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  1. LB 15

    Australian Sailing

    The still sail in their cricket gear at RPYC.
  2. LB 15

    Australian Sailing

    What ever floats your boat I guess.
  3. LB 15

    Australian Sailing

    I thought RBYC had theamed opening days. Always found it to be very welcoming at that club.
  4. LB 15

    How can I tell if my bottom has been faired?

    My condolences.
  5. LB 15


    Better to have them in a twist than throwing them onto the stage.
  6. LB 15

    Australian Sailing

    This is where clubs need to spend more money. Better quality paper may help ease the Butthurt epidemic.
  7. LB 15

    Australian Sailing

    But surly everyone wants to join a sailing club where they dress up in their blazers, white trousers and peaked caps, salute each other and sing 'Gods save the Queen' on opening day? These activities are really in touch with what the average sailor is looking for in a club in 2019. I bet their annual ball is a huge success. Clubs just need to put the 'royal' back into their club. And yes I shit you not. They sing God save the Queen on opening day.
  8. LB 15


    This is crap. What a bunch of pansies. It is Greta’s and any other uneducated manipulated child’s right to speak what ever bullshit they want. Banning her from speaking removes both her right to freedom of speech and our right to rip the piss out of the shit that flows from her mouth. This is just wrong.
  9. LB 15

    Australian Sailing

    Yeah get that loud and clear mate - but as i said GS has no control, nor did he try to exert any control, over this outcome.
  10. LB 15

    Australian Sailing

    Mate, you may not like me saying this but (as I understand it) (: GS has been completely fair, helpful and professional at all times throughout this saga. Like or hate the outcome- you can’t lay any of the blame on GS.
  11. LB 15

    Cursing like a sailor

    You really should do something about those finger nails. And that is either a really big card or mate, we have bad news for you...
  12. LB 15

    Australian Sailing

    Still nothing heard from the curious octopussy. I guess Gra Gra has to go to work and he dosen't want to get sacked from another job for looking at inappropriate websites on his work computer. After he lost that job as a paint salesman and then got hit in the head with the boom he has struggled to hold down any job. But I hear he now has some part time work. He works on the packaging line at a confectionery manufacturer and apparently he likes the work but doesn't like to tell people what his job description is.
  13. LB 15

    VANGUARD 15 North American Regatta

    You can say that again. Or did you forget to change socks before you agreed with yourself?
  14. LB 15

    Cursing like a sailor

    Really? So he isn't concerned about spelling or grammar?
  15. LB 15

    Flying Fifteen: the boat for everyone

    Maybe it's Ukrainian.