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  1. After many years of conspiracy theorys, climate change hysteria and childish memes, my old sparing partner Randumb has claimed he has quit the forum. After he got his panties in a real twist over in the Wild Oats XI thread, he has spat the dummy, thrown teddy out of the crib, taken his bat and ball, pissed in the sand box and stormed off. And I for one think this place will be the lesser for it. I will miss his trolling, his fabulous wit and his calm common sense. Hopefully he will be back soon. Fuck he loved this place...
  2. Shit - I never thought about that! This one is going to be hard to explain. Maybe they won't find it.
  3. LB 15

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    They sure are. The entire concept for the race was retarded from the start. They should just have had AIS.
  4. Speaking of Randumb, fuck has he been giving me the shits! Wineing and banging on the shed wall all night. So I have bought the cunt this new mask and dumped him on the beach in the national park for a couple of days.
  5. LB 15

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Are they dead yet? Shit sorry, wrong thread...
  6. Fuck you are bit late to that party.
  7. Hey Mid- heard back from Richo yet? Did you text him your list of demands or email them? He might be away enjoying a holiday after his magnificent 9th line Honours win, while you sit in your dark little flat pounding the keyboard and demanding answers. I am sure explaining himself to an anonymous little non-Sailing toad on a forum will be his first priority when he returns.
  8. And another bite. You aren’t very good at this are you sweet pea?
  9. Yes but that is because you wouldn’t shut up and go to sleep.
  10. LB 15

    Oceans warming 40% faster than 5 year old estimates.

    Yesterday saw the second hottest temperature recorded in Australia. The hottest was recorded in 1960 - but the science wasn’t settled back then so it does not count. Still, pretty hot in Europe this week as well.
  11. LB 15

    Battle of Britain

    Bring it on. Australian wine makers, dairy farmers and meat producers will be the big winners from Brexit. All UK passport holders should have to either return home or lose them. Can one of you Melbourne dwellers drop Meli to the airport? When you have finished your soy latte and fixed up your man buns of course.
  12. Interesting piece by the founder of Greenpeace. Not trolling (on this particular occasion) but an interesting turn of events. 'Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore tells US Senate there is "no proof" humans cause climate change" In memory of the great man...
  13. Not stalking, trolling mate. Quite successfuly by the look of it. Any word from Richo? Is he not returning your texts?
  14. LB 15

    simply gross

    Does that include Uber eats?
  15. Quite the expert on US politics arn’t you cupcake. Like you are with Australian politics.
  16. LB 15

    Walk Out

    As usual you are arguing semantics about words used in a comment you made about something you have no knowledge of in a country you have never been to. No wonder your wife won’t put out for you and you have to argue about nothing on forums. It is a viscous circle.
  17. LB 15

    Walk Out

    There it is. The definitive view on the US shutdown from an unemployed computer repairer from the tiny seaside village of Buttfuck, New South Wales.
  18. LB 15

    simply gross

    Yeah you would have thought a darkie like Michelle would have insisted on fried chicken.
  19. LB 15

    I still call Australia home

    Each to their own old boy, each to their own.
  20. LB 15

    I still call Australia home

    I miss him. He was my bro. What a senseless waste...
  21. LB 15

    I still call Australia home

    I will put you in the shed with Randumb. You can discuss politics as you unzip each other.