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  1. mass beatings, rape and murder

    So you would punish decent Indian people that want to study here based on their ethnicity? Even better you will have to order Australian university's to not accept people of Indian decent. And of course banning Indian students from entering Australia. How very Trump like of you.
  2. I still call Australia home

    Was she one of the Kensington Kakoschke- Moore's? I think I rowed with her brother Serbastion at Eton.
  3. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    It is the mercy.
  4. Yes they have changed the lifelines and you should remember to change fonts when you are cutting and pasting other peoples words to look like your own.
  5. Talk to Bent sailor. He writes code for such things. He is very clever, just ask him.
  6. The big swinging dick problem

    That's all legal here now. It's our idea of a second amendment. The right to bare arse.
  7. The big swinging dick problem

    I will bet he voted yes...
  8. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    After the Taiwanese fisherman refused to fuck her she called the US navy. She had visions of this...
  9. Sailing La Vagabonde

    Here is 'Brow's arse.. And here is 'Tash's....Take your pick.
  10. The best sailing film for a long time

    'Two slutty schoolgirls get banged in the gym' tells the story of two wayward , shaven school friends experimenting with forbidden love on the vaulting horse before being caught by the African American gym teacher with huge hands. Go see it if you get the chance, I found it entrancing
  11. The big swinging dick problem

    I would vote for the one with the biggest tits.
  12. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    You want to eat nacrajon? Knock yourself out, but you might want to wear ski goggles. I suspect its been a while.
  13. Family Farm$

    I thought you poms were a nation of shopkeepers, not farmers?
  14. Bring your gun to church week.

    Jeff sacked me as secretary/manager and moderator for making fun of toothless vigilantes in cowboy hats. I have applied for a job with Katters Australia Party instead. I will need to keep my thoughts to myself if I get the job.
  15. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    No giant sharks, no 3 day force 11 storm and the commercial tow didn't try to kill them. I call bullshit on this story.