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  1. Me too great bloke and done more for the sport than most. Seriously good guy.
  2. Misogyny in sailing?

    Sure. Love to have you onboard. Give me a call. Seriously you are welcome mate.
  3. Climate news

    Mate time time to walk away from the keyboard. You have lost the plot. take care mate.
  4. Climate news

    Not rhetorical at all - 'rhetorical', 'misogany' are two words you should look up the meaning of mate.
  5. Climate news

    Dear oh dear another shit post? Why don't you just go for a sail on your beautiful boat mate. From a distance you can't even tell how you fucked it by sheeting it with glass.
  6. Climate news

    Well I have asked you a serious question that you won't answer- just shit posting as usual. You are an odd chap mate.
  7. No one remembers anything you post. Or cares.
  8. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    We forgive you but there are two other things you need to post...
  9. Olympic Classes for Paris 2024

    Maybe they should also include hop scotch, blind mans bluff and other games designed for children.
  10. Franki gunna be cranky...
  11. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Very well played mate!
  12. Misogyny in sailing?

    I guess that is why a lily white male in his 60's like you spends so much of his time on here shit posting.
  13. Climate news

    So you can't answer my question? Not that hard really - a simple yes or no. It is like trying to get a member of the Catholic Church to admit that many priests fuck young boys. It goes against your religion.
  14. Climate news

    Do you still smoke? tobacco i mean, the bong is obviously a given. And since you are feeling chatty this morning, tell me , do climate change scientists ever lie?
  15. Olympic Classes for Paris 2024

    A few posters on here seem quite fluid.
  16. Olympic Classes for Paris 2024

    That's not entirely true Phil. They renovated the showers at Middle Harbour and we now have 3 ugly shipping containers at our club which is 'the Australian windsurfing centre of excellence'. A few people racked up some impressive frequent flyer points as well. To win an Olympic medal one has to beat about 3 other competitive sailors and twenty Eddie the eagles. It gets about the same amount of air time as the 10 meter air pistol and synchronised swimming. But Commodores of yacht clubs do enjoy getting their photo taken with them.
  17. Misogyny in sailing?

    Randumb flames a sports commentator because she is a women . He also hates older wealthy white males as well. He is a racist, sexist, ageist misogynist.
  18. Why don't more people race?

    I do that in the Keppel race each year. But only 2 of my kites are 20 years old so I guess I am cheating a bit as well.
  19. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Well don't say I didn't warn you. You know that 'infamous' and 'famous' are not the same thing right? You are giving all sex workers a bad name.
  20. The Ashes 2017

    I heard a rumour that the England bowling coach has been trying to call Chris Froome.
  21. The TDF Thread

    If he is exonerated then I for one am done with Pro cycling - a sport I have loved and followed closely for nearly 40 years. Because of his profile he should be banned for life and sky disbanded. As for wiggins wife calling him a slithering reptile - well she should know. She is married to one. Very sad day for British and world cycling but one many of new would come. At least no one can accuse the England cricket team of using performance enhancing drugs...
  22. Climate news

    There were economic shock waves in 2007 and 2010? Damn it us Aussies miss out on everything.
  23. Climate news

    You slapped me around ? Do you mean when to avoid awnsering my question you spell checked my post ( and BTW thankyou for doing that - saved me calling in my PA on the weekend) Acctually if you are happy to keep doing this for me I could lay her off. Any chance you can pick up my dry cleaning and get me a coffee? Cup cake if you want to play Internet tough guy you will need to wield a heavier handbag. Can you run this post and these questions through your spell checker. Could a climate change scientist lie? Would a government agency try to discredit a whistleblower? Have you ever had sex with another person present? Have this on my desk in an hour bitch and wear shorter skirts to work.
  24. WTF is up with this obsession with skin color??

    When have I ever said I worshipped or like Tony Abbott? And why the fake news about him? They teach you that at your green cult meeting do they?
  25. Climate news

    Seriously? When you start losing an argument you post a picture of one turd and a link to another. BTW it looks like you are lacking in both dietary and moral fibre.