harbour dodging ferrys and telling themselves how it is the greatest sailing location on the planet. Or we can sing the praises of Port Philip bay...
  9. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    Thank you Mr President I will attend to this at my first opportunity and will have the persons responsible shot at day break.
  10. Brisbane to Keppel

    I must confirm with Nigel , - what is the situation if the are crew paying me to do the race. - What is the situation if the stories are older than 50 years. - Does the term short handed mean small handed and do hands need to be measured by an accredited ORcI measurer or is an owners declaration as to hand size acceptable. - Does hand size effect the PHRF rating because mine are yuuuge....
  11. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    Just got an email through the new club website (www.itisourright.com ) from another group that want to merge. They seem like a friendly bunch and they don't have female members either but I emailed back and said i will have to put it to the membership. I had a look at their website and they do seem well organised. Even got their own range by the look of it. They suggested a get together over at their clubhouse so we can get to know each other. A few drinks, a bit of music and then see where it goes from there. Who's in?
  12. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    Damit Tom! We are trying to win hearts and minds here. You don't have to automatically assume every plane flying over your house is doing surveillance. Sure most are, but mate you are being a bit paranoid.
  13. Brisbane to Keppel

    5K for PHS? How much for the big one - 3rd Division 2? I have spent more than that on bail before.
  14. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    Hey great idea! A flyover to on the day of the official opening. I must get a memo out about not shooting at them.