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  1. If my body is found at a gym you will know that I was killed somewhere else and it was moved there.
  2. Ya gotta draw some people a map BJ.
  3. If you like your chicks warped in puffer jackets with a smile like an oyster bed at low tide, then tassie is he place for you.
  4. Do tell itchy balls...
  5. You can't get one for love or money in Tassie. They are all very green down there, ignoring the 5 ton of wood your average tasmainion burns each year of course.
  6. No we have a government with their heads up their arse trying to appease the members of the global warming cult. And that is why we have an energy crises. And I would never teach my sons to drink rum. They are not bogans.
  7. But I thought the BIG tings for you lefties at the next election was gay marriage and banning plastic bags? To the thinking population the Big issues are the energy crises, property prices and intrest rates. To the snowflakes of the left the big issues are (as Mell pointed out) how much more welfare and free stuff can I get for having children I can't afford and how many more stupid laws can we make to strip parents of their rights to bring their children up the way they want. (Unless they are Muslims of course- we can't offend them by telling them they can't circumsise their daughters) It is true that many on the left need laws to protect them from themselves but thinking people (LNP voters) don't. Maybe the nanny state laws should only be for those that need them - that being people so stupid that they vote Labor or worse- the greens.
  8. I never taught my kids to shoot guns. Instead I taught them how to surf and sail. They could steer a 40 footer by the age of 12. I guess I am a bad parent.
  9. But make sure you have any work on your teeth done before leaving the big island. They don't appear to have any dentists in Tasmania.
  10. And even more people are killed by toddlers with guns than insects. This message was brought to you by bent sailor inc.
  11. True. There is at least one guy from Denmark who did a course with me that thinks frilly neck lizards grow to 3 meters. I might have inadvertently lead him to believe that...
  12. I am always amused when Americans say how dangerous our wildlife is. Sure we got a few spiders, snakes and crocs but we don't have mountain lions, bears or cougars( well not the kind that eat you and don't buy you breakfast in the morning anyway)
  13. Works for me ,Asshole LOL.
  14. She is not an Aussie. She is a Liberian.
  15. Well obviously your parents did their best as well, but you still turned out as a dick.