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  1. LB 15

    the shower creep

    QE2 is the patron and HRH Anne is the Prez. I am sure they can still 'off with someone's head' if they really wanted to.
  2. LB 15

    Sanctuary Cities - a new twist

    Fuck I love this place.
  3. LB 15

    Sanctuary Cities - a new twist

    Did they kick you out for not cheering loud enough?
  4. LB 15

    the shower creep

    Character is all part of the assessment. That is why I can't examine you mate. After that unfortunate business with that goat...
  5. LB 15

    the shower creep

    IF it's true I think they should take away his right to breath but I don't speak on behalf of the RYA. The YM still allows him to work with people - mostly charter guests.
  6. LB 15

    Front Page - Plastic

    'cause he is a cunt.
  7. LB 15

    Front Page - Plastic

    Don't believe everything you read in a Magazine.
  8. LB 15

    the shower creep

    No they look at each case on its merits. There was a school owner accused of having child pornograhy in his possession a few years back- he was convicted ( due to poor legal advice) but after conducting an investigation the RYA rightfully found that he was innocent or maybe just careless (he had inadvertently clicked on the wrong website when he was pissed!) and he was allowed to continue teaching. And no it wasn't me! The RYA don't think they are above the law, but they are a very fair and responsible organisation. In this case he may have lost his accreditation for something else.
  9. His comments would sound reasonable to you, but to a normal person they would probobly be a reason for a good belly laugh.
  10. LB 15

    Sanctuary Cities - a new twist

    Hey I don't post here to change your world. Have at it. I come to enjoy the brilliance of the creative writing as the indefensible is defended.
  11. LB 15

    Trigger finger

    Imagine how hard it would be for us non gun nuts- you know with normal sized hands...
  12. LB 15

    Well...You Brits Have Finally Done It

    In other news Simon Yates wins his third stage of this years Giro wearing the pink jersey.
  13. LB 15

    Sanctuary Cities - a new twist

    You 'mericans should just face the facts. Your forefathers fucked up. Trying to twist and contort that fuckup into making it relevant hundreds of years later is even more stupid. Allowing your population to walk around armed without checks or balances is what makes the USA the most dangerous first World county on earth. It is bad enough that so many compensating, inadequate people have access to guns little own having access to the internet. I have always wondered why the triggers on guns are so small. I guess it is so only gun nuts can get their little fingers in there.
  14. LB 15

    Trump is a Genius. China blinked.

    Is that what all your ex wives lawyers told them?